Jeremy 13

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I was trying to be peaceful but ever since Nikolas showed up on Gio's doorstep things had been extremely tense, it was like the whole mood shifted Jayden wasn't making as many jokes, Papi had started watching Nik's every move carefully as if he was waiting for Nik to try something with Quinton and Gio.......well he like always was trying to make the best out of a fucked up situation. I knew Nik had came over here with the sole purpose of getting under Gio's skin, why else would he leave Gio's parents house in the middle of a blizzard just to come see Gio knowing full well that they didn't have the best relationship. I got out of bed reluctantly and walked to the window and saw nothing but snow, yeah this we weren't going anywhere at least not today so I decided to cook breakfast for everyone I tried to make as little noise as possible since Nik was sleeping on the couch and I didn't want to wake him up. I had just started setting the table and when I turned around Nik was standing there completely naked, I quickly turned my head but I had already seen more than I wanted to.

"Wassup?" He said yawning as he walked into the kitchen, open the refrigerator and started drinking milk straight from the carton. "Damn you got it smellin good in here, now I see what Gio keeps you around honestly I would've thought y'all would've broken up considering what he almost...... never mind." Nik said walking off to the back of the house and I knew he was trying to bait me into wondering what he was talking about but I wasn't going to fall into that trap. I went back to Gio's room and he was laying in bed looking at the ceiling.

"I made breakfa....." Gio pinched my lips closed and shook his head, I sat there wondering what the fuck he was doing then he turned to me and smiled.

"Okay now what were you saying, I had to mentally save what happened last night in the archives of my memory forever because that shyt was............ epic." Gio said kissing me.

"Not to toot my own horn, but I had you in here crying like a bitch..... I don't like the term 'power bottom' but if the terms fits." I said laughing. "I made breakfast for everyone but before you go in there I should probably tell you that your cousin is walking around naked." I said and Gio covered his face and yelled.

"We're just going to ignore him, until this blizzard passes.... Nik is going to try everything he can everything he can to piss me off. Would it be wrong if I kicked him out?" Gio asked laughing. "I never understood why he didn't like me, even when we were kids he'd always try to compete with me, like it was every little thing he turn it into a competition and no matter how hard I tried to get him to see it shouldn't be like that between family...... then him and his friends jumped me and everything changed." Gio said quietly.

"Well I'll tell you one area you're definitely beating him in." I said rubbing his dick and Gio smiled.

"We can discuss this later but I'm hungry so let me go see what you cooked for daddy." Gio said kissing me. We got up and walked into the kitchen with Quinton, Jayden, Papi and Nik; for the most part everything seemed cool but I wasn't going to let my guard down around Nik because he just seemed shady.

"So Jeremy tell me about yourself, Gio for some reason or another doesn't like sharing information with his little cousin." Nik said looking at me.

"Baby you don't have to answer that if you don't want to Nik is just being nosy as usual." Gio said and I smiled before turning to Nik.

"It's cool Gio..... Nik is just trying to start conversation, I'm the person you don't wanna try because let's get one thing straight I don't like you...... I mean what kind of fuckboy jumps his cousin? Then you have the audacity to try and drop little innuendo about what you perceive I don't already, here's a newsflash for you...... Gio tells me everything so there's nothing that you think you know that he hasn't already told me. So find you some business and stay out of mine." I said getting up and walking back to Gio's room, I don't know why he set me off the way he did but something about him just screamed snake and I couldn't fuck with those types of people.

"Why are you so damn fiery?" Gio asked walking into his room and locking the door, at first I thought he'd be mad but I noticed the little hints of a smile on his face that told me he was trying not to laugh.

"Because he just irks me...... ever since he showed up at your birthday dinner and kept staring at me, he's just made my skin crawl. I'm sorry for spazzing like that but I'm not the type of person who will hold my tongue for anyone." I said sitting on his bed.

"And that's why I love you, you've been the same smart ass person I was crushing on when I first saw you dancing and who cussed me out the night we met." Gio said smiling.

"Well in my defense I was a little skeptical about you're attentions, I heard from a very reliable source that you were kinda stuck up and didn't date..... I wasn't trying to become another one of your conquest, I'm glad that rumor wasn't true." I said kissing him, I climbed on Gio's lap and started kissing his neck.

"Baby since you got this much energy you can help me start packing. It's only little stuff right now, shyt that's really not important..... unless you wanna switch with Jayden and Papi who are about to go shovel in front of the house." I thought about it for a second and decided that I much rather be in the warm house.

"I guess I can help up, but let me find out you got some dildos hidden somewhere in your room." I said laughing, Gio picked me up and tossed me on the bed. "I thought we were packing?"

"In a second Mi amor, there;s no rush.............." Gio said kissing me gently.

"YOU CAN'T BE FUCKIN SERIOUS QUINTON!!!!!" Papi yelled, scaring the both of us; we jumped up and ran to see what the hell he was yelling about and found Quinton standing there sheepishly. "Jeremy talk to your friend while I go get dressed please." Papi said walking past me pissed, I looked at Gio and he went after Papi leaving me with Quinton.

"What the hell is wrong with him?" I asked Quinton who blushed.

"I told him I've never shoveled snow before and he kinda went off, I don't see what the big deal was my parents always paid someone to do it professionally........" Quinton said shrugging. "It's not funny Jeremy." Quinton said as I tried not laugh.

"It kinda is.... think about it I'll bet any amount of money, that Papi isn't really mad. In fact I'm almost certain he actually enjoys showing you new things, like changing a tire."Right on cue Papi walked back into the living room and handed Quinton his jacket.

"Here man come on......." Papi said grabbing the shovels and heading outside.

"I really wish we could leave, I'm willing to bet once they're done it's going to get pretty loud in here." Gio said wrapping his arms around my waist.

"We can always lock them all outside, it's not murder if the freeze." I said joking, Gio shook his head and we started moving stuff out the living room closet and into boxes.

"Ayy y'all need some help?" Nik asked staring at me.

"Nah we're good, why don't you go see if Jayden needs help." Gio said, watching Nik's every move.

"You can relax G' nobody wants your little boyfriend besides he's not even that cute." Nik said laughing, I barely heard Gio said 'oh shyt' and honestly it would've been too easy to cuss him out, I could get on the fact that he was trying waaaayy too hard to be Gio, or I could get on the fact that his dick looked like a piece of black licorice attached to a teabag, or I could get on the fact that he's been here all of fourteen hours and I was certain the smell of his funky ass was going to forever cling to the sofa....... but I wasn't going to do that because I didn't want to cause anymore trouble between him and Gio, though I was tempted.

"Watch what you say to my dude Nik....." Gio said turning back to the closet and pulling stuff out, the threat was subtle but I could see the fear in Nik's eyes from just that small statement, he was afraid of Gio which wasn't surprising considering how bad Gio beat his ass over winter break, but past the fear, and envy, and a little bit of hate, I saw something else something that helped me start to put the pieces of the puzzle together.....................

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