Chapter 91

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Harry entered their mansion and called out, "Honey, I'm home!" then entered the kitchen and put his bag on the counter so he can work on some paper work later.

Louis walked out of the toilet and said, "Sorry, your pups just love stepping on my bladder," and chuckled as he gave him a side hug since he can't fully hug him because of his baby bump.

The alpha wrapped one arm around his small omega's curvy waist and said with his eyes filled with fond, "I'm sorry for that," and leaned down to peck his hair.

Louis smiled at that and looked up at him before saying, "It's okay, I don't mind them because they are ours."

Harry rubbed his thumb over his omega's waist and said softly while his eyes were admiring his beauty, "Let's go take a seat, yeah?" as he was leading his omega over to the couch. He made sure that his pregnant lover was comfortable before he sat down next to him and brought him into his arms.

The omega got himself comfortable in his alpha's arms and shut his eyes while breathing in his calming scent. At that moment, he forgot about the pain he had even if it was for a little while. After moments of silence, he had his head rested against his alpha's chest and said, "I missed you today," and shut his eyes from how exhausted he was.

Harry played with his hair as he watched his omega slowly fall asleep by just being in his alpha's arms. He smiled sadly, watching his tired features and he knows for a fact that his lover has trouble sleeping from his pregnancy. He whispered against his hair, "I'm here now, you don't have to miss me anymore."

Louis smile a bit at that and said, "I miss you even when you're here."

Harry frowned a bit at that and looked down at him. He asked, being serious, "How can I change that?"

The omega shook his head lightly and said, "Just hold me," and slowly fell asleep in his arms.

After a while, Harry realized that his precious, pregnant omega fell asleep in his arms. He slowly picked him up in his arms; some might think that he wouldn't be able to carry him since his omega is pregnant with his triplets but for the alpha, he still felt light in his arms.

When he entered the room, he laid him down in the middle of the bed and kissed his forehead softly. He started undressing and went to the toilet to take a shower. Once he was done, he wore just boxers and dried his hair.

Harry walked out of the toilet and noticed that his omega was whimpering in his sleep. He furrowed his eyebrows and got in bed with him. He whispered soothingly in his ear as he held him close, "Shh, hey, I'm here," before gave him small pecks on his neck.

Louis slowly relaxed in his arms and continued sleeping; his breathing went normal again.


The next day, Harry woke up and looked around then remembered that he fell asleep while he was trying to comfort his omega back to sleep.

Louis kept on waking up in the middle of the night because of his pregnancy instincts. During his pregnancy, he has experienced kidnapping and someone bursting into their home to poison their triplets with a special kind of dust. He's had nightmares and now he can barely sleep; the only one who made it all better was his alpha.

Currently, Louis woke his alpha up and said in his sleepy voice, "Harry, I'm hungry."

Harry could barely open his eyes at this state, he squinted his eyes as he grabbed his phone from the nightstand to check the time. He put his phone back and looked at his omega before saying, "It's 3:41 a.m., baby –" then stopped when he noticed the sad, vulnerable look on his lover's face. He continued with a smile, "Which is why it's the perfect timing to eat. What do you feel like eating?" and got out of bed while rubbing his eyes to regain his vision.

Louis smiled wide at that and said, "Can you please make me some grilled cheese?" and was going to get out of bed but his alpha held both of his arms gently to keep him still.

Harry said, "Sit, rest and I'll get you your food here. Want anything to drink?"

Louis thought about it for a moment before he asked politely, "Maybe some water, please?"

The alpha smiled down at how adorable his omega was being at the moment. He cupped his cheeks, leaned down and kissed him. When he pulled away, he said, "Anything for you, my love," he grabbed his phone with him to check his emails and messages. He went downstairs and into the kitchen, he washed his face and hands for hygienic reasons. He got the ingredients all set up aside before he started cooking.

Harry got the tray ready with a bottle of water and vitamins; when he was done cooking, he put the grilled cheese in a clean plate. He then carried the tray upstairs by the elevator. When he got into the room, his omega's eyes lit up and he smiled as he set the tray in front of him.

Louis said with a light blush on cheeks, "Thank you and I'm sorry I woke you up."

His alpha stared at his omega lovingly and said, "Don't worry about it. Make it up to me by giving me a kiss?" and leaned down while puckering his lips for his husband.

The omega pretended that he didn't want to but then pecked him quickly and said, "There. Now, I'm going to feed our pups and myself," and started eating.

Harry got in bed behind his omega so that he would massage his back. Since he's awake, he didn't feel like going back to sleep until his omega slept too. He whispered against his shoulder, "How's your back?"

Louis swallowed the bite that he was munching on and said, "It's better now that you're massaging it," and smiled up at him.

Harry pecked his pointy nose and said, "Oh yeah?"

His omega nodded as he continued eating his food and said after a while, "This is the first normal craving I have had in a while to be honest."

"I was surprised too but didn't want to question it as long as you're all healthy," Harry said as he continued to massage him.

Louis drank down his vitamins with some water before his eyes felt heavy again and leaned back against his alpha's chest.

Harry leaned forward a bit to grab the tray and put it on the nightstand. He changed their positions, instead of being behind him, he ended up laying down next to him but still holding him in his arms. He rubbed his large hand over his baby bump and kissed his shoulder as he watched the only man he has ever loved fall asleep in his arms yet again.

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