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I got back to the house where Gio was waiting with Jeremy, Gavin and Malik whatever was going on had to big to get Gavin off the stripper pole; we all sat there quietly waiting for Papi and Quinton to get back, thankfully they weren't that far outside of the city so they should be getting back any moment. I figured since Malik was here it whatever it was had something to with Ezra and Julian's punk asses, honestly I don't get why they were so pressed; Gio didn't want Ezra and Quinton didn't want Julian..... end of discussion. Beating their asses didn't work, threatening them didn't work, beating their asses again didn't work..... I mean at this point what did we have to do to get them to stop fucking with us? A few minutes later a car pulled up and at first I thought it was Papi and Quinton but it was only the Freak Twins..... them niggas cracked me up, I don't care what anyone says those niggas were funny as fuck. They instantly started flirting with Malik and I was growing impatient because more people started showing up Donny, Denzel, Matt, even Steve's funny looking ass....... but where the fuck was my bro Papi?

"Papi stopped to get something to eat but he'll be here in any minute, look I'm tired of this shyt with Ezra..... Malik told Gavin some stuff and well, I'll let Gavin explain." Gio said looking at Gavin who still had on his stripper costume, Gavin looked at Malik who stood up nervously.

"It's kinda hard to explain but Ezra has been planting seeds for a while..... he's been behind a lot of thing Erin trying to run over Gavin, his other sister Elana messing around with Angelo, that whole situation with that dude Zaire, manipulating Julian...... Ezra has been moving people around, getting them into position for his final play which is too........"

"This nigga is lying......." Paul said walking into the door with Julian and Ezra. I love my bro Gio but he had the dumbest relatives in the history of time. For Paul to actually bring these two nigga into this pit of lions was borderline suicidal.....

"Wait before y'all get started." I said before running upstairs to my room and grabbed my bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos I've been saving for a special occasions such as this, then running back downstairs and getting comfortable because I knew I was about to see a show. "Aight go ahead." I said smirking.

"We're grown ass men..... if we got a problem we can settle it like men, no more of this sneaking around and scheming shyt. So tell me what's the issue?" Paul said looking around the room. "Why is everyone so damn quiet y'all had a lot to say before I walked through the door now y'all all quiet and shyt......" The door opened and Papi walked in with Quinton looking around confused. "Carlos you got a problem with anybody in this room?" Paul asked.

"Damn nigga can I get through the door before you start breathing your hot ass breath on me? And you need to be asking that bitch ass nigga Julian if he got a problem with me, because I can promise he spend more hours of the day thinking about what I'm doing and who I'm fucking then anything else. So while y'all figure out what his problem is with me, I'm going to be upstairs switching into some sweat pants and running shoes so I can beat this niggas ass again......." Papi said walking upstairs.

"Y'all all some bitches..... Jeremy you got the biggest mouth in the room and you haven't said shyt since I walked through the door, I KNOW you got something to say......" Paul said and my night just got that much better, Gio and The Freak Twins all moved at once but Jeremy stopped them with a single look.

"First don't come from me unless I send for you, second I was trying to be peaceful tonight because my horoscope said 'Let peace be your guide' but since you wanted me to speak here it goes...... I don't like you because you constantly keep trying to steal my man..... when he clearly don't want your loose ass." Jeremy said pointing at Ezra. "I don't like you because I'm allergic to fuckboys....." Jeremy said moving on to Julian. "I don't like you because you got your Jordan's from the gas station and before you even try to lie I know you did because one of your Jumpman's is facing the wrong direction and the other one is upside down." He said turning to Paul, who started to interject but Denzel and Donny stepped in front of him.

"You said talk about it like grown men so let him speak LITTLE cousin." Denzel warned causing Paul to take a step back.

"Thank you..... now where was I..... oh yes I don't like y'all two but because y'all are related to me I'm obligated to give y'all a pass. Gio you get on my damn nerves, using my damn sponge..... Quinton the fact that you were playing Rihanna hurts my soul because I thought we were better than that...... Papi hearing you moan is the weirdest shyt ever so cut it out, Quinton whatever you're doing to him STOP..... Jayden you play Whitney, Aretha and Gladys late at night so you're okay in my book. If I think of anything else I'll let y'all know and if anybody got a problem with what I just said we got that whole backyard to discuss it because I may wear tight clothes and switch when I walk about I'm not no bitch and I'll fight anybody." Jeremy said sitting back down.

"I don't got no beef with anybody..... me and Gavin had our issues but we solved them now he's my big bro again, but I'm warning whoever now if Gio, Papi or Kyrese swing I'm swinging too case closed." I said rolling my chips up.

"What I want to know is why Ezra thinks he can walk in here after the shyt Malik told me he did and think I wasn't going to whoop his ass....... so I'm going to ask you this once, if the answer is no then me and Malik got an appointment in the backyard. If the answer is yes then me and you gotta fight....... did you......" Gavin started to say but Ezra cut him off.

"The answer is yes..... but it was all Julian's idea, I was going to use your special little video to blackmail Gio into giving me the dick. Julian set everything up he knew you were struggling with money needed to make some quick cash..... and in return I was going to help him deal with Papi, since we're telling everything Paul was in on it too. He secretly has a crush on Jeremy he said that he couldn't wait until Jeremy was bouncing on all eleven inches and he even had something planned for Jayden. Though I don't know the all details he but he even went as far as bribing that dude Terrell into confessing his love for Kyrese in exchange not beating his ass for sleeping with his mom. All because he was still a little pissed over that whole Taylor situation and he couldn't have Jeremy." Ezra said smirking. "It was a win/win for all of us.... Paul got his revenge on Jayden for fucking up his relationship with Taylor, Julian finally got a win over Papi and I got Gio's dick..... though honestly I think I found something a little bit better...... once Jeremy found out about Ezra and Gio they'd break up and Paul could make his move on Jeremy." Ezra said looking in the Twins direction.

I couldn't tell you what happened over the next ten minutes I just know everybody started fighting. Ezra and Gavin...... Papi and Julian....... me and Gio against Paul........ once it was done and those three left beaten and bloodied; while I was in the bathroom with Kyrese cleaning the cut on my chin.

"I think that nigga had on a ring......" I said checking my chin again.

"You just couldn't resist could you?" Kyrese asked smirking.

"Ayy if I see my bros fighting I'm going to help.... just like if I see my boo fighting I'm going to help. Which reminds me I might have to go beat Terrell's ass just because......" I said Kyrese placed an alcohol pad on my chin and I started screaming like a bitch (no shame). "So do you think they finally got the point?" I asked.

"Honestly I don't know..... but they were all arguing as they left so they'll probably end up beefin with each other for a while...... though I'm kinda curious about Gavin's 'Special Little Video' that Ezra mentioned you don't think it's a........" Kyrese said but I knew what he was talking about.

"Probably..... I didn't even know Paul still felt that way about me, hell I forgot all about Taylor once I tasted your ass for the time and the fact that he was feeling Jeremy like that...... it's crazy. All I know is hopefully it's the end of all this drama for a while.... I can't have my life be too boring..." I said laughing as my phone started ringing. "Wassup Dad?" I asked answering it.

"Jay..... I..... I got something I need to tell you......" He said and my heart began pounding in my chest, because I don't think I could handle any bad news...............

****** QUESTIONS ******

1) Do you think Ezra, Julian and Paul finally got the message or will they be back to cause more drama? Do you want them to return in Part 3?

2) What do you think Samuel wants to tell Jayden?

3) With five chapters left is there anything that hasn't been resolved that I need to cover? 

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