Papi 21

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The fact that Armando was here made me nervous, he's what most people would call the Black Sheep of the Family he was borderline crazy and honestly I didn't know why he was here until he yoked Angelo and dragged him over to me; I knew this wasn't good so I led them both down to my room and sat on the couch and waited. Armando paced around my room and I sat next to my brother wondering why he was here, it didn't really make any sense Armando only real showed up when shyt was really bad like the time Angelo got jump, or the time Angelo..... now that I think about it the only time he showed up is when Angelo either fucked up or was in some sort of trouble, I looked at my little brother and I could already tell he was guilty of something. I leaned back against my bed and waited for Armando to start speaking, then I started thinking about everything I was going to do the idiot sitting next to me for once again fucking up my night.

"Angelo, tía Maya piensa que sería lo mejor si vino y se quedó con nosotros durante un par de meses. (Angelo, Aunt Maya thinks it would be best if you came and stayed with us for a couple of months.)" Armando said looking at Angelo.

"¿Qué? Eso no tiene ningún sentido. ¿Qué hay de los dos hijos que tiene en el camino? (What? That makes no sense. What about the two children you have in the way?) I asked my little brother who started turning bright red.

"Three....... another chick, has came outta nowhere saying Angelo has got her pregnant. She's actually further along than the other two..... and not only that your little brother has been skipping school, getting high and drunk. Your mother thinks he needs a little more discipline and you know my dad doesn't play that shyt, don't worry Carlos he'll be back in time to take care of his responsibilities we just feel he needs some more....... guidance." Armando said. "Angelo let me talk to Papi real quick." Armando said and Angelo quickly left my room leaving me with my big cousin.

"He can't go..... him running away from his problems doesn't mean they'll go away." I said standing up. "Angelo needs to be here and......."

"Papi you've failed him as a brother." Armando said and a shot in the heart would've hurt less, I've always tried to look out for my little brother teach him right for wrong and I've always trying to keep him out of trouble so hearing that pissed me off. "He's overcompensating for the fact that you're gay. He feel's like he has to prove to himself and everyone else that he's not you..... even though he looks up to you he doesn't want to be you."

"That's bullshyt and Angelo knows it..... I've talked to him plenty of times and he doesn't have to prove shyt to anyone and where are you getting your information from? I've always looked out for Angelo, you don't know how many times I've gotten him outta trouble, how many fights I've been in to protect him." I said getting pissed.

"Usted tendrá que preguntarle por qué se siente de esa manera. (You have to ask why he feels that way.)" Armando said walking towards the stairs. "I'll be at your parents house until Wednesday, then we're leaving that's enough time for you to say goodbye." He walked upstairs and I sat on my bed wondering if maybe Angelo leaving was for the best, after debating the pros and cons someone decided to call my phone and it was the number from the other night.

"Yo who the fuck is this?" I asked pissed.

"Don't play Papi..... you gave me your number at the beginning of the school year and after hearing how good you were fucking your little boyfriend I knew I had to test the waters." The person said pissing me off even more.

"I gave my number to a lot of people, but seeing as how you know I have a boyfriend and you're still trying to get fucked that tells me you're a hoe....." I said. "But then again from what I've heard about you from my bro Gio you don't give a fuck do you.... Zaire?" I asked.

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