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Contest: Winter Rose awards
Placement: Honorable mention

I'm honored to be among the poetry winners (Honorable Mention) for the Rose Awards. I'm excited to see poetry recognized and celebrated on Wattpad, and happy to see what the Rose awards offers a lot to writers - including awards, reviews and a book club!

1 what's your favorite thing about Wattpad?

My favorite thing about Wattpad is the diverse community of writers and readers that I've been able to connect with since becoming a member. The feedback I've received, both positive and critical, has been invaluable to my writing. I've also found a lot of great reads, and delved into genres as both a writer and reader that I hadn't before.

2 what's your schedule regarding your writing?

My Writing Schedule: I write in the mornings, with the phone set to silent and a cup of coffee nearby. I tend to read in the evenings before bed, but sometimes - I write then, too - just with a cup of tea or glass of water beside me instead. :-)

3 what's one Wattpad goal?

A Wattpad Goal: I'd love to have one of my stories in a recognized Wattpad program that supports writers. But perhaps a more down-to-earth goal that I can accomplish soon is joining more Wattpad communities (writers groups, book clubs, etc) as a way to connect with new writers and hone my skills

4 what inspired you to write?

I was a poet first, and inspired to write by nature, music and my experiences of the world around me. But I'm also inspired by wonder, creativity and what I read - which lead me writing fantasy and other genres as well.

5 what's a good piece of advice for a newcomer?

To just keep writing, no matter the rejections or naysayers - and write wherever you can, whenever you can. Even a few words a day counts. Just keep writing. :-)

6 what's your dream vacation?

Dream Vacay: A European cruise with plenty of sights and time to write about them and in them.

7 what's a song you enjoy? Who is the artist?

A song I enjoy: Song to the Moon from Rusalka, a Russian opera by Dvorak. There are many beautiful recordings, but the singer most famous in this role, and for this song - is Renee Fleming.

8 how would you celebrate a publishing deal?

To celebrate a publishing deal: I'd take that European cruise that's my dream vacay! ;-)

9 Are you still surprised when you get a new vote, follow or comment?

Yes, I'm absolutely surprised and thankful for each and every vote, follow and comment! Readers are the reason we write, aren't they? And I love interacting with them on Wattpad.

10 what's your favorite book?

A favorite since childhood: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

11 what's your favorite holiday and why?

Favorite holiday: Christmas. It's a magical time to celebrate with family and friends, sharing stories, songs, and festive foods. I'm not big into tons of gifts, but prefer sharing experiences instead - and Christmas has them aplenty!

Request time!

I've written many poetry collections that are here on Wattpad, as well as children's stories. But my first foray into science-fiction was written this year during the Open Novella Contest. It's title is: Gaia: A New Earth. I'm so proud that it made it all the way into the final round and was a Longlisted Winner. It's the futuristic story of teenage twins Kai & Zel, as they struggle to survive an Earth ravaged by environmental disasters. Kai believes Earth can be salvaged, and humans belong on the land - but Zel has her eyes in the stars. If you like sci-fi with heart & humanity, celestial adventure, aliens, and touch of mythology - then Gaia: A New Earth is for you!

 If you like sci-fi with heart & humanity, celestial adventure, aliens, and touch of mythology - then Gaia: A New Earth is for you!

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