Quinton 53

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After an exhausting day with Carlos I was beyond tired but I had to study, finals were coming up in a couple weeks and I refused to get anything less than a 'B', I tried studying at Carlos's house but he was incapable of controlling himself. Okay maybe some of the time it was me, so we decided as a couple that we should study separately or at least in a very public place even though knowing Carlos he might still try to sneak a couple feels. Sometimes I wished we could be like Jeremy and Gio at least when it came to studying because they had a system that worked for them, hell even Jayden and Kyrese could study together without trying to rip each other's clothes off like me and Carlos. I read about five pages before deciding that I can put it off for at least one day. I climbed in my bed and felt myself drifting off to sleep and right when I was at the magical place between comfortable and sleep, I heard arguing right outside my door.

"Look Jeremy I'm pretty sure Quinton is studying and I don't think he wants to be bothered." My roommate Chris was saying and all I could do was shake my head because I knew Jeremy was about to say something ignorant, funny or a combination of both.

"How much are you willing to bet Quinton is either in there laying on his back with his pillow over his face or listening at the damn door because he hears your stupid ass out her making all this damn noise?" Jeremy said. "Hell he might even be in there getting his back blown out but since I don't hear him climbing up the walls I doubt it." Jeremy said and a couple seconds later the door opened.

"What do you want Jeremy?" I asked removing the pillow from my face, Jeremy was dressed like he was ready to go out and shake his ass like he was single. "Does Gio know you're dressed like a whore?" I asked smirking and Jeremy rolled his eyes.

"Gio was fuming when I left his house, mainly because I wouldn't let get no ass before I left and also because I wouldn't tell him where I was going." Jeremy said and I could only imagine Gio's facial expression. "But whatever, he'll get over it to be honest I'm surprised he was woke when I left after I put it on his ass earlier...... but that's neither here nor there. Get dressed we're going out." Jeremy said and I thought about arguing but whatever I needed some entertain for the night.

After getting dressed me and Jeremy were on our way to some gay club he heard about an hour off campus, as we drove I gave him the play by play of what happened during me and Carlos's day and I could see Jeremy trying his hardest not to laugh.

"I wish Gio would try to get me to jump out a plane, but then again Gio isn't the biggest fan of heights so he wouldn't want to go skydiving anyways. From what I've been noticing Gio is planning something though, I just can't figure it out what it is though." Jeremy said.

"Yeah I think Carlos is planning something too, I mean we are going to go three months without seeing each other during the summer so whatever he's planning better be epic....." I said as we pulled up to the club..... Honestly I was wondering where and the fuck all these sexy ass men came from because I swear if I had seen any one of them.....

"Lord Jesus keep me near the cross...." Jeremy said as this beautiful Native American looking dude walked past me and smirked in my direction. "Look but don't touch Quinton." Jeremy said nudging me and we walked over to a table and sat down.

"Wassup Quinton?" Julian said walking over to our table and my good mood was instantly wiped away, me and Julian weren't beefin but that didn't mean I wanted to talk to him. "Oh so it's like that? I thought we were in a better place, me and Kendall are doing good I just thought we can be cordial to each other?" I looked at Jeremy who started scratching his arm furiously.

"Jeremy are you alright?" I asked because watching him was making my skin itch.

"Sorry I'm just allergic to fuckboys...... I'm about to go dance because if I stay here any longer I might breakout in bumps. Quinton if you need me I'm going to be right over there." Jeremy said walking away.

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