Giovanni 61

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As Jeremy raced through the streets to Gavin's house, I was trying my hardest to keep it together; I thought back to the time Gavin was teaching me how to ride a bike his words were simple 'if you fall I'm going to beat your ass', then I remembered before I got into boxing how I got my ass whooped by the dude who lived down the street 'Go back out there and fight him Gio, I'm not going to always be there to protect you and if you lose I'm going to beat your ass.' After I went back out there and lost again, Gavin beat the dudes ass and put his arm over my shoulder 'there's no shame in losing Gio, the main thing is not letting someone hoe you'. I remembered telling Gavin that I was gay and how mad he got and then how hurt he felt after I got jumped. Despite everything my big brother has always been there for me and the thought of him not being around was just...... we pulled up to the house and everything seemed calm. I got out and ran to the door and found it unlocked.... running through the house the only person here was Nik who was passed out on the couch, with a book across his chest.

"AYY NIK... NIK WAKE YOUR ASS UP MAN. WHERE'S GAVIN?!" I asked shaking him out his sleep, Nik rolled over and looked at me confused for a second then shrugged. "WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!" I asked so close to beating his ass just because.

"I don't know he left up outta here with Julian two hours ago, they left so damn quick that he left his phone...... what's going on?" Nik asked rubbing his eyes, I gave him a quick run down about everything I knew at this point which wasn't much and by the time I was finished Nik was wide awake. "Well the last person I seen him with was Julian and......" I followed Nik's eyes to somewhere behind me and Ezra was standing there smirking.

"What's up Gio? Is Gavin here I'm supposed to be dropping Lil' Gavin off to him." Ezra said and the only thing stopping me from beating his ass was the fact that he was holding my nephew. I grabbed Gavin's phone and walked out the house trying to calm down, my mom wasn't answering but she was probably on the phone with my dad trying to find out what was going on. I got back in the car with Jeremy and tried to calm down....... if they knew which hospital he was at they would've called and told me.

"Nik said Gavin left with Julian about two hours ago...... he left his phone so I can't call him and he's not at any of his usual hangouts; I called Whitney, a couple of his frat brothers, some of his old friends from high school and none of them have seen or heard from him..... where are we going?" I asked as Jeremy started speeding through the neighborhood.

"There's one place we still haven't checked just trust me......." Jeremy said as we my our way to the freeway. About an hour later there was still no word from Gavin but Jeremy seemed sure about where we were going, we pulled up to this place and got out. "How much money do you have?" Jeremy asked and I handed him about two hundred dollars. We walked inside the club and I instantly spotted Julian flirting with some nigga I seen in some B-List movie..... I rushed Julian and wrapped my hand around his throat, the dude he was sitting with scrambled away spooked.......

"Where the fuck is my brother?" I asked staring into his eyes and saw nothing but fear. Julian's eyes went to the stage and I looked over and saw Gavin dancing in nothing but a loincloth, despite never wanting to see Gavin dressed like that ever again I was happy and relieved to see him. Before that happiness to sink in, I was grabbed by two security guards and pulled away from Julian.

"It's coo y'all this is my little bro......" Julian said waving off the security guards. "Let's go back to one of these private rooms." Julian said leading me and Jeremy to a room in the back of the club. "Yo what the fuck was that about?" Julian asked pissed.

"Somebody called my mom and told her Gavin was...... dead and he wasn't answering his phone. Nik said y'all left together and I was worried that you did something to my brother." I said looking at him.

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