Chapter 10

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Louis waited patiently in his bed as his legs were crossed and kept looking around the room because he was waiting for Harry's text to let him know that he's here... wherever he is.

His phone buzzed and he literally jumped to retrieve it. He answered immediately and said, "Are you here?" and bit his lip as he looked around, waiting patiently for an answer from Harry.

"Whoa there princess, aren't you eager? I am outside right now so you will have to come downstairs and let me in... I mean, if you want that of course, unless you changed your mind then that's fine by me and --"

Louis interrupted him with a fond eye roll and said quietly in a whisper, "Course not dummy, and yes I will be there soon, we have to be quiet so don't make a sound, alright?" then hung up and threw his phone on the bed as he started walking slowly downstairs.

He was wearing his pajamas that were blue and had little cute stars on them. He lives with his parents so he couldn't just walk around in his laced panties, now could he?

He reached the front door and ever-so-slowly opened the door seeing Harry standing there looking as gorgeous as ever with his alpha smell that makes the short omega dizzy.

He looked at him up and down slowly; He just loves what Harry is wearing because it makes him feel some kind of way. The alpha was wearing a gray jumper that makes the omega want to bring him into his room and cuddle him for days. He was also wearing really tight skinny jeans which makes the omega want to tear them off because seriously, Harry's dick needs to breathe and he would have been doing him a favor anyway. Then there's the famous boots but Louis thinks that Harry needs new boots and the omega is thinking of buying him a new one, he just needs to figure out the size of his feet.

Harry smirked as he said in his raspy voice, "Do you like what you're seeing, princess?" which made the omega blush deep shade of pink and immediately looked away as he stuttered, "U-uh um, come in fast or you'll get cold," and moved out of the way to let the alpha come inside.

When he got inside, Louis slowly shut the door and made sure not to make a sound. Harry said, "I am more worried about you getting cold, your pajamas are light and aren't really warm are they?" then wrapped his arms around him as Harry picked him up in his arms and carried him upstairs while Louis clung to him like a baby koala.

Louis blushed at how caring his alpha is and he knew it's Harry's nature to take care of his mate but he still feels like Harry is so very different from all the alphas out there. He wrapped his arms around his neck as he shut his eyes momentarily enjoying the feeling of his alpha in his arms again. He whispered against his neck, "I am warm now..." and placed a small kiss on his neck.

When the alpha reached his room, he got inside, closed the door and locked it so that no one could barge in on them. He rubbed small circles on his back then slowly laid him down in the middle of Louis' king size bed and whispered, "Why do you smell so good all of a sudden?" then leaned down with his face in Louis' neck and breathed in his scent with his eyes shut enjoying how good his omega smells.

Louis blushed as he watched his alpha's actions, he of course, can't smell himself so he really doesn't know the effect that he has on the alphas but he does know that they're whipped when they smell him. He said quietly, "Don't know. What did you mean when you said that I smell different? Is it better or worse?"

The alpha growled against his neck making him shiver while biting his lip. Harry said against his neck, "You smell... surprisingly better, how...?" and rubbed Louis' hips slowly up and down.

The omega shrugged lightly and attempted to joke, "It's not like I can smell myself so you tell me," and giggled lightly as he brushed his fingers through Harry's curls.

Harry smiled against his neck and whispered, "I'm glad that I came over tonight, let's get you to sleep baby, you need to rest," he then stood up, kicked off his boots on the side then got them under the covers and spooned him, bringing his tiny omega to his chest and kissed the back of his head softly after covering them up in a blanket making sure that his omega is warm enough for his liking.

Louis nodded with a smile as he leaned back into his alpha's warm strong chest and in that moment he felt safe. He felt like he could get used to this forever, this is how he wants his life to be, he wants to spend the rest of eternity with this alpha and never let him go.

He loves being taken care of and he just figured it out recently, he thought that he was the independent kind but he feels so dependent on Harry but he's not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, it scares him to be dependent on one person but he's willing to try just for him.

Slowly... his eyes started feeling heavy from how tired he is and he just realized how tired he really is. He just needed Harry to make him fall asleep so easily, he needed his smell and his body pressed against his back to make him realize that he is all he's ever wanted and more.

But then there's Harry who feels incredibly lucky to have Louis as his omega, he would do anything for him and would do whatever it takes to make him feel safe. He was never the kind of alpha to believe in mating or being with one person for the rest of his life. His whole life was his work at his father's company and he thought he would die alone and happy by just that.

Now he really knows what he was missing out on and he wants to thank his parents over and over again for not giving up hope. He thought everyone else was just going to let him die alone but he is indeed very stubborn when he makes up his mind and he thought his parents understood that. He is really really glad they didn't.

They both fell asleep as Harry held his omega protectively in his arms and was breathing in his scent which also helped him fall asleep. He didn't want to admit it but he couldn't sleep either and kept staying up looking at the wall trying to capture or remember Louis' smell in hopes that he would fall asleep.

He was really glad that Louis texted him first. What was he thinking? He thought he would just drop his omega at his parent's home after mating then he would fall asleep peacefully at night? Ha-ha, well that's not how life works.

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