Quinton 5

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I was trying my hardest not to fall asleep but I was struggling this movie was boring as fuck, but Carlos loved Dramas and with him being as intelligent as he was I bet he had no problem following along but I was completely lost. I look at him out the corner of my eye and he was so engrossed in the movie that I had time to examine every feature of his beautiful face; I swear he was almost too sexy for words and he knew it, he looked at me and I quickly turned my head but not before catching the smile that was tugging on the corners of his mouth and a few seconds later Carlos was pulling me into his arms, god he smelled amazing. We finished the movie and decided to go get something to eat, we were still trying to figure out where he was sleeping since Gio told them not to come back until Sunday. I had no problem with him coming back to my dorm but I wasn't sure if my roommate was going to be there and I really didn't feel like being around him tonight.... I was still pissed about him letting Julian into our dorm.

"So what did you think of the movie?" Carlos asked and I guess my eyes told him because he just started laughing. "I'm not going to lie, I thought it was boring too but Jayden swore it was good, I should've known better than to listen to him."

"It wasn't that bad..... though I would've preferred if we would've seen an action movie or at the very least an animated movie. But it was coo, so are you staying with me tonight or.....?" I asked looking everywhere but in his eyes.

"I was thinking about staying at my parents tonight, I gotta have a heart to heart with my little bro plus I got something to do in the morning." Carlos said giving me a sneaky grin, I was just about to ask him what he was planning when someone walked up to the table.

"Wassup Que." Someone say and I'm not going to lie if I had to make a list of the top ten sexiest dudes I ever met in my life Meeche DiMarino would probably take the number one spot. I glanced up at him, nodded my head and quickly turned back to Carlos who looked a little pissed. "Your name is Carlos right?" Meeche asked turning his attention to Carlos who just looked at him.

"My name is Papi...." He said with a cold edge to his voice.

"Aight well nice to meet you, Quinton hasn't stopped talking about you..... look the reason I came over here is because we need a few more pledges and well Car.. Papi I was wondering if you've ever thought about pledging?" Meeche asked and Carlos smirked.

"Yeah it's on the list of things I think about every night." Carlos said sarcastically.

"Coo well we're having a small kickback some time coming up, I'll leave the information with Que once I get it. Y'all enjoy y'alls night." Meeche said walking away, I looked at Carlos who was looking pissed but even more than that he was jealous which was too cute.

"Yo I'm ready to go." He said getting up and went looking for the waiter. As we walked out to the car I couldn't stop laughing. "It's not funny QUINTON that was extremely disrespectful for that nigga to walk up to the and interrupt our date." Carlos said and there it was his Spanish accent coming out thick as fuck letting me know just how pissed he really was.

"Baby it wasn't even like that and you know it..... Meeche was just seeing if you wanted to pledge, maybe if you would take your jealousy googles off you'd see that." I said getting in the car.

"Jealous? I've never been jealous of a nigga in my life, least of all Meeche DiMarino." He said his name as if it was a type of disease he wasn't trying to catch. "I'm just saying Quinton next time we're out in public I would appreciate it if one of your little stalkers wouldn't step to us, that's all I ask."

"Hold up...... hold all the way up. I know you didn't just say that when EVERY TIME we go out we run into one of the hoes you've fucked and I'm not even exaggerating. You can't seriously get mad at me because someone who doesn't even like me like that came up to the table to talk to YOU NOT ME!" I said pissed.

"Yeah right if he wasn't feeling you then why was y'all dancing at that wack ass Kappa party on New Years?" Carlos asked.


"Get the fuck out my car!"He said reaching over and opening my door. I sat there looking at him like he was stupid and I could tell he was serious, I got out the car and slammed the door. "AYY DON'T SLAM MY FUCKIN DOOR!" He yelled driving beside me.

"Fuck off bitch." I said laughing because I was so damn pissed. Carlos pulled over and jumped out the car.

"YO WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME!" He asked running in front of me and started walking backwards. "I'm serious Quinton what the fuck did you say to me?" He asked balling his fist up.

He was really starting to piss me off but the last thing I wanted was to cuss him out in this nice ass neighborhood and get arrested. "I'm pretty sure you heard me stupid....." I said pushing past him, he tried to turn around and reach for my arm at the same time but ended up slipping on some ice. I kept walking until I heard him groaning in pain, I turned around and he was laying in the snow holding his leg. I shook my head and walked back over to him at first I thought he was playing until I noticed he was getting a little misty eyed. "Are you okay?" I asked leaning next to him, our eyes met and he smirked before tackling me in the snow.

"I'm sorry...... I shouldn't have overreacted. But I told you before I'm extremely jealous, even though the loathe to admit it." He said kissing my neck. "You forgive me?" He asked quietly.

"No get off me Papi." I said trying to push him off.

"You just called me Papi......" He said licking his lips, I couldn't help but smile as he leaned forward to kiss me........

"Is everything alright?" Some old lady called from her porch?

"Yes ma'am..... just slipped on some ice." Carlos said looking up at her, he helped me up to my feet and we started walking back to his car.

"I can't believe you actually kicked me out your car." I said once we were back on the road.

"Real talk I wanted to get a look at that ass......" He said smiling as I punched him in the arm. "Don't make me do it again." He warned weakly. The rest of the ride back to my dorm Carlos held my hand and kept smiling at me making my stomach flutter and my as....... never mind, we pulled up and he turned the car off. We didn't talk until we got up to my room and he started taking his clothes off.

"I thought you were going to your parents house?" I asked trying not to stare at his beautiful body.

"You got some basketball shorts?" He asked pulling his pants off and throwing them near my desk, I walked over to my closet, pulled some out and handed them to him. "I said basketball shorts not booty shorts...... it doesn't matter I'll just sleep in these." He said pointing to his boxers. He pushed me to the bed and pulled the covers over us.

"Carlos..... a little jealousy is cute but a lot of jealousy is super unattractive." I said laughing as hs hands roamed all over my legs and ass.

"I'm sorry.... but I love you and I don't want nobody but you kissin on my tattoos." Carlos sang into my ear. I elbowed him in the stomach and he started laughing quietly. "Okay I'll be serious, I'm a jealous dude by nature, blame it on my Spanish roots and when I'm extremely passionate about something.... or someone I get a little pissed when I see someone who I perceive as a threat trying to make a move in my territory. The craziest thing is.... I've only ever felt this way with you, but if it makes you mad I'll try to reign it in." Carlos said kissing my neck. I turned to face him and almost kicked him out my bed because there was no way in hell he fell asleep that quick, but after calling his name a few times I realized he was really knocked out. I shook my head, rolled back over and Carlos pulled me closer to him in his sleep, I smiled as I turned off the lights and closed my eyes just as Carlos whispered 'I love you Quinton.'..............................

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