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I wanna thank everyone for reading Second Semester, I love writing and y'all make it so much better with all your comments and messages whether good or bad. After giving it much thought I've decided that the next installment in this series will jump ahead to their senior year so. I actually can't wait to start writing it but right now I need a break from this story. Again thanks for all the love and support.............

****** QUESTIONS ******

1) Who do y'all think was the strongest couple?

2) Who do y'all think was the weakest couple?

3) Who do y'all think needs more development?

4) Who were your favorite characters?

5) Who were your least favorite characters?

6) Who was the funniest character?

7) Who was the freakiest character?

8) What did you liked about the story?

9) What didn't you like about the story?

10) What you would you like to see in Part 3 of this story?

11) Is there any story line y'all weren't feeling?

12) Is there any character you wanna see more of in the future?

13) Which three words best describe each of the main characters (Gio, Papi, Jayden, Jeremy, Quinton and Kyrese.)

14) If you could pick two characters to have a threesome with who would you pick?

15) Which story should be next; Hell On An Angel 2, As Time Goes By or the Untitled Group Home Story?

I look forward to reading you responses...............................

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