Kyrese 48

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The door opened with a loud bang and I was almost tempted to check and see if there was a hole in the wall but at this point I really didn't give a fuck, there was something about being here with Jayden that just destroyed in logic or reason I had; his lips were a little salty from the sea air and that mixed with the permanent taste of chocolate which was always on his lips had my dick throbbing. Jayden was an expert when it came to the art of seduction, his mouth moved like a slow dance across my neck and chest as he fumbled around with my short; his warm breath tickled my nipple as he stared at it for a brief second then looked up at me with those dark playful eyes of his before gently biting down causing my body to explode with burst of pleasure. But Jayden thought he was slick, he was trying to control the situation but seducing me with his mouth knowing that usually led to me bottoming first but it wasn't going to happen tonight....... tonight I had to go first. I pulled him over to the bed and gently pushed him back, I could tell he wanted to laugh because he knew he was caught but the second my lips connected with his, that playfully demeanor turned into pure lust......... I slowly removed his short, then proceeded to use my teeth to take off his boxers. Once we were both completely naked I stood over him and smiled.

"You just going to stand there stroking you dick or are you going to actual do something?" Jayden asked biting down on his bottom lip, another thing I loved about Jayden was he believed you should never jump into sex, foreplay was a must which I totally agreed with; so kissing his lips, his cheek, neck, chest, abs, each thigh I stopped and watched as he slowly stroked his dick leaving beads of precum at the thick juicy head. "Suck it....." He said in an almost pleading tone but I shook my head because I was running this show so I'd suck his dick when I was ready. Grabbing his leg and flipping on his stomach, I stared at Jayden's muscular ass before slapping it one time just because I liked to watch it jiggle and his back arched perfectly at that little love tap.

"Damn....." I said taking my first taste, I was really starting to believe Jayden Walker was made of chocolate because everything about him taste just like it; his lips, his neck, his dick, his ass and especially his nut...... but I could taste that later right now I wanted to focus on eating his ass. "Damn Jay....." I said using my tongue and thumb in sync to get him to moan. "Your ass taste so damn good baby." I said sticking my tongue in as far as it would go then trying to go even further. "I want you to throw it back on my tongue Jay...." I said smacking his ass and just like I commanded Jayden slowly started throwing his ass back on my tongue.

"Fuck Ky......" Jayden moaned quietly, that shyt pissed me off because I HATED quiet sex I wanted that shyt to be loud as fuck so the people ten doors down knew I was putting in work. So I started going crazy with my tongue and ten minutes later I didn't need a mirror to know my face was covered with Jayden's juices.

"Turn over!" I said flipping him back on his back. "Don't say a word. Your only job is to sit back and cum as hard as you fucking can." I said rubbing his dick and massaging his balls at the same time. "I want to feel your dick hit the back of my throat, you gonna fuck my face Jay?" I said licking the head on his nine and a half inch dick, Jayden nodded slowly but never once took his eyes off of mine as I slowly started swallowing his dick. Sucking Jayden's dick was like sucking on a Hershey's Bar and I was addicted, despite me telling him not to say a word Jayden was damn near screaming each time I went down to the base of his dick.

"OH SHYT....... SUCK THAT DICK KY!!!" Jayden said grabbing the back of my head and began fucking my face roughly. Jayden had no regard for my well being as he tried to suffocate me with his dick and given the choice between breathing and sucking Jayden's dick, well I couldn't think of a better last meal. "BABY STOP...... PLEASE STOP...... KY FUCKIN STOP!!!" Jayden said as he began to bite his fist and twenty seconds later I felt the sweetest nut in the world hitting the back of my mouth and sliding down my throat. While Jayden laid there catching his breath I kissed him on the lips and smiled.

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