Kyrese 23

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I have to admit this group of pledges was really starting to impress me, we had been standing out here in the snow, wearing nothing but shorts while they recited the Alpha Phi Alpha Mission Statement and motto for about three hours and they've only messed up twice, maybe I was biased but Jayden was the one who impressed me the most because while everyone else was shivering and looking down right miserable he never once stopped smiling or showed that we could break his spirit. Finally after damn near freezing my dick off, they got released and were able to head home; Jayden winked at me and blew me a kiss before walking off slowly as if the cold didn't bother him even though he was damn near naked. I started walking next to Leon, Frank and Terrell while they started discussing the pledges and listened while they made bets of who was going quit first and for the most part I ignored them until I heard Terrell mention Jayden's name.

"I'm sorry you mind repeating that?" I asked and Terrell looked slightly nervous while Frank started smiling as if he was about to see a show.

"It's not that serious Ky, I just think that he's too 'jokey'..... it's almost as if he doesn't take anything serious. The whole time he sitting there smiling and that let's me know he's not serious about being an Alpha." Terrell said and I felt myself getting pissed, I was about to cuss him out when Leon started talking.

"Calm down Kyrese, Terrell was just expressing his opinion and I have to almost agree with him. Jayden seems like a good dude but do you really believe he has what it takes to be an Alpha..... not trying to judge a book by it's cover but he doesn't come across as someone who would fit in with us." Leon said and I looked back and forth between him and Terrell trying to figure out which one to steal on first.

"I like him and I think he'll make a great addition to our fraternity...... hell he might liven thing, God knows some of y'all need it. And dude is smart as fuck, even if he doesn't act like it." Frank said.

"I just think........" Terrell started to say but I had heard enough at this point.

"Let's be honest about what this is really about Terrell, you don't like that fact that Jayden is so close to the Carter Family and you're scared that having him around might increase your chances of running into one of the in particular Paul Carter who from my understanding is just waiting for the chance to catch you slippin since he walked in on you and his mom...... here's a bit of advice maybe you should stop fucking with married women and then just maybe you could see that Jayden is exactly what this fraternity needs." I said heated.

"Kyrese chill we're brothers, and like I said earlier he was just stating his opinion. Are you sure that it's not because y'all are dating that you want him to join? How can you be certain that what you're doing is what's best for the fraternity?" Leon asked and I just walked off because they had already pissed me off enough for one night and the last thing I wanted was to beat one of their asses and end up in jail. As I walked around the park I noticed two figures walking towards me, as they got closer I realized it was Gio and Jeremy who seemed to be arguing about something.

"You're fucking crazy Jere! I love you but I can't do this with you....... in a one on one fight I promise you Vegeta an beat Goku." Gio said laughing.

"You're the crazy one if you think that's a remote possibility, wassup Ky." Jeremy said and I nodded but kept walking, those two were always debating about something. As I was leaving the park I noticed Jayden still in his shorts building a snowman.

"Jayden what the hell are you doing? Are you trying to get sick?" I asked walking over to him.

"Nah, I'm almost done and my car is right there warming up....... what's wrong?" He asked reading my eyes.

"Nothing just a little argument with my frat brothers....... it's nothing, now take your ass home before you get sick. I'm not going to sit up in the hospital with you all night." I said smiling.

"Yeah aight...... are you going to follow me back to the house? I mean just to make sure I don't freeze." Jayden said smiling. I nodded and we started walking, the shyt Terrell and Leon started playing in my head and I looked at Jayden and started wondering if maybe they had a point. The whole ride the words kept playing like a bad song that I couldn't get out of my head. "Kyrese?" Jayden said and I hadn't realize we were standing in his room. "Alright what's wrong I can see it in your eyes something is bothering you so sit on my dic...... my bed and tell me wassup." Jayden said smiling, I shook my head, sat down and tried to hold his gaze.

"So..... Terrell and Leon, they don't think you're taking the pledging process serious..... they think you can't be serious and that you're not......" I couldn't hold his intense gaze because I could see he was getting mad. "Jayden don't worry about them, they don't know you like I do and they aren't the ones who get the final say in who wants to be an Alpha it's the seniors who pick." I said and Jayden started pacing around his room.

"You can tell them.... that I'm not going to change who I am to fit into some fuckin fraternity, I've seen it first hand that life is too damn short to be walking around with a stick in my ass all the damn time. So you can tell them that yeah, I make jokes and laugh a lot but that's to keep from fuckin crying about my mom and brother all the damn time. Tell them that just because I smile...... you know what I'll tell them my damn self." Jayden said looking around his room for clothes.

"Jayden it's not that serious..... but I'll talk to them and......" There was a loud ass crash as Jayden knocked everything off his dresser.

"IT IS SERIOUS KY! I'M SICK OF EVERYONE JUST THINKING BECAUSE JAYDEN IS SMILING ALL THE TIME HE'S HAPPY! WELL I'M NOT , BUT I WAS STARTING TO FEEL LIKE MAYBE I COULD BE HAPPY BUT....YOU KNOW WHAT?! just leave Ky...... before I say something I'll regret, just give me some space to calm down and I'll call you in in the morning." Jayden said as he started picking up everything off the floor, I moved to help him but his eyes let me know it would be best to leave to avoid an argument. I walked out into the hallway and Papi was sitting outside his room tossing a ball in the air.

"You should go back and talk to him..... Jayden has a lot of anger and sadness built in behind that smile, you leaving won't fix anything you just need to go back in there and see what's really bothering him because it's deeper than some fraternity shyt." Papi said.

"Do you have any shame in eavesdropping?" I asked smirking a little.

"Nah not when it comes to my brothers. Look just go in there and sit on the bed, once he's calmed down in about seventeen minutes he'll tell you what's wrong. I don't know what's going on with Jayden but what I do know is he's genuinely happy when he's with you so let the storm pass and he'll be back to normal....... well normal for him because he's always been a little weird." Papi said standing up and stretching then walking into his room. I shook my head and turned around and went back in Jayden's room where he was still cleaning up, he didn't look at me and he didn't speak finally about fifteen minutes later he came and sat next to me on the bed.

"I'm sorry for yelling..... me and my dad got into it, plus something Ezra said to me earlier has been bothering me...... but it doesn't matter, I shouldn't have took it out on you. Hearing what your friends had to say just set me off." Jayden said quietly.

"Jayden, you shouldn't let what Terrell and Leon said bother you. Terrell is an idiot and Leon just doesn't know the real you, as for all that other stuff it shouldn't matter. You always said you and your dad had a long road to travel to get back on track and as for Ezra well he's obviously shady, so don't let him get you all riled up. If you ever need to talk you know I'm here for you.... not only as your boyfriend but as your friend." I said looking into his eyes.

"I broke my remote......" Jayden said smirking, I grabbed his pillow and smacked him with it and he started laughing. "Nah seriously though thanks Ky... for not leaving." Jayden said leaning forward and kissing me. We spent the rest of the night talking quietly in the dark; Jayden told me about his argument with his dad and how Ezra had said to him that Gavin knew something that would change everything he knew and felt about him.... there wasn't much I could do to help him beside be there for him. I didn't know Gavin that well but I did know Ezra and I knew that nothing he said could be trusted, I just hoped Jayden could see through his bullshyt and get back to being the dude I fell in love with..........................

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