Chapter 68

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"We're having a baby boy!"

Louis opened his mouth then smiled widely and said, "Congratulations, Niall!" as he slowly stood up from his chair to go and hug Niall.

While they were hugging, Harry was watching his Omega carefully to make sure that he's alright. When they both pulled away from the hug, Harry said, "Well then our baby boy wouldn't feel left out then," and ushered Louis to sit on his lap.

The Omega bit his bottom lip because he couldn't tell him that he's too insecure to sit on his lap. He will feel like a burden, and he doesn't want that since all his alpha does it make sure that he's happy.

Louis was about to sit on the chair when his alpha gently touched his hand and brought him to sit on his lap. He whispered in his ear, "We're bonded, I can tell that you're putting yourself down," and kissed under his ear softly.

Harry didn't think that his Omega was heavy at all, so he kept on kissing the back of his neck slowly to assure him that he's perfect. Louis started to lean back into his touch then nosed at his alpha's cheek as he whispered, "I love you. I do."

Harry smiled at that then turned to look at him and said, "And I love you, princess," and pecked his lips.

The others were too busy talking about baby names to overhear their conversation. Liam asked, "Do you guys have any baby names yet?"

Louis bit his bottom lip as he looked at his alpha then Harry spoke for the two of them, "Not yet but we decided to talk about it today."

Niall rested his head against Zayn's shoulder while shutting his eyes because he is feeling sleepy again.

Zayn looked down at his lovely omega and cooed as he whispered, "Sleepy already?"

Niall nodded his head and hummed as he said with a pout, "Yes. Can we go?" and looked up at him sleepily with his cheeks flushed red.

Zayn nodded with a gentle smile and told Liam, "Babe, we should get going, Niall is going to sleep any minute."

Liam nodded as he stood up and said, "Thank you guys for breakfast, it was lovely, we should do this more often."

Louis stood up from his alpha's lap so that they could walk them out together. He said, "It's alright, I was glad you guys showed up."

Liam nodded with a smile and left along with his other two lovers. Harry wrapped one arm around his omega's waist as they waved goodbye to their close friends while watching them get into the large vehicle.

When they closed the door, Louis made his way over to the kitchen and started cleaning the dishes. He felt guilty for not helping out with breakfast so he thought that this might help.

Harry came from behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist then rested his hand over the baby bump protectively. He said softly, "Stop; I will do it later."

Louis shook his head as he crooned, "It's the least I could do," and continued cleaning the dishes.

Harry kissed his neck repeatedly as he said while rubbing over the baby bump, "Our triplets wouldn't be too happy."

Louis chuckled at the mention of their pups and said, "Oh yeah?" and looked up at him for a moment before continuing cleaning.

Harry held both of his wrists gently to stop his actions and whispered in his ear, "Yeah," as he rinsed his hands and dried it with a towel.

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