Jayden 32

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I was proud to say I was officially a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; no more hazing, no more sleepless nights, no more hunger pains kicking my ass and no more being treated like a number. The only downside was I had more time to think about everything Ezra told us, when the words 'Gavin was in the car that killed your mom' came out his mouth I tried to kill Gavin's big muscle head ass but his dad beat me to the punch, I never knew Gavin Sr. had that much power in that little body of his. Another thing that has been bothering me was Gio, I know he didn't have anything to do with what happened but still he was going to take Gavin's side regardless of anything it may not happen today but he'll eventually forgive him which is something I don't think I could ever do and yeah he wasn't driving but he still never said anything which was in my opinion worse; as I laid in Kyrese's bed I watched as he got dressed getting ready for class, I'm surprised that he was able to walk after last night.

"Don't you have somewhere to be Baby Joker?" Kyrese asked smirking and I threw a pillow at him because I fucking hated that nickname they gave me during the pledging process. "Ayy don't get mad at me, you earned that name." Kyrese said and I thought back to when they Frank gave me that name we were standing in the middle of campus during a thunderstorm and I couldn't stop laughing because on of the other pledges had an accident in his pants.

"Okay true but you're not allowed to call me that, especially after all the times you called me daddy last night. As for me having to be somewhere yeah I do but I'm waiting for Gio to leave....... I'm not ready to talk to him yet." I said getting out of bed.

"Jayden how much longer do you think you can avoid Gio? He's your best friend and I've seen him several times defend you like a brother...... he didn't have anything to do with what Gavin did and you shouldn't take your anger out on him." Kyrese said.

"I'm sorry your mouth is really distracting...... like the whole time you were talking I kept thinking about putting my dick in it." I said laughing, Kyrese picked up the pillow and threw it at me but I dodged it.

"How about this......" Kyrese said walking over to me and started rubbing my dick. "You talk to Gio today and I'll suck your dick all night......" He said kissing me and that was a deal I could live with so I nodded. "Good don't forget we got that meeting at five."

"Aight man get outta here before your late..... love you." I said smacking his ass and watching as he walked out, great now I just had to figure out how I was going to approach this Gio situation because one thing I wasn't good at was admitting when I fucked up.

When I got back to the house all the cars were gone so I figured they were all in class, which gave me a little time to come up with a game plan but when I walked in the house I saw something I wasn't exactly planned for........ Jeremy was sitting on top of Gio riding the fuck out of his dick, I mean they were going so hard Gio's dreads were flying all over the place.

"Damn don't let me stop y'all......." I said laughing, Gio said something that sounded like 'go somewhere Jay' but it was almost indistinguishable, it was clear to me that Jeremy controlled that niggas soul at the moment. I walked up to my room and grabbed my stuff I guess I'd go to class and meet up with Gio later, I got to class and breezed through it I swear I needed more challenging classes. After class I text Gio and Papi to meet up for lunch, a public place would be best since there's no telling what would come out of my mouth and I knew Gio would try his hardest to keep things from getting too out of control. "What's wrong with you?" I asked Papi as I sat at the table with him and Gio.

"I broke up with Quinton....... he was getting on my damn nerves and that spoiled brat mentality he got isn't cute anymore." Papi said and I could see Gio trying not to laugh. "What I'm serious, it always has to be what Quinton wants and I gotta show him that the world doesn't revolve around him..... plus he's childish, he knew what type of dude I was when we got together. If I wanna eat your ass in the back of my car while a bunch of people are outside you just gotta go with the flow, I don't got time to be dealing with a kid."

"Y'all are going to be back together before the day is over with..... matter fact you're probably going to go find him as soon as you leave here, so instead of sitting here making this even more uncomfortable than it has to be why don't you go find him and fuck him until he forgives you for being stupid." I said and I could see Papi fighting his basic instinct.

"I can't stand y'all......." Papi said getting up from the table. leaving me with Gio.

"I'm sorry Jay..... I didn't know about Gavin, I mean he told me that his friend hit somebodies car and the person got killed but I never put two and two together. And I know you're pissed at him and you have every right to be but it shouldn't come between us and we should be able to talk to each other Jay, we're brothers." Gio said quietly.

"Jeremy had you crossed-eyed as fuck earlier, like you might wanna go get checked or take him to see a priest because I'm pretty sure that nigga Jeremy is a demon." I said looking away, when I turned back Gio was smiling.

"So we good?" Gio asked and I nodded.

"Yeah me and you are good but I'm telling you every time I see Gavin we gotta fight, I don't give a fuck if he beats my ass but we'll be fighting until I feel better about him keeping this from me...... look Gio I don't blame Gavin for what happened my anger is coming from him keeping this a secret for so long, how was it for him just to man up and say I'm sorry." I said leaning back in my chair.

"I'm not going to defend what Gavin did...... but as long as me and you are good I'll stay out of it. But between you and me, I'm pretty sure Gavin might let you get a few punches in. Enough of all that when we get home tonight we can start discussing plans for Spring Break." Gio said stealing some fries off my plate.

After I finished all my classes for the day I was back home with Gio and a very angry Papi........ I guess Quinton wasn't answering any of Papi's calls and naturally he was pissed, but I think they will be good when you get two egos as big as theirs they were bound to bump heads eventually. Finally after hours of debating and planning we finally decided on three perfect Spring Break destination, now we just needed to discuss it with Kyrese, Jeremy and Quinton before we picked the final decision.

"So will Nik be joining us?" I asked, the reason I asked is because Nik was out on a date with the biggest hoe on campus Zaire and I wasn't sure if I wanted to go if Nik and his latest fuck buddy were going to be joining us.

"Nah he's going to be going with Gavin and them......" Gio said.

"Cool love y'all....... but I gotta go Alpha business." I said jumping up and racing out the door. I got to the frat house and it was packed as usual, I'm glad I got here when I did because no lie it was kinda musty in here and I needed a steady flow of fresh air if I was going to be in here for a couple hours.

"Alright so now that everyone is here, we need to discuss a few things first up being finals....." Leon said, I rolled my eyes and tuned him out; I didn't need someone else telling me to focus on finals which were months away my grandma had that covered and everyone knows she'd kill me if I brought home anything less than a B. "Now that we covered that Terrell wanted to talk to all the newest members of our fraternity." Leon said and that got my attention, we moved deeper in the house and I had to hold my breath as we moved into kitchen.

"Alright this should be really quick I wanted to discuss with y'all plans for Spring Break, usually every year one of the upperclassmen takes all the newest members on a trip and this year it's me so y'all get together and decide where y'all wanna go and I'll set everything up, now I'm pretty sure y'all got other things y'all would rather be doing so I'll catch y'all later." Terrell said and everyone sped out of there as quickly as possible.

"Ayy Terrell I already got plans for Spring Break with my brothers so I'm not going to be able to join y'all." I said seriously.

"Well cancel those plans I don't know if you heard the part about me being in charge of this trip and I'm telling you know it's mandatory...... you're apart of Alpha Phi Alpha now Jayden and you need to realize that the moment that happened we became your brothers so you're going to have to decide what's more important us or them....... we can talk about this more later and before you even think about it don't run to Kyrese because there's not too much he can since as I said, I'm running things......" Terrell said walking out and to me the choice was extremely clear matter fact there was no choice my only concern is what were the consequences of that choice............................

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