Kyrese 69

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What I was doing right now just proved how much I loved Jayden because it's one thing to sing in the privacy of his own room or in the car but to allow him drag me out to a damn Karaoke Bar and have me up here singing 'You're All I Need To Get By' just goes to show when you really love someone you'll do anything for them. We walked back over to our table where Quinton and Papi were covering their faces in embarrassment, honestly compared to what went down last night we should never be embarrassed around each other ever again. I looked at the freak twins who were in the corner flirting with some girls they had met earlier and I knew there was a high possibility we wouldn't be seeing them for the rest of the night. Damn I was going to miss this, just hanging out with my boys having a good time with no drama..... it sucked that Quinton was going to Europe for three months, Jayden was heading to Japan with his dad, Gio and Jeremy were going on a world wide fuck tour or something like that and me..... well I was going to be heading out for a month the day before Jayden got back from Japan though I still had told him yet. The next time we were all going to be together was right before school started back up......

"Ayy y'all mind telling Jeremy we'll see him in the morning? Mindy and Mandy have offered to show us around campus and we don't want him worrying." Josh said smirking while the dizzy girls giggled behind him. "Don't wait up......" Josh said walking away with his twin brother.

"I never thought I'd see the day when I met someone freakier than I was...." Papi said shaking his head. "Jeremy is going to have his hands full with those two next year and I hope he doesn't expect me to help him because I got my own problem to look after..... the last thing I need is another niece or nephew running around."

"I would like to challenge the fact that you're still the freakiest dude on campus, let's not forget when they dared us to kiss last night you tried to put your fingers in my ass..... I thought we were better than that Papi." Jayden said smirking.

"You really need to quit acting like your dick didn't get hard when we kissed Jay....... but honestly I'm more creeped out by the fact that Gio tried to slip me a little tongue...... you know this shyt is too weird let's never discuss it again." Papi said shaking his head.

"I can't wait until I get back from overseas...... we're definitely playing again but we might have to invite some more people who aren't afraid to explore a little bit, last night was fun for our first time but next time I was get a little triple X-rated." Quinton said.

"I'm trying to get a little triple X-rated later tonight, just you and me......" Papi said winking causing Quinton to blush. "Baby you got any freak cousins?"

"My cousins are lame as fuck, they get embarrassed when people kiss in public. What about you Kyrese you got any freaky family members?" Quinton asked.

"Nah but I'm sure a couple of those pretty boy Kappas might be down to play. I've heard about some of those all-male parties the be throwing." I said smirking.

"Umm speaking of the Kappas..... Meeche and a couple other ones got some cabins in Montana for the summer you don't mind if I go with them do you Que?" Papi asked.

"As long as you keep what belongs to me to yourself then I have no problem with it." Quinton said rubbing Papi's dick.

"Jayden you alright?" I asked noticing how pissed he looked, I followed his gaze and he was staring at Leon, Frank and Terrell...... "Umm I think we should head home are y'all...?"

"Nah were about to drive to Columbus, I promised Que's parents I'd cook for them so I'm going to stay the night there plus I can't fuck Quinton the way I want to with Lil' Gavin in the house." Papi said standing. "Jay if you need me I have know problem coming back up here." As we all walked out I felt some eyes on me and I saw Terrell staring at me hard as fuck..........

I dropped Jayden off at his house so he could shower and grab some clothes, while I went to make sure my place was clean. I couldn't wait for my lease to be up because I couldn't stand my fucking roommate's trifling ass..... just as I was finishing up a quiet knock came at the door, I figured it was Jayden so I yelled come in and started to put some stuff in the closet.

"Damn that was fast ass fuck, I know you love taking those power showers and....... wassup Terrell?" I asked looking at him while he stood there looking nervous.

"I.... needed to see you, you haven't been to the frat house in a while and I just wanted to see if we were still coo......" Terrell said quietly.

"We've never been coo Terrell, we were cordial. But look I don't got no beef with you as long as you stop talking shyt about my dude and stop disrespecting me and my relationship......." I said looking at him. "And you really need to spot mugging Jayden because he may joke around a lot but he'll snap on you if it calls for it."

"Thanks for the warning...... umm listen Kyrese, I've been doing some thinking and....." Terrell stopped talking as the door opened and Jayden walked in, he looked at me then back at Terrell, then at me again. I could tell he was pissed but he wasn't going to show it... yet.

"Ky I was thinking tonight we could spice things up a little bit, Papi FINALLY caved and gave me the Book of Life and there's some moves I definitely wanna try. There's this part where you can make someone cum without touching them I wanna see just how accurate this book is....." Jayden said smirking in Terrell's direction.

"I'll catch you later Kyrese..... Jayden." Terrell said walking out the house pissed.

"I should've fucked him up...." Jayden said locking the door behind Terrell. "But I'm trying this new thing where I don't beat people's ass on sight. What did he want?" Jayden asked taking his shirt off.

"To apologize.... he started to say something else but then you walked in, but it's whatever let's go upstairs......" Jayden said stripping completely naked and walking up the stairs, it wasn't until he got to the top that I realized..... fuck....... I chased after him and he stood in my doorway looking at my bags confused. "You going somewhere Ky?" He asked quietly.

"Yeah this summer I'm doing this four week training course at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas..... I leave the day before you get back from Japan. I was going to tell you but I was waiting for the right moment." I said looking in his eyes.

"Damn that means we're going to go almost two months without seeing each other......." Jayden said sadly. "Well that just means we gotta fuck like crazy until I leave.... just not tonight though I wanna study this book from cover to cover." Jayden said pulling me into bed with him. "You know you could've just told me Ky, yeah I would've been sad but I know you'll come back to me just like I plan on coming back to you....... unless I find Godzilla, me and that nigga gotta get a couple rounds in for him ruining my childhood." Jayden said laughing.

"You know Godzilla isn't real right?" I asked and Jayden started laughing.

"Yeah... okay Ky next you're going to tell me the Loch Ness Monster isn't real either." Jayden said pulling me into his arms.

"Umm I was thinking...... my lease is about to be up and I know you already got a place but I was wondering if maybe you would like to..... y'know get a place together." I said quietly and for the longest he laid there quietly.... the silence was loud..... I think maybe I finally said something to scare him away, then he smiled.

"I get to pick out the furniture... and decorate the bathroom..... and I need a place with a walk in closet for all my shoes." Jayden said leaning over and kissing me. "What you thought I was going to say no? I love my bros but I need my own place, I know if I ever need to go back my room will be waiting for me..... Damn I can't wait to start house hunting with you." Jayden said jumping up, before I could figure out what his crazy ass was doing my phone started ringing and he rolled his eyes. "Tell whoever it is to call back in a couple hours." Jayden said as he began to stretch.

"Wassup Gio?" I asked looking at Jayden who was acting like a damn fool.

"Ayy is Jayden with you?" Gio asked his voice panicked.......

"Yeah wassup?" I asked putting him on speaker.

"Ayy Jay you need to get back to the house A.S.A.P. something...... something just happened." Gio said and that was all Jayden needed to hear before he was racing out the room...................

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