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The last four weeks have been awkward to say the least; Jayden was barely at home spending most of his time with either Kyrese or his grandparents and when he was home he'd lock himself in his room and wouldn't talk to anyone. Gio well I've seen him pissed and then there was how he's been since Ezra dropped the bomb that Gavin was in the car that killed Jayden's mom...... after Gio beat Ezra's ass and deservedly so, Ezra punk ass decided to snitch and now Gio was suspended from the boxing tournament which killed Gio. Then there was the whole Gavin versus Gio vs Jayden situation, Jayden felt no matter how pissed Gio was at Gavin he'd get over it because that was his brother so Jayden was pissed at both of them, Gio felt that Gavin should've been said something instead of keeping it a secret for all these years and Gavin well he's been MIA since that day.... I guess he feared facing not only Jayden and Gio but his parents and Whitney as well. Then you get to me.... who has been pretty much stuck in the middle since all this went down, I really wasn't trying to choose between Gio and Jayden because both them nigga were my brothers and the only thing I could do was try to heal the rift between them and hope things could get back to how they used to be, but even I knew I was facing an uphill battle.

"Carlos....." Quinton said snapping me out of the daze I was in, damn I knew shyt was bad when just hearing him say my name didn't get me hard. I looked at Quinton and smiled damn he looked good in his crimson and creme jacket, he finally made it through the pledging process last week and I was glad because during that time we barely saw each other which made me feel even more alone. "Your phone has been ringing for the last five minutes, here Angelo wants to talk to you." Quinton said handing me my phone.

"Hermano mayor tienes que salvarme. (Big brother you have to save me.)" Angelo said in a panicked voice.

"Reduzca la velocidad Angelo, ¿qué pasa? (Slow down Angelo, what's up?" I asked sitting up in bed and looking at Quinton, I knew how he got when I spoke Spanish add that to the time we last had sex and I already knew what time it was...... but first let me deal with my little brother.

"Me desperté con un pollo en mi cama. (I woke up with a chicken in my bed.) No hay chicas aquí que no estoy relacionado con. (There are no girls here that I'm not related to.) Y estoy bastante seguro de que tía Callida practica la brujería. (And I'm pretty sure that Aunt Callida practices witchcraft.) Please Papi you gotta come save me, I can't survive another month down here." Angelo said quietly.

"Angelo come on it can't be that bad..... look it's only another month, then you'll be back in time for Elana to give birth....... then Simone, then Kayla. Maybe I should talk to mom and dad because you gotta start looking for a job, you're bout to have three mouths to feed." I said shaking my head at his stupidity.

"Carlos..... seriously bro I heard them talking about doing some shyt to make me fertile....... I gotta get outta here." Angelo said sounding close to tears.

"I'll talk to them, look call me back I got some stuff to handle real quick. Love you Angelo." I said hanging up. "So what's the plan for tonight Quinton? I'm thinking movie, then dinner followed by a long walk through the park where you tell me how I'm the sexiest dude you know and how my dick game is second to none, then we finish the night by me eating your ass for about an hour then fucking you to sleep." I said rubbing his face.

"Or...... we can do this damn homework that I've been putting off. Spring Break is coming up and I don't wanna spend it studying, speaking of which what are we doing for Spring Break?" Quinton asked.

"I'm not sure let me go see what Gio and them want to do......" I said getting out of bed and walking to Gio's room and like he had been since the tournament started he was sitting on the bed watching the wall with a blank expression. "Look I'm not going to sit here and tell you everything will be okay and there's always next year because frankly given the choice between watching you box and watching you beat Ezra ass, I'm picking option two every time. Now get the sand out your pussy and let's talk about Spring Break." I said sitting across from him.

"I miss Jay..... we were supposed to be planning this together and now that nigga won't even look at me. I don't care about the boxing tournament, that shyt happens all the time but I can't stand Jayden not talking to me. I know what Gavin did was foul....... but I just need to talk to Jayden." Gio said.

"Jayden will talk when he's ready plus you know he's got that whole pledging thing going on his time is limited. Give it a couple more days and he'll be over to talk to you..... he might swing on Gavin on sight but that's another topic. So Spring Break what's the plan?" I asked.

"I don't wanna do the typical Spring Break; Mexico, Florida, Vegas...... I wanna do something where we can spend time chillin; me, Jeremy, you, Quinton, Jay and Kyrese...... but we need Jayden here to decide." Gio said.

"He's been riding around the block for the past ten minutes..... I think he's waiting for you to leave." Jeremy said and I shook my head, him and Quinton wearing their letters were going to get really old, really quick. "I think he's waiting for you to leave." Jeremy said looking at Gio who just grabbed his bag and started walking out the room.

"When Jayden comes in please tell him I wanna talk." Gio said quietly. No sooner than they pulled off Jayden was walking through the door looking like he hadn't slept in weeks.

"Jay....." I said but he just kept walking. "Look I didn't do shyt to you so don't take your anger out on.....Whoa....." I said grabbing him as he damn near collapsed. "Damn Jay you aight?"

"I've been sleeping in my car for the past week and I haven't eaten anything..... what do you think Carlos?" He asked smirking a little, I helped him over to the couch and sat him down trying to make sure he was good.

"Bro you need to eat....." I said and he shook his head.

"Nah I still got two more hours....." He said waving me off.

"You're allowed to drink right?" I asked and he nodded, I walked into the kitchen and threw a bunch of fruit into the blender and brought the drink to him. "When do plan of talking to Gio and when do you plan on coming home..... we miss you bro." I said looking at him.

"I'm not sure......." Jayden said already sounding a lot better. "Look Papi I'm not mad at Gio..... but I'm not entirely sure I won't try to swing on him just because he's Gavin's brother and I know that I can't beat Gio in a fight and him being all noble and shyt he probably wouldn't even fight back, which isn't satisfying."

"I get that Jayden but seriously you should come hom........ why have you been sleeping in your car?" I asked.

"Pledge shyt, this is the first day I'm actually able to sleep in a bed and eat something but I still got two more hours so you gotta keep me up for the next two hours." Jayden said, before I could press him any further Quinton walked downstairs and I lost my train of thought for a second. "Look Papi just help me stay up for the next two hours and then I'll take a quick nap and if Gio is back when I wake up we can talk." Jayden said yawning.

"Fine Quinton baby, bring your homework down here..... you know Jayden gets a kick out of all the words you misspell." I said turning to Quinton, who rolled his eyes but walked upstairs nonetheless.... two hours that all the time I needed to get my family back together I just hope they could make it through this because I couldn't imagine my life without both Jayden and Gio in it..............................

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