Giovanni 63

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Jeremy was slick at all, I knew what he was up to from the second he started pretended to be mad at me; see Jeremy wasn't the type of person who would sulk around and not tell what was bothering him, he would come out and say everything he was feeling and let you know he was pissed not this game where wouldn't say anything..... he just needed a reason for me to apologize with my dick and that coo with me I'd play along as long as I got my nut and Jeremy got his over and over and over...... I'm not going to lie though when I heard that nigga in the background asking for a condom I got scared for a little minute but when I got down here my fear were put at ease because seeing the three of them together you could tell they were related. I would meet my future family members later though, I didn't have Jayden drop me off down here to talk... Jeremy wanted me pissed so that's exactly what he was going to get. My teeth raked across Jeremy's neck and shoulder, I bit down on his shoulder and Jeremy let out a small moan..... but that wasn't enough for me I wanted him louder, I grabbed his head and roughly pushed him down towards my dick and shoved it in his mouth......

"Get that shyt wet....." I said slowly fucking his mouth. Jeremy began sucking my dick so sloppily that within seconds my dick was soaking wet. "Quit playin Jeremy you better act like you want this dick.... I didn't have Jayden drive me down here for you to play with it." I said forcing his head all the down on my dick, Jeremy looked up at me and winked... see he was playing but I was just getting started. I let Jeremy do him for a few minutes sucking dick and nuts until I grew bored; Jeremy wanted me pissed but here he was playing little games trying to suck my dick all cute and shyt........ I grabbed him and started kissing him passionately. Then I pushed Jeremy down on the bed and got up, grabbing the bag I brought with me; before I drove down here I stopped by my house and grabbed a bunch of the toys me and Jeremy bought a couple months ago honestly we hadn't had the chance to use them yet and I figured I was going to go all out.

First thing I did was tie him to the bed..... Jeremy liked to think he was running shyt but today I wanted him completely helpless, the first toy I brought out was the an oldie but goodie which was a simple dildo. I wanted Jeremy ready for when I finally fucked him and I needed to test the waters just to see how ready he was....... I could tell Jeremy was enjoying it but not nearly as much as I wanted him to....... after going through about five toys I pulled out the last one and could see Jeremy starting to get nervous, I smirked as I hooked the Hello Touch up to my hand and started tracing his chest and stomach sending powerful vibrations throughout his body. I grabbed Jeremy's dick and began stroking it slowly..... twenty seconds later Jeremy bust covering my hand with his nut and breathing heavily.

"Damn Jer' I haven't even started yet and you look worn out...... but don't think for one second I'm going to stop, you wanted this remember. You've been playing like you were mad at me all week for this moment..... now let's see you survived Sete golpes de prazer, The Seven Strokes of Pleasure and I want to save La pequeña muerte, The Little Death for later......" I got up and grabbed 'The Book of Life' and started skimming through the pages, if Papi ever got this book published he'd be a god among men but he wasn't trying to hear it he wanted to keep it in the family and not share his secrets with the world. I found the page I was looking for and smiled at Jeremy.....

"Gio what are you......" I dove between his legs and began eat his ass..... I looked up at him and I swear to god for a second I saw his soul leave his body then quickly return. "OHFUUUUUCCKKKK!!!!!" Jeremy cried out pushing my face deeper into his ass, damn I see why it was called The Sao Paulo Soul Snatcher. I did it again and watched as Jeremy's soul left his body and came back.... over and over again until my face was covered with Jeremy's juices. "Please untie me....." Jeremy begged his legs thrashing against his restraints.

"Nah you brought this upon yourself....." I said climbing on top of him and offering him my tongue, which Jeremy began sucking on slowly. "For my next trick, it requires you to be tied up but I'll stop if you want me to...." I said letting my dick enter his ass at a very slow pace. Jeremy nodded and I quickly untied him and tied him right back up. "This next move is called The Russian Rope Trick...." I whispered in his ear and Jeremy started laughing.

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