Jeremy 22

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It was a week from Valentines Day and everything just seemed to be going right, ever since Papi beat Ezra's ass he's been pretty much ghost; Gavin and Whitney have been getting back on track, Jayden and Kyrese are just too cute for words, Papi has been missing his brother so he's been sending most of his free time locked in Quinton's dorm doing who knows what and Gio........ god I loved him so much, everyday he's bringing me a different gift. We've gone to a Bulls game, we went to Mackinac Island, just making every day better than the one before..... the only downside was the no-sex rule he had before his boxing tournament and he wasn't making it easy because there were a few times that I wanted to ra..... but I couldn't I just had to wait until after the tournament then it was rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air. I needed something to keep me occupied other than these Sigma meetings, which I wasn't feeling since finding out that Zaire tried not only Gio but Papi as well but I wasn't going to leave Matt hanging.

"It's seven in the evening, And everybody's leaving. I decided to stay in, I just felt like chilling. And I wondered if you felt the same? Just say the word, I'll be on my way. I'm just a few, few blocks away. I just wanna see your pretty face. All I'd like to do, is lay with you tonight. I don't wanna hit the club, I wanna lay up (And when I come over) I'll get you right......" Gio sang in my ear as we laid in his bed watching Good Will Hunting for the third straight time.

"Gio don't start nothing you can't finish." I said turning towards him and laughing.

"Oh trust me just because the dick is on lock down, doesn't mean I'm not making a mental list of all the you got my dick rock hard knowing full well that I can't have sex. Because I promise the minute this tournament is over........." Gio said licking my neck, then quickly jumping up. "I'm going to sleep in Gavin's room because this is torture." He said walking out, I laid in bed for about five minutes before he walked back in and climbed in bed with me.

"I thought you were sleeping in the other room?" I asked laughing, Gio pulled me into his arms while grumbling quietly.

"I might break up with you before the tournament..... it's going to piss me off and it'll definitely give me extra aggression. Plus the make up sex is going to be amazing." Gio said laughing.

"If you break up Gio, you won't have to worry about your tournament because I'll fuck you up." I said pushing my ass against his dick and I could feel his dick getting hard, Gio was close to breaking..... how much harm could it do if he has sex just once.

"Ayy Gio we need your helping bringing this t.v. in the house." Papi said walking in the room destroying the whole mood. Gio jumped up and followed Papi out the room and I started to wonder how mad Quinton would be if I kicked Papi's ass, I should just go to sleep because it was obvious that I was getting any dick tonight and before I went to sleep I said a little prayer to get me through these next few weeks.

The next day me and Quinton were sitting in class and he looked a little sleep deprived, I knew this had less to do with Papi and more to do with the fact that his pledging process had started earlier this week, which made me a little nervous because I started thinking about what I might have to go through.

"I need a favor." Quinton said quietly as we took notes and I nodded but didn't speak. "There's this auction coming up in a few days and I want you and Gio to come, Carlos agreed to do it so it should give Gio plenty of shyt to use against Carlos in the future."

"Aight coo, I'll let Gio know." I whispered, class finished and we decided to go get something to eat and I couldn't help but notice he was walking with a little limp, but when I asked him about he kinda brushed it off as pledge stuff.

"JEREMY!" Someone yelled and I turned around to see Benny, I told Quinton I'd meet him at the restaurant as I started walking next to Benny. "Yo I heard about that shyt Zaire is trying to pull with your dude and I'll talk to him, that shyt isn't coo and I really don't want something like this to turn you off to the Sigma's because we're not like that."

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