Chapter 83

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Once they were home, Louis rested on the couch while Harry was on his phone, checking his emails. The omega looked at his worried alpha and said, "Harry, I'm okay now."

Harry looked up from his phone and said, "I know that you are but I'm not going to just let someone get away with this. No one messes with my future pups and omega and get away with it."

Louis sat up a bit to adjust his position to get comfortable and said, "Did you find anything so far?"

The alpha sat down next to him so that he could help him get comfortable and said, "It's not the dean or his wife this time, Louis. I told the alphas about what happened and they are on it."

The omega rubbed his baby bump and said, "I'm just so worried about our pups. They don't deserve this at all."

Harry rested his hand on top of his omega's and said, "I will do whatever it takes you all safe, you have my word."

The alphas with their blond omega walked into the house without knocking and Zayn called out, "Harry! We found something."

Niall sat down on the other couch to get comfortable and said, "It's like we can't stay a day without some drama, can we?"

Louis said, "Guess not."

Zayn clicked on the video and said, "Your security cameras show that someone did sneak into your house but it wasn't from the front door. He came from behind, right here," and pointed at the screen before he added, "I zoomed in to see who it was and you're not going to like this..."

Harry's eyes widened in shock and his nose flared in anger then said, "Be right back," grabbed his jacket and left the house.

Louis called out, "Harry! What just happened?" and sat up in worry with his eyebrows furrowed in utter confusion.

Niall looked at his omega friend and said, "Your alpha might or might not murder someone. It's cool."

Liam scolded his omega gently, "Don't say that, Niall," then turned to his alpha and said, "Go after him, I will take care of the two of them," then took the laptop from his hands, closed it and set it aside.

Zayn nodded, pecked his lips and said, "Don't let them out of your sight," and ran after the curly haired alpha, hoping to catch up with him.

Louis was still so confused as he looked out of the window to see both alphas getting into the car and driving off quickly. He looked at Liam and asked, "Who was it?"

Liam coughed into his fist to avoid talking about it and said, "Who wants some food? I bet you guys are hungry."

Niall said with a grin, "You know my usual," while the brown haired omega stayed silent, still in shock over what just happened.

Liam said hesitantly, "At this point, I would go and cook without a second thought but you two need to be there too."

The blonde omega stood up and said, "Alright, chef, you got it."

Louis bit his bottom lip in worry but stood up anyway and went to the kitchen with them. He sat down on the couch next to Niall while Liam skipped into the kitchen to start preparing some food. He asked, "Did you see the video?"

Niall nodded and said, "Yeah, I did but I can't tell you unless my alphas tell me to do so, I'm sorry," and smiled at him sympathetically.

Louis nodded in understanding and said, "Very well then. How is your little pup treating you?" and looked down at his friend's baby bump.

Niall smiled down at his baby bump and said, "He's kicking a lot and I'm having those weird cravings. My nipples are sore and basically, everything hurts."

Louis chuckled and said, "I know the feeling. Have you thought about baby names yet?"

"Well, not exactly. I thought about Elijah, Ethan or Erin," Niall said as he laid back into the couch to get comfortable.

The brown haired omega laughed and said, "The three E's now is it?"

Niall smiled and said, "But get this, so far we are fond of Ethan Payne Malik or Malik Payne, not sure yet. Elijah sounds good too, though."

Louis asked curiously, "But what about the middle name?"

"Oh, I forgot, that would be James just like Liam and I."

The brown haired omega smiled and said, "I'm glad that you worked it all out."

Niall asked as he looked over at him, "What about the triplets?"

Louis smiled down sadly at his lap and said, "We have been fighting so there wasn't much time to talk about baby names."

The omega was about to respond but Liam walked into the room with two plates of food and said, "Food is ready," then set them down and told Louis, "I didn't know what you wanted to eat so I kind of kept a bit of everything," and smiled then he went back to the kitchen to get his own plate before he joined them.

After they were done eating, Liam cleaned the dishes and joined them back to check up on them. Louis and Niall were about to sleep before the door slammed open which startled them awake with a gasp.

Harry walked in to find Louis and when he found him, he said, "If it wasn't for Zayn stopping me from going in there, I would have ended up beating the shit out of him."

Louis asked immediately, "Who? What happened?" and tried to stand up but his alpha made him sit down again so that he doesn't get himself worked up.

"Listen to me, I'm going to take care of this. Don't think about it and don't worry yourself. I will deal with all of this and sue his ass until he begs to get murdered instead," Harry said while cupping his cheeks to contain eye contact with his omega.

Louis frowned and asked, "But who is it?"

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