Chapter 57

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Everyone got their chance to check up on Louis except the alpha who has to wait patiently to see his omega. The thing is that, he needs to check if Louis is okay or not and even though the doctor told him that he's all right, he can't help but want to check for himself.

Not that he thinks that doctors are liars, it's just that he can't help but worry about his precious and pregnant omega.

Once Gemma left the room, she motioned for the alpha to go in. I know now what you're thinking, why did Gemma go first before the alpha himself? Because she insisted that the red velvet cupcakes will make him happy and Harry needs to see a happy omega.

When he got inside, he closed the door behind him quietly and the sight before him made his heart ache. His omega was laying down on the hospital bed, looking pale and tired with his round baby bump showing through the white sheets.

Harry made his way over to his Omega and whispered, "Sweetheart..." then held his small hand gently and added, "I am so incredibly sorry that you're here right now and –"

Louis shook his head because he knew that his alpha would blame it all on him and said, "Don't be sorry, you didn't know and... I fainted because I was in shock and not because I got hurt."

Harry sat down on the edge of the bed while still holding onto his omega's soft hands and said, "I will always be worried no matter what the situation is," and kissed the back of his hands as whispered against them, "I will be more careful, I swear. I will sue that fucking –"

Louis squeezed his hand weakly and said immediately, "D-Don't sue, please."

Harry looked up at him with his eyebrows furrowed as he asked, "Why the hell not? He got you in this position, I sure as hell have every right to –"

"Baby, I'm okay... we're okay," and kept his alpha's large paw on his growing baby bump.

Harry shook his head because this can't be possible, he can't just let that man get away with this like that. He said, "I'm glad that you two are okay but come on, he almost got us killed for being reckless."

Louis winced while trying to sit up but his alpha immediately stood up to let him lay back down on the bed and said, "I-I'm okay, I just don't want to go around and get people sued. I feel horrible, I mean, what if he has children of his own to feed back home?"

The alpha was being stubborn and said, "Our triplets and you could have died but he would still have had his little family and I wouldn't have anyone," with his voice cracking at the end and looked away.

The omega's eyes softened and said quietly, "Honey..." but the Alpha shook his head and sat down on one of the chairs while rubbing his face with his hands.

After a while of silence, Louis gasped and held his aching back with a whine which made Harry freak out. He went over to him and whispered, "W-What's wrong? Is it your back or the babies?" and started massaging his back slowly which made the omega sigh tiredly with his head leaned against his alpha's chest.

Louis mumbled softly a 'Thank you' and shut his eyes as he let his alpha massage his back then made space for his alpha to crawl behind him on the bed. He leaned back into his arms once the pain subsides while the alpha had his arms wrapped around him with his hands resting on his baby bump.

Harry kissed his neck and said, "Are you feeling better?" and brought the blankets up a bit to make sure that his omega was warm enough.

Louis nodded then looked up at his alpha and whispered, "Better now," and gave him a smile.

"Don't let me go," he blurted out.

Looking up at his alpha with so much love and fond in his eyes, he said, "Wouldn't dream of it."

Nuzzling into his neck, he smiled and whispered, "Go to sleep now, you seem tired, I could leave to let you sleep better –"

"I only sleep better when you're here," and held onto his hands that were on his baby bump to not leave.

Harry was hoping that his omega would let him stay because he feels the exact same way. Sleeping is not an option if his omega isn't there next to him with his scent that always seems to calm him down. He nodded and spooned his omega then kissed the back of his neck while whispering, "I love you... so much."

"And I love you."


"Your son is sleeping with his husband in the room, and that's not allowed," the nurse said.

Des said, "Pregnancy hormones, you must understand," and let out a chuckle.

The nurse gasped in disgust and said, "No, I mean, he's literally asleep with his omega. Not... that."

Des raised his eyebrows and said, "Well, sleeping is a part of our everyday life and if you disrupt that then no one will be happy. Do you want people to hate you?"

The nurse frowned as she looked at him and said, "No... of course not but the rules –"

"How about I pay you some money to keep your mouth shut and make sure no one goes in there?" Jay said who happened to walk into the conversation with Mark.

The nurse was looking around anxiously and said, "But –"

Mark said with a sigh, "You could have just told her that he's pregnant and the omega can't sleep without his alpha so what's the point of fighting it?"

The nurse only said, "That would have helped too," and walked away.

Jay looked over at her husband and said, "You're so smart," and wrapped his arms around his neck.

Anne went over to her husband and asked, "What was that all about?"

Des shrugged with a smile and said, "Looking out for our son, that's all."

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