Wattpad Interviews by fluffy_pink_MONSTER
Wattpad Interviewsby potterhead
Would you like to know more about your favorite authors on wattpad? Who wouldn't! Here you will find interviews of many authors that you love and if you don't know your...
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Raw by RusticJade
Rawby Rustic Jade
A Wattpad magazine. An author interview magazine which seeks out to bring things from your favourite Wattpad authors to you, as Raw as possible. We bring to this sporadi...
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Graines d'auteurs by Myfanwi
Graines d'auteursby Myfanwi
Dans la continuité de mon book de conseils et articles autour de l'écriture, je vous propose dans celui-ci des portraits d'auteurs et des critiques de livres pour enrich...
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Super Interviews by superhero
Super Interviewsby Superheroes & Supervillains
Come meet the Super Writers! These individuals know their capes and masks, they have perfected the scene for an evil laugh, and mastered the art of good vs. bad banter!
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Stellar Interviews by TheStellaLuna
Stellar Interviewsby Anna Green
The Stella Luna Awards is coming to it's closing, and that means special awards! Here, in this very book, I will be posting interviews for each of the 3 branches of spec...
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Realms of poetry [Interviews]  by ec_poetry
Realms of poetry [Interviews] by wattpad for poetry
In which we interview great poets, share in their success stories, get to know them better, learn a thing or two about poetry from them. Hop on in let's get to business...
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Around The Globe by NovemberGhost
Around The Globeby Cassie
Many people don't have the opportunities to travel and explore the world even if they would like to know more about the countries. About the people who live there, about...
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Interviews by Tiberius_the_Hawk
Interviewsby Tiberius
The gang is interviewed to see how well they know each other.
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Monthly Queen Awards INTERVIEWS  by TheQueenAwards
Monthly Queen Awards INTERVIEWS by TheQueenAwards
These are the Interviews from the winners who participated in the Monthly Queen Awards
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