Giovanni 35

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Now that me and Jayden were back on speaking terms all I could think about was missing the tournament, I shouldn't have let Ezra get under my skin the way he had but this shyt had been boiling for years and I couldn't take no more. Gavin made it to the finals but lost and I could tell his mind wasn't really on the fight, no one was talking to him; my parents were both pissed that Gavin was in the car that killed Jay's mom and I couldn't even look at him the same..... but that was still my brother and I was going to stop by there later to check on him and make sure he wasn't thinking about doing anything stupid..... Gavin was an emotional person and I just needed to make sure he was coo. The only plus side to missing the tournament was Jeremy had a lot of different ways to keep my mind off of things and not just with sex; yesterday we spent like six hours debating Jordan versus Lebron and I finally managed to convince him that Jordan was the G.O.A.T. but he still wouldn't admit that Vegeta could beat Goku but I could tell I was wearing him down.

"Baby why are we in The Lion's Den?" I asked picking up a fleshlight and staring at it. I watched as Jeremy walked around putting stuff in his basket. "I mean I'm not complaining but nothing you got in your basket looks like it's any fun." I said.

"It's not for fun Gio, it's for maintenance I refuse to be walking around with my asshole looking like a tunnel but if you wanna get a couple things for us then go ahead and look around." Jeremy said, I swear I loved that he said whatever was on his mind to me that just made him more authentic.

"Wassup Gio......" Nik said walking behind me, I turned around and saw he was with Zaire. Yeah I had to make this conversation quick as fuck because Jeremy didn't like either one of them and I didn't want anything happening in the store.

"Wassup Nik.... I'll catch you back at the house." I said starting to walk away.

"Hey Gio did Jeremy tell you about the ABC Party that our fraternity is throwing? My phone has been blowing up all day and it wouldn't be right if one of my frat brothers didn't show up, it's really a party for our newest members and I want all of them there." Zaire said staring at me and I could see the lust in his eyes.

"I'll get back to you, Nik I wanna talk to you later....." I said walking over to Jeremy who was about to check out but I handed the cashier my card instead. "Don't even think about arguing Jeremy you paid for our food earlier I got this."

"What did Edgar Allen Hoe want?" Jeremy asked and chuckled quietly.

"To invite me to that party...... so were you going to tell me about it or was I going to have to find out the day it was supposed to happen." I asked smiling.

"I was going to tell you later but I knew the gutter whore couldn't resist inviting you, I'm so over that cumdump it's not even funny..... you know it's only using Nik to get close to you." Jeremy said and I nodded.

"Yeah which is what I was going to talk to Nik about when I got back from Gavin's. I would never fuck with someone like Zaire, he's not my type especially after considering he's been fucking with my cousin.... nah I'm good." I said laughing. "So what should I wear to this party which we're definitely going to because you know Jayden and Papi are going to beg me to death until I agree so let's just skip all that and agree to go." I said.

"Well it is anything but clothes so I'll find something for you to wear and you know I'm going to make sure you're the sexiest dude in there." Jeremy said kissing me. After I dropped Jeremy off at the dorms I drove over to Gavin's house, this would probably the second or third time we've spoken since the day I beat Ezra's ass. I walked in the house and Gavin was laid out on the ground sleeping while Lil' Gavin climbed all over him, I walked over to my nephew and picked him up 'accidentally' kicking Gavin on the way to the couch.

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