Kyrese 37

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Me and Terrell had been fighting for the past few minutes and honestly I was getting tired, I really needed to get back in the gym but I wasn't going to stop until he got the point; I was really getting sick of his slick ass comments about Jayden and outright disrespect he had towards our relationship. It started with the Spring Break Trip which I flat out told him me and Jayden had other plans and he couldn't force people to go on his stupid ass trip; then it was the little comments every time I elected to chill with MY DUDE instead of hanging out with him and my other friends, like I hang out with them seventy-five percent of my free time so why is it that when I wanna hangout with my boyfriend it was a problem. Today was the last straw with the orphan comment he made about Jayden and I'm just glad Jayden wasn't here because he would've snapped and I wouldn't have even tried to stop him. Finally Frank and Leon pulled us apart and I still wasn't satisfied with just the bloody nose I gave him.....

"Let me go Frank......" I said calmly and I could tell he didn't trust my calm demeanor. "Look for real I'm good as long as this bitch ass dude doesn't say anything." I said and Frank let me go.

"Why is it that you're always sticking up for that bitch ass dude..... a fuckin outsider, you've known me longer than that nigga." Terrell said pissed.

" First, you sound stupid as fuck, Jayden is my boyfriend and he isn't an 'outsider' he's a member of this fraternity just as much as you or me. Second why the fuck does it matter who I'm spending time with? You aren't fuckin me and truth be told it's not about how long I've known you, I like him better than you because he's a genuine person even after everything he's been through he's still able to smile despite it and if you ever fix your mouth to bring up his past again I'll beat your ass..... again." I said pushing Frank's hand off my shoulder, walked out the door and ended up running into Jayden.

"Wassup Ky..... ayy where are we going? I thought...... damn Ky slow down." Jayden said as I pulled him back to his car.

"I want some Red Lobster." I said taking his keys and getting in the driver seat, Jayden got in the car and for the first few minutes he was quiet, but I could tell he was pissed by the way he keep clenching his fist.

"What happened to your face Ky?" He asked and I looked in the mirror for the first time and saw my face was slightly scratched up, but I knew Jayden's fuse had been shorten lately and knowing him he'd probably want to know the entire story which would cause way too many problems between him and Terrell. "Kyrese I'm serious what happened to your face?" He asked again.

"Look me and Terrell got into a fight..... nothing major but sometimes frat brothers get into it, you'll find that out once you start being around them for a while. Hell you, Gio and Papi argue all the time and y'all are thick as thieves." I said.

"The difference between Gio and Papi and the dudes in that fraternity is I would seriously die for those two and I wouldn't catch a cold for anyone in the fraternity. Half them niggas don't even like me, a quarter of them are coo I guess and the other quarter I couldn't tell you what they even look like because they aren't memorable." Jayden said heated.

"They don't dislike you Jay, they just don't know you but that takes time........ you're right about the ones who aren't memorable though I've been there a year and I still can't even remember some of their names." I said and I could see Jayden trying not to smirk. "But listen I got you and pretty much everybody that doesn't want to go on Terrell's Spring Break trip out of it, though he was pissed." I said and Jayden shrugged.

"I wasn't going anyways..... but I really think we should stop by the house first and clean up them scratches and then I'm going to beat Terrell's ass." Jayden said and I knew I had to talk to Gio and Papi because they were the only ones who could calm Jayden down............

"I say let Jay beat his ass......" Papi said with his head in Quinton's lap. "I know if it was MY dude that got in a fight I don't give a fuck if he wins or loses you touch mine I'm going to fuck you up."

"I have to agree, I mean I want Jeremy messing up his sexy ass face so I don't want him fighting to begin with so I'll handle it for him, I mean it's not like they can ban me from the tournament since it's over." Gio said as Jeremy re-twisted his dreads.

"Aren't you supposed to be singing to me?" Jeremy asked rolling his eyes.

"Ain't no way to get around it cause now you're stuck with me baby, baby. Did you know that yo'd be surrounded by my love and ecstasy? This is the start of one great love affair that never, never, never gonna end. We can share the world together. This is where it begins." Gio sang quietly and Jeremy started blushing.

"So y'all are just going to let Jayden fight Terrell over something......" I didn't want to say it was stupid because it wasn't but I didn't need Jayden getting in trouble over me. "Jayden would you please stop?" I asked.

"I'm about to go change then we can leave." Jayden said walking upstairs, while I looked at them for help.

"Suck his dick...... just go up there and suck all the anger out of him." Jeremy said.

"Yeah like suck his dick so good he can't walk out the house." Papi said and I just shook my head and walked upstairs where Jayden was putting on some sweatpants.

"Jayden you really don't need to do this, I can take care of myself." I said walking over to him.

"Contrary to what you think Ky this isn't just about you, don't get me wrong you play a large part in why I have to beat this dude's ass but I'm tired of him thinking I'm a bitch and disrespecting me. Terrell is the biggest hater in Alpha Phi Alpha and the craziest thing is he doesn't like me because I'm coo with Gio and them.... nobody told him to fuck Paul's mom and now that Paul is on his ass he's taking it out on me because he mistakenly thinks I'm a soft target." Jayden said. "Plus I need to burn off some anger." Jayden said trying to walk past me but I stopped him.

"Jayden stop......." I said and he looked at me and I saw that playful sparkle in his eyes that I fell in love with. "What do I gotta do to make you stop?" I asked licking my lips, Jayden didn't respond at least not with words, he pulled me to his bed and started kissing me.

"I won't beat Terrell up tonight only because you asked me not to....... and I hate seeing you mad at me, but I promise the next time he comes at my neck I'm going to beat his ass, no questions asked....... now you asked what can you do to get me to stay and the answer is simple.........." Jayden said leaning back and started rubbing his dick, I reached out to touch it but he grabbed my hand. "Yo what are you doing? See you got a dirty mind I was fixing my draws." Jayden said laughing.

"Whatever stupid..... but for real Jay don't fight him." I said.

"If you can beat me in Jenga I won't fight him....... let me go get the game out the closet." Jayden said kissing me before jumping up and walking out the room, after waiting for about twenty minutes, I started to think he left but his keys were still on his nightstand and I was just about to go looking for him when he finally walked back in the room. "Damn what took you so long?" I asked and he just shrugged. We sat there playing Jenga until midnight when I got a phone call from Leon.

"Ayy where are you?" Leon asked pissed.

"I'm at Jayden's hou......"

"How long have you been there?" Leon asked cutting me off and I started to cuss him out but I noticed a hint of sadness in his voice.

"All night why what's going on?" I asked.

"Terrell is in the hospital somebody beat his ass, he's alright but still....... and nobody seems to know what happened. I just thought since y'all got into it earlier...... it was a stupid thought I should've known you'd never hurt Terrell. I'll keep you posted on what's going on......" Leon said hanging up and I looked over at Jayden who seemed a little too relaxed and I know he heard every word Leon just said.

"Maybe he fucked with the wrong person's wife......" Jayden said before carefully taking out one of the blocks and I couldn't help but wonder if Jayden had a hand in what happened to Terrell, I quickly brushed the thought away because there was no way Jayden could be that malicious could there? And if so I don't know if I should be nervous but Jayden hadn't been the same person since Ezra's revelation and I was starting to worry that Jayden was becoming someone I couldn't recognize...................................

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