Julian 20

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"Man what the fuck Ezra? You were supposed to make peace with Gio and Gavin not cause a fight between Gavin and Paul." I asked sitting in the driveway, this is why I couldn't really fuck with Ezra like that because he always had a scheme brewing but on the other hand I really couldn't stop fucking with him because this nigga was blackmailing me and I knew going against him wasn't the smartest move to make. "You told me that you were over that petty ass beef, you found out Elana was lying about sleeping with Gavin and you felt bad then you pull this shyt, so what's really going on Ezra because I'm confused as fuck." I asked checking to make sure no one was around. Ezra pulled out a blunt and started smoking as if he didn't hear what I had just said, as I waited for him to answer people started leaving the house and I noticed Steve and Whitney walking towards us.

"Ezra why did you show up here? You know that nigga Gio don't like you and......" Steve said just as Gavin ran out the house.

"Hold up Whitney, I'm sorry...... look I'm drunk but please don't leave aight." Gavin said and I could tell he was really fucked up because he could barely stand up straight. Whitney didn't say anything she just walked away with her sorority sisters and they drove off, Gavin stood there pissed and Ezra standing there didn't help the situation.

"Julian you mind giving me a ride back to East Lansing." Ezra asked smiling, Gavin was staring at me with a questioning look. "Gavin are you still coming over to see your son tomorrow?" Gavin stomped back in the house pissed and Ezra walked over to my car.

"Juju what the fuck are you and that nigga up too?" Steve asked and I decided to ignore him because it was just too complicated to explain, we pulled off and Ezra started laughing I didn't see what was so damn funny but obviously he thought everything that just happened was hysterical.

"Why do you hate Gavin and Gio so damn much Ezra, we all used to be cool and if me and Papi can put this shyt behind us you and them should be able to do the same for the sake of your nephew...... little dude shouldn't have to grow up with his dad and uncle hating each other." I said looking at him.

"See that's a common misconception..... I don't hate Gavin nor Giovanni, in fact I got a lot of love for them. My only problem is that they fail to see their own potential..... take Gio for example he's so love-struck on that nigga Jeremy that he can't see the bigger picture." Ezra said and I was lost what the fuck was he talking about. "And Gavin he needs to focus on his son....... or rather sons........ speaking of which how is everything going on your end?"

"Gavin talked to my cousin and we managed to get him a slot in the show last night...... dude made a killing even though he insisted on wearing a mask and shyt, if I can convince him to go the gay for pay route Gavin won't have to worry about nothing for the rest of the time he's in school." I said.

"That's coo, so far most of the pieces are in place." Ezra said smirking.

"What is your end goal? You said you were trying to show them the light but what exactly does that mean and while your at it explain to me who are the other people you got helping you with this little plan of yours?" I said irritated.

"Juju you know exactly what you need to know and right now you don't need to know who else is helping me help my friends." Ezra said. "They know their rolls so relax when all this is over Gavin and Gio will be better off."

"Why am I even helping you?" I asked not really as a question but Ezra took it upon himself to answer in the most unexpected way, he reached over and pushed my seat back slightly then started unzipping my pants, I kept my eyes on the road because I knew if I looked down I would crash. Within two minutes I was busting all over my lap and steering wheel.

"Play your part Julian..... you have my word no harm will come to them, just trust me." Ezra said wiping his mouth and smiling. "Do this for me and I'll never let slip your little secret...." I was backed into a corner so I guess I'd follow along with his plan for now...............

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