Chapter 1

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"Harry, your father and I would like to have a word with you."

Harry looked between his mom and dad in confusion as he was chewing on his food. They were sitting on the dining table in the afternoon as the maids kept adding more food to the table.

After he swallowed down his food, he said, "What is it about, this time?"

Des, his father, said, "We are going to have some guests over this evening so I am sure you will behave, right?" and looked from his plate to Harry.

He shrugged and said, "I will be in my room when they arrive."

Anne looked back and forth between the two in worry; She wanted him to meet the guests... more like a guest.

Des said simply as if it wasn't a big deal, "You're getting married, Harold, and you're going to be here when they arrive, so are you or are you not going to behave?" then he pointed his fork at him, "That was my question."

Harry almost choked on his drink as he looked at his father with wide eyes and said, "I'm only twenty for crying out loud! I am no fit to be a married man, especially not to a person that I know nothing of."

Anne said with a reassuring smile, "That's why his family are coming over today... so that you will get to know him better, honey."

He thought, at least I am not being forced to marry a girl. But at the same time, he couldn't help but think about being committed to someone for the rest of his life and the worst part is, he doesn't know who this person might be.

His parents accepted his sexual orientation and didn't have a problem with him liking the same gender, which was great. He appreciated the fact that they want the best for him but he doesn't know if this is what is best. He kept thinking the same thing which was... What if it goes wrong?

Des added, "Not only that, but he is also an omega, not a beta. Do you realize how rare omegas are, son?"

Harry, of course, did not know anything about omegas since he has never met one before. He said as he looked at his dad in shock, "Omega? H-how did you find one?"

Anne smiled seeing that it got his attention and said, "Yes, me and your father actually know his parents. His father, Mark, works for your father in the company. Also, his mother and I are really close friends."

Gemma walked into the dining room and started eating a red velvet cupcake while standing and said, "This is good," pointing at the tray of cupcakes. She noticed the tension in the room and said quietly, "Umm... I'm gonna go now..." as she slowly started walking away before Anne stopped her by saying, "No Gemma, stay, we want to talk to you too."

She then slowly turned around and sat next to Harry with the cupcake still in her hand. She looked down as she ate small bites and wasn't sure if she wanted to listen to this but she knew that she had no other choice.

Des said out of nowhere, "So what I was saying is that... I want you to behave tonight. I am giving you what every other alpha would dream of and all I am asking for is a little appreciation. Don't you want to settle down one day?"

Harry looked at his father for a moment then said, "And what if I don't like him?"

Des said, "I am more afraid whether he's going to like you or not. He rejected many alphas and that is why I want you to meet him."

Harry was now interested to know more about this omega, he tapped at the table with his fingers slowly as he was thinking then said, "You have got yourself a deal then," then stood up from his chair.

Gemma turned to look at all of them and said, "So... does that mean I'm going to buy a new dress for tonight?"

Harry looked at her and said with a shrug, "Sure, why not?" and walked away.


Harry looked at himself in the mirror one more time to check if he looked decent enough for tonight. He really didn't know why he was even nervous in the first place. He was wearing a black suit with boots and his hair styled to the side.

Suddenly, he smelled something really good that made him look around the room; he started sniffing which was weird since he didn't know where the smell was coming from but it made his pants tighten. He groaned as he grabbed a hold of his crotch through his pants to calm down and said mostly to himself, "Fuck..."

Gemma called through the door, "Harry! The guests are here, you better come down fast alright? We will be waiting downstairs," then she left.

Harry groaned as he looked down at his crotch that was now calm and took a deep breath.

He thought to himself, I can do this.

He fixed himself up one more time before he left the room and made his way downstairs. He tried to block the smell out but as he walked but it became stronger than ever which made him furrow his eyebrow in confusion wanting to know who did it belong to.

As he was walking down the stairs... he saw them come through the front door. His pupils dilated with lust as he sniffed in the beautiful strong scent and his eyes landed on a certain short omega with ridiculously tight skinny jeans that complimented his curves perfectly.

He literally froze as he took in every detail of his body as he got closer to him, he saw how sharp his jaw was and how perfect his cheekbones were. He watched him closely as he was fixing his fringe to the side delicately, everything about this omega amazed him already.

The omega slowly turned and looked up at Harry with his sea blue eyes. Harry watched how dark and long his eyelashes were then looked down at his lips seeing how pink, thin and not to mention, kissable lips were that all he wanted to do was throw him in bed and knot him over and over again.

The omega, of course, noticed how Harry was staring at him which made him smirk and said, "And you must be Harry."

And at that moment, Harry could have sworn he heard the angels start singing from how soft Louis' voice was.

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