Giovanni 15

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It was Friday and while I should be with Jeremy here I was with these drunk clowns, I'm not going to lie though I was kinda tipsy as well so I really couldn't talk; Denzel's light weight ass was already passed out, Paul was on his way, Nik had already left to meet up with some chick he met, leaving just me, Gavin and Donny trying our hardest to finish this bottle. It had been a long time since all of us just chilled with no real drama, though I could tell Gavin had a lot on his mind. Donny was drifting of to sleep so me and Gavin decided to talk a walk around our old neighborhood.

"So what's going on Gavin you seem kinda outta of it all night?" I asked putting my hands in my pocket.

"I'm going through a lot right now..... with Lil' Gavin, Whitney is even more pissed at me because I fucked Erin, but I applied for a job at Footlocker so that's a start." I stopped and looked at him, wondering how in the fuck did he allow himself to get caught up with Erin and he knew that was exactly what I was thinking. "Gio you know how things ended with me and Erin..... I wasn't ready for it, I thought we were good and when it happened you remember how I was...." Gavin said and I nodded, yeah Gavin was really scary after that. "Erin was always my first love and when I saw her, I still felt it; maybe it's because we never had any real resolution she just left and even though I love Whitney..... I gotta take a step back from her until I can get my shyt together."

"Gavin..... I've always looked up to you, you've always been my goal, to be better than you but you're really fucking up and I know it's all because of this secret that Ezra has looming over you. I think you just need to come clean and yeah it's bad, in fact it's really bad but once the truth is out he won't have anything over you and besides it's not like you were the one who actually...... y'know." I said quietly.

"Gio we'll talk about this later, so have you decided what you're going to do with Granny's house?" Gavin asked changing the subject weakly.

"Yeah we've already got most of the rooms cleared out so we can move in whenever. But I'm not sure how this living arrangement is going to work with Nik, I know he's family but that dude is disrespectful as fuck, the only reason I agreed to this is because mom asked me to." I said as we started walking back to the house. "Papi's going to take the basement, so we have an extra room if you ever wanted to crash there."

"Like I need your permission, but yeah I'm going to keep your room the same if you ever need to get away from everything, I'm going to take mommy and dad's room after I disinfect it thoroughly and turn my old room into a room for my sons." Gavin said.

"You might want to thoroughly disinfect that too.... you weren't exactly the most clean person I knew there were plenty of times I've walked in on you and some girl, those thoughts still haunt me." I said laughing.

"Shut up punk, you throwing a house warming party?" Gavin asked and I shrugged. "You should, but look give Nik a chance and I'll do the same.... I know he's not the easiest person to get along with but he's family and if he tries something stupid you can beat his ass again."

"So is Paul but we don't claim him...... I'll give Nik a chance, until he becomes a Que then he's your problem." I said laughing, he punched me in the arm as we walked back to the house, I really hoped Gavin really considered what I said about coming clean because this secret I was being force to hold on to was eating me alive, but I trusted my big bro to do the right thing......

The next day I was sitting in the library waiting for Zaire, this dude was really starting to piss me off we were supposed to be working on this damn project but after an hour of waiting he still decided not to show up and he was ignoring my text. Fuck it, I thought as I started putting all the books back. I could've spent the day with Jeremy just as I was walking out this clown decided to walk in and I should've kept walking but I needed to let him know I was pissed.

"Look if you're going to be late, the very least you could so is call or respond to a damn text, I got other shyt I need to be doing and waiting for you isn't one of them." I said carefully.

"I'm sorry it was a late night.... look I really need this class so could you please stay? Or if not we could meet up at my place or yours but I really wanna knock this out early before Hell Week starts." Zaire said looking into my eyes.

"Man fine...... we can meet at my place to start on the outline but look please don't have me waiting." I said throwing my bag over one shoulder and walking out. I got home and for some strange reason Jeremy was standing in the middle of the parking lot. "Baby what are you......." I followed his eyes down the street and froze, they can't be fucking serious.

"ON YOUR MARK...... GET SET...... GO!!!!" Jeremy yelled as Papi and Jayden took off from down the street with Quinton and Kyrese on their backs; even with the added weight of Kyrese and the snow Jayden was still way faster than Papi so it wasn't a fair race.... but that didn't stop it from being funny as fuck, especially as Papi and Quinton slipped on some ice and landed in a pile of snow.

"What was the purpose of that?" I asked still holding my side, laughing as Papi and Quinton argued on the ground.

"My idea of a romantic date..... Papi and Quinton will be cooking dinner for me and Kyrese tonight, I can't believe he challenged me to a race." Jayden said shaking his head. "You mind clearing out for a couple hours at least until after me and Ky's date." Jayden said and I shrugged.

"No problem but y'all might have to push it back about an hour, that nigga Zaire is coming over so we can work on our outline for this damn project." I said shaking my head.

"That's coo..... me and Ky are about to go to the game anyways, plus judging from the looks of it those two won't be ready for a while." Jayden said pointing at Papi and Quinton who went from arguing to damn near fuckin in the snow.

Thankfully Zaire showed up on time and I was surprised at how smart he was, then again he was a sophomore taking freshman classes so I shouldn't be too surprised. Jeremy helped Quinton and Papi in the kitchen while me and Zaire finished up.

"When do you wanna get together again?" Zaire asked with a little humor in his eyes. "I mean to start the first draft I mean." Zaire said, I was going to ignore the blatant flirting he was doing because I didn't want to get Jeremy started but I would definitely check him later. Zaire walked out and I decided to take Jeremy to my new house for a couple hours.

"Wow y'all have so much more space for activities." Jeremy said laughing and I pulled him into my arms and started to squeeze him and tightly as I could.

"What is the one movie you aren't allowed to quote around me?" I whispered in his ear, releasing him just enough so I wasn't hurting him. "I don't like Stepbrothers, it's a horrible movie and I don't want that bullshyt mention in my hou........ damn......." I said biting down on my lip as Jeremy started rubbing my dick.

"I want us to be the first ones to have sex in this house." Jeremy said licking my earlobe, my leg started shaking uncontrollably I hated when that shyt happened because it meant I was really.... really horny. I picked Jeremy up and carried him all the way up into my new room, looked around for a something, anything for us to fuck on. "You know what on second thought I think we should just go see a movie or something." Jeremy said laughing.

"You do realize that once February hits it means no sex until after the boxing tournament which is in March this may be your last chance to.........." I couldn't speak because of the way Jeremy was looking in my eyes, I've never ha someone who could make me forget everything I was saying with one look but Jeremy had this pull on me that didn't want to fight. "Baby I want you to promise me something... I know your about to start this pledging process and my work load is about to increase drastically in preparation for this tournament, our time together might be limited, I just want you to promise me that we'll try to make time for each other. That's what's important, even if it's just five minutes a day we have to make time for each other in order for this to work." I said looking in his eyes, Jeremy nodded and stood on his tiptoes to kiss me.

"I promise....." Jeremy said quietly. I knew this was going to work, because I had faith in our relationship and Jeremy wasn't the type of dude that would let a fraternity come between us and I wouldn't let my busy schedule keep me from him. I saw a blanket in the corner of the room and spread it out on the floor; we didn't have sex that night we just sat in the dark holding each other until we both fell asleep. 

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