Jeremy 38

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There are three things that I won't tolerate; disrespect towards me or my family, loose ass bottoms and fake Jordan's...... but there was really a fourth that I never in my life thought I'd have to address but the fact that Gio even fixed his mouth to make such a blasphemous statement makes me question his sanity. There were certain things I would never concede; that no matter how good Mariah Carey is Glitter was the worse movie in the history of movies, Tipsy by J-Kwon will forever be one of the best party songs and Goku can beat Vegata...... but this one goes without saying and I was utterly disgusted with Gio for what he just said that I literally had to hop of his dick and leave. I didn't even go back to my dorm I had to drive to Columbus because Naomi needed to hear this bullshyt in person; Giovanni Benicio Carter had just said that Rihanna...... Misses 'Hey Mr. DJ Pon de replay' herself was better than the QUEEN BEYONCE...... I don't care how lethal his dick was that statement killed the entire mood, so yeah I left him in his bed with his massive dick throbbing and I didn't want to see him until later tonight. I pulled up to Naomi's house and she was sitting outside with some of our friends from high school.

"HEY BOO!!!!" Naomi said kissing me on the lips and most people never understood why we did that but it went back to middle school, Naomi always said if I wasn't gay as fuck we'd be a couple. "Aww Jeremy you look sexy as fuck wearing your little Sigma jacket." Naomi said.

"I needed someone to talk to...... Giovanni, the man that I love had the audacity, the unmitigated gall, to utter the words.... while his dick was in me no less; wait let me go back and explain. When me and Gio are having sex he sometimes can get me to admit to things that I really don't believe are true and usually I'm so dick drunk I don't even remember what I say but this...... he said and I quote 'say Rihanna is better than Beyonce'." I said sadly.

"The nerve......" My friends Shauntay said fanning herself.

"I know, I'm just so disgusted with him right now...... so yeah I left him there hard as fuck to think about what he just said." I said looking down at the video Gio just sent me of him stroking his dick and I had to resist, I had other reasons for being here that stupid ass comment just gave me an excuse to leave earlier than I intended.

"So are we going to go pick up our outfits for this ABC Party next weekend?" Naomi asked and I had to invite her to make the night more tolerable.

"Umm Jer' why are y'all even going to this party knowing that boy Zaire wants to fuck your man? To me it sounds like y'all are asking for trouble?" Taylor said and I had thought about that as well.

"Because it's a party and I'm not going to let some loose ass, cumdump, trashbag whore stop me from having a good time; it's a Sigma Party and I'm a Sigma, if I'm paying for a membership then I want to see how my money is being spent and if Zaire tries to come at Gio I have no problem dragging him to the gates of hell. Are you ready?" I asked Naomi. Once we dropped Taylor and Shauntay off we went to pick up our costumes, despite my disgust from our last encounter my mom's dominatrix outfit was cute on somebody else and I wanted something similar so we were going to the store she got it from to see if they had something a little more masculine.

"Jeremy..... you know I'm going to fuck you up when you get back right?" Gio said on the phone as we walked through the store. "What you did was beyond childish and when I'm done with you, you'll be begging me to make you remember what it feels like to nut."

"Boy please if I wanted I could have you busting in under two minutes, I've just been taking it easy on you because I don't want you getting too addicted." I said smiling.

"Oh word...... you're not the only one who has been holding back Lil'Daddy, but you'll find out what I mean once you get back to Ann Arbor. I love you...." Gio said.

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