Kyrese 50

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Seeing Jayden's drunk ass dance on the bar was probably the highlight of the night for me; not only because he was shirtless but because this was the carefree dude I had fell in love with, Jayden didn't care about what anyone thought of him, he was just having fun and I loved that. In fact everyone seemed to be having a good time; Gio and Jeremy were all but fucking on the dance floor, Matt and Naomi (who really needed to get together) were dancing slowly even though the song that was playing was fast as fuck while Quinton was dancing with two local girls.... I looked over at Papi who kept looking around nervously. I knew he was on the look out for his ex-boyfriend Malik who had showed up right after us and Papi wanted to leave but got out voted so he's been sitting in the same spot watching Quinton and texting away on his phone. I felt two arms wrap around my waist and someone's teeth start nibbling on my ear; damn that shyt felt good as fuck, I knew it was Jayden by how hard his dick was so I started winding my hips to the best matching his rhythm perfectly.

"Yo when we gotta here, I'm going to fuck the shyt out of you....." He whispered in my ear causing my dick to start jumping for joy. "It's our last night here, so I really don't plan on sleeping until we're on the plane...... so are you going to keep me up Ky?" Jayden asked quietly.

"I got you Pa....." I said turning to face him, his eyes sparkled with amusement as I wrapped my arms around his neck. "You know once we get back to school we're going to be focusing on finals..... we might not get to see each other much." I said in his ear.

"Trust me Ky, I'm going to always make time for you even if I gotta ride your dick while you study.... multi-tasking at it's finest. Besides I'm not too worried about finals, you know I've never gotten anything lower than a 3.0 in my life I got a good support system." He said rubbing his hand down my neck.

"Come dance with me....." Naomi said pulling Jayden away before he could even react, Jayden winked in my direction. I shook my head before walking over to Papi who seemed to be getting more and more pissed the more his eyes moved across this screen.

"You good Papi?" I asked and for about a minute he tapped away at his phone before slamming it down on the table.

"Yeah I'm coo..... I'm just going to beat Ezra's ass when I get back to Ann Arbor. I told that nigga about fucking with my little brother but that nigga just don't listen, he's known me since I was a kid so he know's how I am when it comes to Angelo. So there's that and.... well look don't say anything but Malik came by to see me earlier wanting to talk.... I didn't do it but still seeing him scares the fuck outta me because the way we end was so fucked up and I hate him.... but at the same time I feel like I need answers and I'm scare that if I talk to him then he might say something to cause me to fuck up........" Papi said looking at Quinton who was now dancing with Jeremy and Naomi.

"Then don't talk to him..... I mean you're in a good place, Quinton is a good dude who for some strange reason actually likes you and he doesn't need to be worrying about if you have feelings for you ex....... you don't have feelings for him do you?" I asked looking at him.

"Nah.... I just want answers, but you're right. I'm not going to talk to him if I can avoid it, but if he's anything like he used to be then he can be persistent. Maybe I could have Meeche keep him away from me, that nigga owes me a favor and I know Meeche don't got standards whatsoever so he might end up fucking Malik which would get him off my hands." Papi said smirking. "Oh god who gave Gio tequila?" He asked looking over at Gio who was wearing nothing but his boxers, Papi got up and walked over to him while I tried my hardest not to laugh. I sat there for a few minutes watching as Gio tried to fuck Jeremy on the dance floor and while I watched my phone started ringing, what the fuck does Terrell want? I thought answering it and for a second I didn't here anything but muffled voices, this nigga probably butt dialed me. I started to hang up but then I heard my name.

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