Papi 36

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I return home from the best weekend I've had in a while to find out that Gavin and Atraeu got into a fight (from what Gio said it was a tie), somebody had thrown a brick through Jeremy's window and slashed his tires, Jayden was ready to beat Terrell's ass over the Spring Break trip and I was sitting here for the most part drama free, which is odd considering that I was the one who seemed to attract the most drama....... (I guess it's because I got superb dick). I got back to the house feeling like a new man, I was actually surprised that I lasted the whole weekend without fucking Quinton though I was tempted, I glanced over at him and just seeing the smile on his face had me walking with more confidence than I already had. I walked inside and you would've thought someone died the way everyone was sitting around looking all somber and shyt, I guess it was up to me to lighten the mood which was usually Jayden's job I walked to the front of the living room and stood center stage looking at Gio, Jayden, Quinton and Jeremy and got ready to make my announcement.

"So after much thought and discussion I've decided that for the Anything But Clothes Party I'm only wearing body paint and right above my dick will be the words Property of Quinton." I said smiling and Jayden threw a pillow at me. "Don't hate Jayden, me and Quinton discussed it and he's going to let me paint his body as well but across his back will be the words Property of Papi." I said.

"Lies..... this is the first I'm hearing about this and I'll be damned if I'm walking around with my ass and dick out, there are too many creeps out there. We got about two weeks to decided what to wear, I'll find something that'll blow you away Papi." Quinton said and I knew what he wanted anytime he called me Papi it let me know he was horny, but he was going to have to wait because I had somewhere to be.

"Aight we'll Jayden it's your turn to cook for everybody, I gotta go but I'll be back in like two hours." I said walking towards the door and of course Quinton was right on my heels and if I wasn't pressed for time I'd probably be fucking him on the lawn.

"Where are you......" I grabbed his ass and pulled him close to me.

"I'll be back, just chill here and you can brag about what your man did for you all weekend with Jeremy, maybe then Gio will step his game up because right now I'm killing him in the relationship department..... I love you." I said kissing him and rushing to my car........

I got slammed to the mat for the third consecutive time and I was starting to get pissed. For the past couple weeks Meeche has been teaching me jujitsu, taekwondo and other forms of mixed martial arts at first I started off trying to figured out his motives because a part of me believed that he was trying to get with Quinton but in all honesty he was just a chill dude that sees a lot of his younger self in me; the cockiness, the whoring around, the hot temper. I guess he wanted to make sure I didn't turn out like him, he told me about how he had someone who was to him what Quinton is to me and he fucked it up and he doesn't want that to happen to us so he's taken it upon himself to become sorta like my mentor in a way.

"Come on Papi you're not focusing, now how did your weekend go with Quinton?" He asked charging in and taking me back down to the mat before I could blink. How did he expect me to focus when he attacking me?

"It was coo..... I'm still going to fuck you up for that little candle stunt you pulled but Quinton enjoyed it." I said managing to get him off of me. "But I kinda need a favor." I said and I knew where this would go with Meeche it was always a favor for a favor, but I needed this done. "Aight here's the thing my brother Gio thinks Zaire is up to something with this whole ABC Party and I know you and him got history so I was wondering if......"

"I wouldn't say we got history I just fuck him from time to time, when I'm outta options or if I'm really horny but what I'm guessing is you want me to see if he has any ulterior motives. Aight I got you but I really need you to consider pledging next year Carlos. Look I know you aren't with the whole frat thing but you'd make the perfect Kappa, you're smart as fuck, you run track, play soccer and people love you I think you're the perfect person to take the fraternity to the next level and you'll get to spend more time with Quinton which is a plus." Meeche said, I stood there thinking about it and I could entertain the thought but I knew in my heart I would never pledge to any fraternity.

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