Jeremy 62

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After seeing someone get their ass whooped it stops being entertaining after the third time, I swear I was starting to think Ezra was a masochist; I mean who else would keep coming around and getting their ass whopped unless he enjoyed it in some sick way. Then his little plan didn't even pan out the way he hoped because I wasn't even pissed or even remotely phased by the fact that Gio might have a kid, because I knew Gio would make a good father; I've seen him with his nephew and Papi's niece and I couldn't be more happy for him. Though I spent the last week or so letting him think I was pissed because that 'baby forgive me sex' is some of the best and I was going to milk this for as long as I can. It just sucked that I had to come back to Columbus since my dad cut up his foot doing something with my mom (I hung up before he could tell me) but now I was supposed to be cutting the grass, while also studying for finals this week. When I pulled up to my dad's house however I spotted two people in the yard doing all the work I had just wasted my gas driving down here to do, I got out my car and walked past my cousins and into the house, up the stairs and into my dad's room where he was laying smiling, while somebody was under the cover clearly sucking his dick.......

"I probably should've knocked....." I said as my mom jumped up and ran in the bathroom. "Y'all are the worse divorced people I've ever met but I see where I get my skills from, but answer me this why are The Freak Twins here?" I asked referring to my cousins Justin and Josh.

"Well I didn't think you were coming and I didn't know they were in town, so when they popped up over here I asked them to take care of the yard..... now get out my room so me and your mom can finish." My dad said winking at me, eww........ I walked downstairs and outside to find my cousins digging through my car.

"What the fuck are y'all doing?" I asked pissed because I hated when they did that shyt.

"Nigga we're looking for gum, the fuck you mean. I see you pledged Sigma..... I never took you for the fraternity type Jeremy." Justin the older twin said walking over to me. I looked up at him and tried not to show any fear because him and Josh were like animals they could smell fear and they usually tended to get even worse if you showed fear. "Why haven't you invited us to any of your frat party big cousin we're hurt."

"Right.... I know we live in West V.... but you could call us up for a weekend, I know there are plenty of bitches and niggas that are down for the Tag Team Twin Dick." Josh said and now you see how they got the name The Freak Twins, they didn't identify with being gay, straight or bi they believed that sex was the purpose of life and they were willing to fuck any and everybody usually together. Before I could come up with a smart retort Quinton pulled up and I noticed both of them perk up.

"He's in a relationship......" I mumbled, one thing I can say about my cousins were they respected relationships but if you were single......... "Wassup Quinton I thought you and Papi were spending another weekend doing something romantic?" I asked.

"Angelo's second baby is about to be born, so Carlos went to the hospital and I refused to study today if I don't know this shyt by now then I won't know it in a couple days. Now on to more these two sexy ass dudes standing by your car?" Quinton asked.

"Quinton theses are my cousins, that's Justin..... and the other one is Josh, they're my cousins ignore them they're hoes and I'm pretty sure they believe in incest." I said and Justin punched me in the arm causing me to move about ten feet.

"You know damn well we don't play that twincest shyt..... now occasionally me and my bro might fuck somebody together but we never touch you try to play us again Jeremy I'll spill all your secrets because you know me and Josh got a lot of dirty on you......" Justin said and I walked away because as petty as I was they were worse.

"So Quinton since you're in a relationship y'all got any single friends that like to get Double Dicked?" Josh asked smiling. "I would ask Jeremy but he be playing when it comes to his friends, ayy Jus you remember Naomi..... damn what ever happened to her sexy ass?"

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