Chapter 9

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It was the last day for the couple and Harry didn't want to leave the omega. He has knotted him a couple of times in just two days and they've bonded which made it even more difficult for the alpha to let him go.

Harry woke the omega up carefully while rubbing his arm slowly up and down which made the omega lean into his hands wanting to be petted. He smiled down at him fondly as he removed a strand of his hair out of his eyes and whispered, "Baby wake up."

Louis whined and hid himself in Harry's arms not wanting to wake up so soon. All he wanted to do was cuddle into Harry's arms because it made him feel safe and it was a new feeling which happens when alphas knot their omegas.

Omegas though tend to get really cuddly and close to their alphas after that. He stopped being shy around him and didn't hesitate to stop him from leaving the bed.

He did not want to upset him so he just let him sleep in his chest, it was a bit odd because Louis usually wakes up when Harry tells him to but it seems like the omega is too tired to wake up. Harry thinks it's because they had sex yesterday.

An idea came through Harry's mind. He slowly picked the omega up in his arms as they were both naked and got them both dressed. He dressed himself in a pair of boxers only since that's the only thing he could wear while still having the omega sleeping in his arms.

He dressed Louis in a pair of new white lace panties which made him groan every time because it just looked so fucking sexy around Louis' perfect round ass. He got him dressed in one of his warm jumpers that reached the omega's thighs; it just looked so adorable on him and he wanted Louis to smell more like him so the whole world would know that he is his only.

As he went downstairs, he noticed him cuddling more into him with his face hidden in his neck because he didn't like the light. He looked like a baby koala with his tiny hands resting on Harry's chest along with his legs wrapped around his waist and Harry couldn't help but coo at him.

"Baby... no, I wanna cuddle, please..." and kissed his neck softly because he wanted to convince him to let him sleep more.

Harry sat down on the couch with the omega curled up in his arms. He slowly started to caress his hair and whispered, "I would love to cuddle but... love today is the last day and I want us to spend more time together before we get separated."

Louis frowned as he held onto his alpha tight and said quietly, "We're not getting separated... you're n-not leaving me," and sniffled in his neck because he wasn't ready to let him go. He doesn't want to sleep in a cold bed alone, he wants his alpha and he wants him with him forever.

The alpha scooped him up in his arms making him straddle him as he slowly rubbed his back and whispered, "Shh love, I'm here now and that's all that matters. We're getting married soon and I don't want you crying okay sweet heart?" and kissed his forehead softly.

He nodded against his neck as his arms were wrapped around his neck as if he's afraid this would all be a dream and he would be gone. He was scared because he has never felt like that towards anyone before. Why does he keep on crying? He has no idea.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cry or...—" and then harry cut him off with a kiss which made the omega calm down and kiss him back softly. He rubbed his thumb over his cheeks, wiping his tears away because he couldn't handle the sight of seeing his omega in pain.

He whispered against the omega's now swollen pink lips, "We're going to make the most of it. Promise me that you will try to make the most of it, baby," and kissed his lips ever-so-gently. In return, Louis nodded and hugged him as he shut his eyes tiredly then whispered against his neck, "I promise..."

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