Giovanni 40

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Jeremy told me everything he knew about that dude Isaac and everything I heard made me want to beat his ass at the first sight of him; he had always been jealous of Jeremy and Darius's relationship and he was the one who convinced Darius and Jeremy to have the threesome that end their relationship (so maybe I should thank him)..... Nah if Jeremy thought Isaac was the one who tried to hit him I was going to take this serious as fuck, but I'd worry about that later tonight was the night of the Anything But Clothes Party but more importantly the night before our Spring Break trip; Papi and Quinton were in the back yard feeding birds, while last time I saw Jayden he was in the bathroom getting his back blown out by Kyrese while Jeremy and Matt went to pick up Naomi. I sat on the couch thinking about everything Meeche had told us about what he found on Zaire's (cumputer) as he called it, some of the names he said he saw on there..... damn did Denzel really fuck Zaire and if so why did he never say anything to me about it? I knew Paulie was a hoe, but Steve too damn everybody was messin around with dudes. Meeche said that he could try to convince Zaire that if he played those videos or released them it could be consider revenge porn and he could be charge now we were just waiting to see if Meeche's plan worked, I started flipping through the channels when..........

"JAYDEN WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?" I said laughing as he walked into the living room completely naked with the exception of a red and green sock on each one of his feet.

"It's an Anything But Clothes Party right so I'm going just like this." Jayden said spreading his arms and I just shook my head this dude was crazy as fuck.

"Ayy Jayden you got some nut drippin down the back of your leg......" Papi said walking into the living room and sitting on the couch. Jayden ran back upstairs while I laughed so hard my sides hurt. "I should probably go start getting ready this body paint shyt is going to take forever....." Papi said standing up.

"MAKE SURE YOU SHAVE YOU ASS PAPI, YOU KNOW THAT SHYT IS HAIRY AS FUCK AND NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THAT!!!!" Jayden yelled from upstairs and I had to admit Papi was a little on the furry side.

"FUCK YOU JAY....... Quinton's going to help me shave, but before that I'm trying to get a couple rounds in." Papi said smiling as Quinton walked into the living room. "Come on baby we got a lot of work to do." Papi said pulling Quinton upstairs. After waiting nearly two hours Jeremy finally got back and I couldn't help but smile our little battle of wills was still going on, I hadn't fucked him since he left me hear when I spoke the truth about Rihanna being better than Beyonce but today all that went out the window. I walked over to him and pushed him up against the door......

"Where are Naomi and Matt....." I said as our lips grazed against each other.

"They're back at the dorm and......" I shoved y tongue in his mouth before picking him up and carrying him to my room, I was horny as fuck and as nice as it would've been to hear what he had to say my desire to fuck him was even stronger. I placed him down on my bed and used my teeth to pull of his pants, then ripped the buttons off his shirt and I really didn't have the patience to be fiddling around with his briefs to I ripped them too revealing his small but plump ass before sticking my tongue inside of him. "AHH....." Jeremy cried out as his ass became covered with my saliva and his own sweet juices. I knew Jeremy's ass better than I knew myself and I wasted no time eating his ass until he started throwing it back on my tongue and fingers.

"I told you I'm going to make you regret leaving the way you did the other day Jeremy....." I said smacking his ass so hard it left the perfect shape of my hand on his ass. "I'm about to make you nut so hard you won't be able to talk." I said moving my tongue and fingers in perfect sync until i found that spot and applied enough pressure to have Jeremy's whole body shaking.

"I'M..... FU.....CK......." Jeremy said as he lost control of his body and ended up kicking me off the bed, I looked up at him and he laid there shaking as nut shot out of his dick like a geyser. I watched as Jeremy tired in vain to regain control but I was an expert when it came to eating ass and that was apparent by the tears of pleasure in his eyes.

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