Chapter 2

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Harry blinked a few times before he licked his lips and nodded. He felt like if he started talking, his voice would betray him because really, all he was thinking about was having Louis' pups. He feared that he might blurt out some non-sense that would scare the omega away.

Louis smirked as he looked at him up and down slowly scanning him with his eyes. Even the way he was looking at him was just... different and it made Harry feel some kind of way.

He then noticed that they were the only ones standing because Gemma brought him back from heaven to earth and said, "Join us in the living room while the maids finish preparing the table," and smiled at the two knowingly as she walked back into the living room sitting next to Anne.

Harry coughed in his fist then opened his arm towards the living room and said as he looked down at him with a smile, "After you."

The omega bit his bottom lip fighting back a smile as he walked into the living room with his hips swaying left and right. His smell filled Harry's nostrils making him groan quietly at how good his smell is and couldn't help but notice how big his ass was in those tight skinny jeans.

He thought to himself, Those jeans are sinful and I can't wait to take them off of him.

That thought alone made him want to do all kinds of not very appropriate things to the omega's body.

He walked in after and saw him sitting in between his parents then decided to sit next to Des so that he could have an excuse to see the omega facing him.

After a while of their parents talking to one another, he still couldn't keep his eyes off of him. It's like all he wanted to do for the rest of his life is watch him, even if he wasn't doing anything and he would still be satisfied.

He was indeed very interested in him that he watched his body language. He saw how delicate his movements were, how beautiful his smile and giggle was when he heard something funny that their parents said.

At that moment, all he wanted to do was make him laugh, he wanted to make jokes, and he really wanted to impress him with something, anything.

Also, he was willing to make up a knock knock joke just to see him laugh like that again.

The thing is that, he has never felt like this before so he didn't know what to do with all these feelings and thoughts flying around. All he knew is that, he wanted to make him his omega, no matter what it takes.

He wanted to knot him and have their babies roaming around the house. He imagined what it would be like to live with him and just have the chance to look at him every day.

If this isn't love at first sight, then he doesn't know what is.

Well... it's more like love at first smell if you think of it but either way, he's whipped.

He snapped out of his thoughts when he saw the omega along with everyone else standing up. He didn't know, of course, what was going on but he stood up too and followed Louis like a lost puppy to the dining room.

He watched carefully where the omega was going to sit then he decided to sit right in front of him because sitting next to him will cause his neck to break because he won't be able to look away and he knows it.

He blocked all the voices out somehow and all he did was watch him eat as he also ate himself so he won't look suspicious.

Little did he know that everyone already knows that he's whipped.

See, the thing is that, the alpha thinks he can stare all he want and still pull it off without anyone noticing.

Des and Anne were relieved from Harry's reaction to the omega, not that Des didn't already know that this was going to happen.

He knows how oblivious his son was and he knew how easy this task was going to be, that is why he made them both meet.

Now, the only thing his parents were worried about was the omega's acceptance.

After they were done with dinner and dessert, well Harry was thinking of a different kind of dessert but that's something else.

Both parents shook hands as they were saying their goodbyes but Harry didn't want to say goodbye, he wanted to keep the omega here. He wanted to get married now if that's what it would take to make him stay.

Des told Mark with a smile, "See you at work tomorrow morning," which Mark replied with, "Course, I'll be there!" and they both laughed it off.

Then, there's Anne and Jay who kept giggling amongst themselves and no one really knew what they were giggling about.

Y'know, typical moms.

Meanwhile, there's Harry and Louis looking at each other, he wanted some kind of sign that Louis wanted him. He would be crushed if he said no, it's not like he was going to lock him up somewhere or something, not at all.

He was just going to stalk him and follow him everywhere for the rest of his life until he falls in love with him and get married and have tons of pups, no biggie.

Harry watched as the delicate omega was ready to leave, they were all at front but the two of them were left behind.

The omega took the opportunity to turn around and went on his tip toes to whisper in his ear, "Your buddy down there needs some attention," which made Harry look down immediately seeing that he doesn't have a boner but the omega made him think that he had.

Louis giggled as he covered his own lips cutely as Harry watched him in awe, even when Louis was tricking him; it was utterly attractive and alluring to the tattooed alpha. He watched how his blue eyes twinkled and how his fringe was on his eyes that Harry couldn't help but fix it for him as he smiled breathlessly at the short omega.

Louis stopped giggling as he watched him fix his fringe for him and a blush formed on his cheeks as he looked up at the tall alpha.

He watched as Louis turned around and left to the limo, he couldn't do anything but watch him leave but he knew that one day... just one day... he's going to make him his omega.


When they all left, Anne said with a smile, "So, what did you think of Louis?"

Harry turned to her and said, "Louis..." and that was the first time he heard his name and thought to himself, even his name is beautiful.

Gemma laughed and said, "He was literally drooling all over him."

Harry turned to her and said, "Shut it, Gem." and went to his room and locked the door. He spent an hour wanking at the thought of Louis and he has never came so hard in his life.

Now he was certain that he would do everything and anything to make that little piece of heaven his omega.

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