Kyrese 6

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I was sitting in the library with my frat brothers; Leon, Frank and my best friend Terrell being an Alpha studying was paramount and even though we classes had only been back in session for a week we were already starting to study for finals. I was the first one done since I had the least amount of classes and while I waited for them to get finished I noticed Jayden walking into the library and decided to watch him... not in a stalker way but just to see what he was doing here. He walked around looking a little lost, it was almost adorable and I started to walk over to him until I noticed some dude walking over to him, the way they smiled at each other unnerved me the way that dude was smiling at Jayden wasn't a friendly smile, he was clearly flirting with Jayden. I watched carefully as Jayden dapped the dude up and Jayden started walking away..... I wasn't a jealous dude by no stretch of the imagination but I definitely wanted to know who that nigga was that was smiling in Jayden's face. I decided to go put the books I had back on the shelves and just as I was finishing up someone pressed against me and started kissing my neck.

"It wasn't what you think, I was just talking to an old friend.... I was actually coming up here to find you." Jayden said just as I turned around to face him.

"How did you even know I was up here?" I asked fighting back a smile.

"I stopped by your place and your rude ass roommate told me, so what are we doing tonight I was thinking we could go out to the park and have a snowball fight, then go back to your place and spend the whole night trying to fuck each other's brains out." Jayden said smiling.

"That sounds coo, but after I leave here I'm going to the gym with Terrell and Frank after that I'm all yours." I said rubbing the little bit of stubble on his face. "Have you spoken to your dad?" I asked knowing him and his dad were still working on building a relationship.

"Yeah we talked earlier this week but he's been so busy with the move and everything that we've barely had time to talk. But uhh...... there's something I wanna run by you, I know on Sundays we usually have dinner at my place but uhh since Gio and Jeremy are doing there weekend getaway at home I'm staying over my grandparents and uhh...... they wanted me to invite you over." Jayden said nervously.

"Hell yeah.... I love your grandparents." I said smiling.

"The thing is I'm kinda worried because once they get use to you coming around they'll stop being polite and start acting like their old selves and that's a scary thought because my grandparents are for a lack of a better word....... crazy." Jayden said smiling.

"Well at least you got in honest..... but look let me go help this dude finish studying so I we can get outta here I'll call you later." I said kissing him quickly and walked away before we ended up doing something that would possibly get us arrested or banned from the library. I got back to the table and Terrell and Frank were arguing as usual.

"Do you always have to bring food with you everywhere we go?" Terrell was asking and I sat back and watched as Frank just looked at him before pulling some more Cheetos of his book bag and start eating them.

"Yeah because I can't focus if I'm hungry..... but since we're playing twenty-one questions was it necessary for you to fuck your professor's wife?" Frank asked and tried my hardest not to laugh, even Leon smirked which for him was the equivalent of rolling around on the ground. After listening to these two go back and forth for an hour Terrell and Frank was finally ready to go to the gym.

"Why are y'all always arguing?" I asked looking at them as we changed in our Black and Gold workout clothes.

"Because he's some sanctimonious workout freak, who always has something to say about me and my eating habits when in all honesty he could actually use a few extra pounds especially if he gets caught fucking some man's wife." Frank said and Terrell just shrugged. "I'm going to the weight bench." Frank said walking off.

"Ayy we're going out tonight." Terrell said as we walked over to the treadmill and I smirked.

"The last time I we went out we went to an old people's bar and ended up getting chased by some crazy dude who thought you were flirting with his wife...... which you were, but I can't tonight I've already made plans with Jayden." I said increasing the incline of the treadmill.

"Man I guess..... looks like it's going to just be me and Frank since you know Leon's ass doesn't go out but I really think we should start getting stuff ready for Spring Break, we gotta do something better than last year's trip." Terrell said and I nodded but didn't reply since I wasn't trying to fall off this damn treadmill.

After working out for about two hours I went home, got dressed and went to go meet Jayden who was standing in a well lit park with a big pile of snowballs already perfectly made. He looked at me and even though it was dark I could still see him smiling as he started reaching for a snowball.

"Hold up you're not going to give me a chance to build my arsenal first?" I asked watching his every move, Jayden looked at me for a second then just started throwing as many snowballs as he could before I could reach him. By the time we were finished I had snow everywhere and I do mean everywhere but that didn't matter, whenever I was with Jayden he just brought out the kid in me and I always had a good time. After we dropped my car off at my house we decided to get out for a couple hours because it was still pretty early.

"I think my dick is frozen." Jayden said laughing as he turned on the seat warmers. "What are we getting to eat because I'm hungry as fuck." He said as I picked some ice out of his hair.

"Whatever you want.... though I would much rather skip dinner and get straight to dessert." I said smiling.

"Nah I really want a burger, let's go to Steak and Shake." Jayden said and I had to laugh his inability to detect when I was dropping hints was too cute but if he was hungry I guess we could get some food before burning calories. "But I gotta stop by the house first, I got grab something." Jayden said.

"Didn't Gio ask y'all to steer clear for a couple days?" I asked giving him the side eye.

"Yeah but I'll be quick....." Jayden said giving me that troublemaker smile that made me question whether we were about to do something illegal or ridiculously fun. We pulled into the apartment complex and Jayden got out and ran inside a couple minutes later he walked back out and I could already tell that he did something he wasn't supposed to do.

"What did you do?" I asked when he got in the car.

"I may or may not have put Cool Whip on Gio and Jeremy as they slept on the couch." Jayden said laughing, I just shook my head because I knew he was about to do something childish. "Aight now let's go get something to eat so we can get to dessert." He said leaning over and kissing me. We sat in Steak and Shakes drive thru waiting for our food when I got a call from Terrell.

"Ayy I need your help with something." Terrell said in an almost panicked voice.

"Wassup?" I asked knowing he probably did something he shouldn't have.

"I umm....... aight remember that woman I was telling you I met a couple weeks ago, well she invited me over and we fucked and....." Terrell said talking so fast I didn't catch the last bit.

"Let me guess her husband caught y'all?" I asked slightly pissed because it was always something with Terrell, but that was my boy and I wasn't going to leave him hanging no matter what he did.

"Nah it was her son..... Ky you know I'm not fighter and this dude is big ass fuck, just..... just hurry up please." Terrell said quietly. I gave Jayden the directions Terrell gave me and once he was in the car he didn't relax until we were on our way back to campus. "I'm sorry for fuckin up y'alls night... but if that dude would've caught me, I'd probably be in the hospital damn I should've known better than to fuck with Paul Carter's mom...." Terrell said, me and Jayden looked at each other and I knew that this wasn't going to end well if Paul or any of the Carters ever caught up with Terrell.....................

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