Matt 49

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I was really enjoying our trip to Cuba, chillin with Jeremy and them helped me forget about all my issues back home; something I haven't told anyone yet was that Zaire had been texting me the whole time we were on this trip. What Zaire did was fucked up but no one deserves to go through what he was going through back home, he told me that his family has been getting death threats for that little stunt he pulled at the ABC Party. I knew I couldn't talk to anyone here about it because Jeremy flat out hated Zaire and of course Naomi, being Jeremy's best friend was going to take his side on everything, Gio was going to ride for his dude which meant by default Papi and Jayden were sticking with Gio. So here I was feeling bad for Zaire with no one to talk to, maybe I should to talk to Jeremy..... since meeting Jeremy I've been able to talk to Jeremy about everything so maybe he'd be able to see exactly where I was coming from in regards to my sympathy for Zaire........

"I don't give a fuck what that Zaire and his Cave of Cum are going through and you shouldn't either because the last time I checked you were in that little video presentation he put out for all of Michigan to see. So at what point does it stop being 'Poor Zaire' and starts becoming he dug his own bed and now he has to lie in it........ but knowing him he'd probably have about six dudes waiting to to go cave diving in his hollowed out asshole." Jeremy said furiously scraping jelly on his toast.

"Ayy don't look at me, Jeremy's got a point..... I don't feel bad for that nigga either because I had a couple family members that he exposed as well as that creepy ass video of me in the locker room getting dressed. So whatever happens to him he brought it on himself." Gio said putting his arm on the back of Jeremy's chair.

"My question to you is WHY are you so concerned about..... what did you call him Jeremy? The Bottomless Bottom..... Why are you so concerned about that dude Matt." Naomi asked glaring at me out the corner of her eyes, damn that shyt made my dick hard as fuck.

"Look growing up I had nothing but sisters..... and while it was coo I've always wanted brothers, I kinda got that with Jeremy but since becoming a Sigma I've grown close to many of the dudes in our fraternity..... including Zaire. And yeah he fucked up royally but that nigga doesn't deserve to get death threats because of it." I said honestly.

"Pause...... so you're saying Zaire is like your brother..... but you fucked that nigga...... so does that mean you'd fuck your brother?" Jayden asked and everyone started laughing, I swear that nigga didn't have a serious bone in his body. "Okay.... look I get where you're coming from but Zaire just needs to ride this out and in a month there will be another person to take the heat off of him." Jayden said.

"Take a walk with me Matt....." Naomi said standing up and started pulling me along with her, we started walking around the pool stopping only once to laugh at Papi giving Quinton swimming lessons, before settling in a spot right between the pool and the ocean.

"So wassup? Are you finally going to give me a chance or do I gotta beg some more? You know I have no problem getting my David Ruffin on if that's what it takes to get a chance with you." I said smiling and Naomi rolled her eyes.

"Matt please you and I both know you still got a lot more dick to sling before you are ready for a committed relationship and the last thing I want is for you to cheat on me because I'll kill you." Naomi said smiling even though I could tell she was serious. "Now the reason I brought you over here was because I wanted to see if you wanted to come down to Columbus this summer with Jeremy and the reason I didn't want to ask you in front of them was because I didn't need the ignorant ass comments." Naomi asked.

"Am I staying with you?" I asked smirking and again she rolled her eyes knowing that shyt turned me on. "Chill I'm just playing but yeah I'll come down there, I'm serious about wanting to get with you and if it takes all summer to prove that then I'll do it....." I said and she got up walking back over to the Jeremy and them. I started to follow but something caught my eye or rather someone..... that dude Malik was standing off to the side watching Papi and Quinton and I could've swore I saw a few tears in his eyes but maybe I was tripping........

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