Giovanni 19

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Jeremy had a crazed look in his eyes as he drove the U-haul which scared me at first but he actually did a good job, since there were about eleven of us moving took about three hours so we were done by noon which was good for me so I could get some sleep before this party we were throwing tonight. As I finished making sure my room was together Jeremy walked in and I couldn't help but smile, I had a sinking feeling that Jeremy was still wired as fuck from driving the U-Haul.... I swear he was smiling a little too much. I got up and decided to check to make sure these fucks weren't fucking up my house, too much me and Jeremy walked around and saw Jayden, Papi, Quinton and Donny out in the backyard having a snowball fight like some big ass kids. I wrapped Jeremy in my arms and stared out the back door watching them until I notice Gavin sitting off to the side, it wasn't like him to be this quiet and I could just look at him and tell he was going through some shyt.

"Ayy baby you mind giving me a few minutes with my brother." I said kissing him, Jeremy walked away and I sat at the table with Gavin and he avoided my eyes. "You good bro? You seem pretty quiet, hell you're usually giving orders and shyt now you just seem out of it."

"I'm just tired, I had a long night but I'll be good after I get some sleep...... you need to do the same because you look pretty bad." Gavin said smirking. "So here's the plan, I'm going to take Juju and Steve home, I'll get some sleep then we'll be back to help get shyt set up for the party. Y'all better not start drinking until I get back."

"Why are you so damn sleepy it's not like you got a life." I said laughing.

"Your nephew is a handful..... he kept fucking my shyt up so I had to stay up with him. But I'm leaving I'll text you when I'm on my way back." Gavin said getting up, I sat there confused because I knew for a fact that Lil' Gavin was with Erin last night because I called to check on him and she called me back this morning so I could talk to him. I'm not going to worry about it, he'd tell me what he was up to when he was ready.

"Ayy I need your help with something." I said to Jeremy as I walked into my room, I looked around and smiled because it was way bigger than my old room, which gave me and Jeremy a lot more space to do things. I took all my clothes off and put them in the laundry basket, then sat on my bed, Jeremy looked at me with lust in his eyes and he knew exactly what I wanted. Jeremy walked over to me; he started kissing, licking and sucking on my neck before slowly moving down my chest his teeth just barely grazed my nipple causing my whole body to get covered in goosebumps. I watched closely not daring to breathe as he licked down my abs and kissing both of my things. "Jere' I......" I couldn't talk after that Jeremy started slowly licking from the tip of my dick all the down to my nuts, he didn't miss an inch; rolling his tongue around my dick getting it nice and wet. I was getting impatient I tried to grab the back of his head but he pushed my hand away and smiled.

"Relax I know what I'm doing." He said stroking my dick slowly, he never broke eye contact even when he put the tip of my dick in his mouth and started sucking slowly. The way he was working his tongue was as so crazy that all I could do to keep from busting too quick was hold on to the sheets and think about something.... anything but the pleasure I was feeling but even that proved futile because Jeremy was killin me softly and once he started massaging my nuts with his left hand and stroking my dick with his right, all the while never breaking his stride on my dick all I could do was cover my face and try not to scream like a bitch.

"Fuck....." I said as Jeremy took, the pillow from me and tossed it; I knew he wanted my undivided attention; this was becoming too much the sound of him slurping was in perfect cadence with my breathing to the point that it had become a beautiful song. Jeremy had learned my body to the point where he knew exactly with places to suck and lick to make me lose all control. "Yo stop...... STOP!!!!" I yelled, I pulled Jeremy to me and started kissing him just as I my dick started shooting all over the place including his leg. "Fuck.... fuck..... fuck...." I said pulling him on top of me.

"You aight?" Jeremy asked sucking on my neck again and I felt my dick trying to fight it's way back to life.

"Yeah baby I'm good..... thanks, but I got you later tonight after the party. For now let's just shower and take a nap." I said picking him up and carrying him into the bathroom........

We slept until about seven when woke up to some more fire ass head from Jeremy, this time I couldn't just settle for a quick nut I wanted some payback for what he put me through earlier. After making him nut three times, twice with my dick and once with my mouth we started getting ready for the party.

We walked downstairs where Papi and Quinton were playing beer pong against Steve and Julian, which kinda threw me off but I was happy they were able to move past the beef they had. Jayden and Kyrese were in the kitchen making jungle juice, I was definitely going to stay away from that shyt because........ reasons. Slowly but surely people started showing up, some of Gavin's frat brothers who brought a bunch of Deltas, I was getting irritated when Angelo showed up with a bunch of his high school friends.

"You're not drinking?" Gavin asked walking behind me, I looked in his eyes and could tell he was more than a little tipsy.

"Nah.... not yet, I wanna go around and make sure that everybody had a ride home because they ain't stayin here." I said smirking. "You stayin here aren't you?" I asked taking the cup out his hand because he looked like he was a about to fall over.

"Yeah me and Whitney...." He said pointing to Whitney who was standing off to the side talking to a group of girls wearing Delta jackets.

"So y'all back together or what?" I asked and Gavin shrugged before taking the cup and walking over to Whitney, I shook my head because those two were weird as fuck.

"Can I get a dance?" A voice whispered in my ear and I quickly turned around and pulled Ezra into what use to be my granddad's office debating on whether or not I should beat his ass or just throw him out.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" I asked trying to keep my voice down.

"Nik invited me, that's my boy, look Gio I know we've had our issues in the past but I'm willing to move on for the sake of 'our' nephew." Ezra said smirking.

"Yeah we can move past our issues...... but that doesn't mean I want you in my house so here's what I'll do; you got two minutes to get the fuck out my house or......." The door opened behind me and Denzel walked in with Paul and Donny right behind him.

"What's going on G?" Denzel asked and I watched Ezra start to get nervous, he knew like everyone else that grew up with us that Denzel wasn't the one to fuck with.

"It's cool Denzel, Ezra was just leaving; I gotta go check on the party." I said walking out the room. I walked around the party making sure nothing was fucked up and I was pleasantly surprised that everything was going so well.

"YO what the fuck is your problem?" Nik asked grabbing my arm as I walked past him, see I was going to wait until everyone was gone to check his ass about inviting Ezra here but if he wanted to do this now........

"Look Nik I'm being extremely nice by letting you stay here but I don't want that nigga in my house." I said looking in his eyes.

"Gio that was fucked up, Ezra was just trying to make peace with you. That nigga is family now and you gotta respect that." Paul said coming out of nowhere, I looked at him like he was stupid partly because he was and also because I was confused as to why he was defending Ezra. People started to watch us closely and I wasn't about to give them a show.

"Paul kick rocks and take Nik's ass with you, I'll talk to y'all when I calm down." I said started to walk away until I felt a grip on my arm, I looked at Paul and could see he was both drunk and pissed off which was never a good combination.

"Don't fuckin walk away from me Gio!" Paul said and I was almost at my limit when a huge arm came out of nowhere and stole on Paul, before I could blink Gavin was on top of Paul beating his ass. I glanced at Nik who looked like he was considering jumping in until he saw me daring him to with my eyes; Denzel and Donny grabbed Gavin pulling him and Paul apart and once everything was starting to calm down a little I saw Ezra standing by the door with a smile on his face and as he walked out someone else walked in and I couldn't help but think this wasn't going to end well for anyone least of all Papi...........................

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