Jeremy 60

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For the first time in a while there was peace, Gio believed it was because Ezra had finally took the hint but I didn't share his optimism I figured Ezra was just as focused on finals as everyone else. But I was going to enjoy this peace for what it was and try to relax in a couple weeks my freshman year of college was going to be over and I couldn't wait, Gio still wouldn't tell me what he was planning all I knew was he called my parents to make sure they weren't planning anything big for two weeks out of the month of June so I kinda figured we were going on a trip but the only question was where? I looked around the room and everyone had their heads in books and honestly I was growing bored with studying we've study damn near everyday this week and I thought we needed a break, besides someone had a birthday coming up, tomorrow actually and we should at least celebrate. I got up and walked into the kitchen and grabbed six glasses filling them up with some liquor I wasn't even going to try to pronounce and walked back into the living room.

"Thank god somebody is thinking straight, my fuckin brain was about to explode." Jayden said taking one of the glasses out my hand and downing it. "You should've just brought the bottle with you because this baby shot just isn't going to do it for me." Jayden said getting up and walking into the kitchen, I looked over at Gio who had a expression but I could tell by his eyes he was trying not to smirk.

"You got something you wanna say Giovanni?" I asked walking over to him and he pulled me into his lap. "We've been doing nothing but studying for the last week, it's Friday and tomorrow is Papi's birthday we can afford to take a couple days off." I said sucking on his neck.

"Man aight..... but only if you admit it." Gio said chuckling and I already knew what he wanted me to say and it will be a cold day in hell before he gets me to utter those words again.

"Aight maybe Harry Potter is better than Twilight......." I said smirking and Gio pushed me on the floor. "What was that for? That's probably the ONLY argument you've won against me so you should be happy." I said punching his leg, Gio started to say something but Papi stood up and moved the table out the way.

"Papi what are you doing?" Gio asked and Papi shook his head.

"Man y'all niggas are always arguing about something and honestly I'm tired of it so here what I'm proposing...... Five rounds, five different topics, y'all will debate and we'll be the judges whoever wins well that's between y'all but I need some entertainment for the night, at least until midnight when Quinton gives me my birthday present." Papi said smirking.

"I'm down but what if there's a tie and y'all four can't decide who wins?" Gio said just as Naomi walked in the house holding up a bottle.

"Who's about to fight.... or put on a live sex show, I've always wanted to see two dudes fuck in person?" She asked smirking, after we told her what the plan was we pretty much had everything set Gio had two people who would be more biased towards him and I had two people who would be biased towards me with Kyrese being the neutral person to split the vote if there was a tie.

"Aight so I'm going to present y'all with the first topic, and since Gio won the coin toss he's decided to go second. The first topic is movies and what y'all will be debating is what is the better between DC and Marvel?" Kyrese said and I knew this was a cake walk.

"So let's all be clear here, DC is clearly better because you'd be hard pressed to go anywhere on the planet and find someone who doesn't know who Batman or Superman is. Marvel movies are all the same; bad jokes, horrible villains and no real stakes. I'm just saying that DC movies may have had a couple stumbles but I'd still put any DC film against any Marvel film and I'd always win." I said walking back to my seat pausing only to rub Gio's dick as he took center stage.

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