Chapter 22

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Louis yawned as he stretched cutely on the bed and then he kept his tiny hands on his baby bump rubbing over it and whispered, "Morning, my tiny ones," and smiled sleepily with his eyes shut while his dark long eyelashes were resting on his cheekbones so beautifully.

Louis is a really beautiful omega.

The shower was running so the omega knew that Harry was most probably having his shower so he just laid there not wanting to move because pregnancy is making him lazy but more cuddly which the alpha absolutely doesn't mind at all.

After a while, Harry got out of the shower with the towel wrapped loosely around his waist as he pushed his long wet hair back as the omega just laid there with his eyes shut but just by his alpha's scent, he knew that he just entered the room and he doesn't have to open his eyes to know that he's looking as dashing as ever.

Harry then sprayed some body spray all over him then kept some deodorant as he looked through his closet deciding on what to wear today. He then wore his Calvin Klein boxers, his tight black skinny jeans and his green sweater that had 'Obsession' written on it.

He dried his curls with a small towel then when he was done; he kept the towel in the laundry basket. He then wore a green bandanna over his head which matches his sweater and the colour of his eyes.

The alpha made his way over to the omega on the bed watching him lay on the bed so beautifully with his tiny hands on his now growing baby bump and Harry has never been so in love.

He got into bed with him and Louis fluttered his eyes open to look at Harry who placed a kiss to his forehead that lasted for a bit then rested his forehead against his and whispered, "Are you planning on getting up anytime soon, baby?" and gave him a smile as he rubbed his thumb over Louis' tiny baby bump.

Louis smiled and just held him to lie down next to him so that he could get cuddled up into his arms all he wants. Harry chuckled at that and murmured, "Guess not then," and held him close while he nosed at his hair to breathe in his scent with his eyes shut.

The omega smiled to himself satisfactorily as he just let his alpha hold him in his strong arms because Harry's arms is what home feels like.

After a while of them laying down lazily, Harry stood up slowly as he picked his omega up in his arms bridal style who whined in protest because he knew that his omega would be too lazy to actually get out of bed.

He set him on the toilet counter carefully to make sure that he doesn't go unbalanced and falls to the ground because that would harm his pups. He set the warm bath up for him then when he was done; he took off Louis' clothes and kept them in the laundry basket.

The alpha growled as he saw him like that all filled up with his pups even though it just shows a little but Louis' scent is way too strong when pregnant so it drives the alpha crazy but controlled himself for a moment because he really needed to get him ready for today.


Harry hated to admit it, even to himself, but he just wants Louis to quit and be a housewife since Harry was going to provide him with all the money he wants anyway.

He didn't want his omega to be tired or worked up in any way possible especially now that he is pregnant with more than one fetus and they still don't know how many they are really.

He shook the thoughts out of his head because he didn't want to focus on that, he wanted to focus on his omega now and make sure that he's doing alright as he laid him down on the bath.

Louis noticed that his alpha was out of it so he asked quietly, "You alright there, love?" as he slowly started washing his body with the bubbles around him in the tub.

Harry gave him a small smile and nodded because he didn't want his precious omega to worry about anything. He said lovingly, "I'm alright, baby," then he started helping him bath even though his omega was capable of doing that by himself but he just really liked to help and maybe he just loved touching him... just maybe.

Louis just let it go for now because he didn't want to upset his alpha by asking tons of questions or being nosey about it so he just continued what he was doing yet he still couldn't shake off the feeling that something is wrong.

When he was done after half an hour, his alpha helped him stand up then get out of the bath then got him in a comfy robe and picked him up in his arms as he got into the bedroom.

He helped him dress up as he watched him omega closely because he couldn't take his eyes off of him, it was hard to not look at him since he was just simply gorgeous in every single way.

He really was.

Harry got him into one of his big oversized jumpers (that showed off his collarbones) so that he would smell like him knowing that his omega would miss him when he's not around so this would help him not feel alone when he's in university. He then helped him in his sweatpants since they were comfier than skinny jeans and didn't want his omega to be uncomfortable in any way possible.

Louis looked into the mirror and fixed his fringe to the side lazily but still managed to look as gorgeous as ever. After that, they both wore their shoes with Harry wearing his black boots and Louis wearing his white vans that has a smiley face on it which Harry is very fond of.

They both got into Harry's black Range Rover and drove off as Harry's mind was clouded with thoughts... millions of thoughts that all led to last night's phone call.

Louis looked over at Harry every once in a while noticing how he has his eyebrows pushed together in concentrations as if he's trying to solve a really important puzzle. He didn't know if he should point it out for him or just wait for his alpha to explain what's exactly going on in his head.

There is always a comfy blanket in Harry's car now just for his omega because Louis loves to cuddle to that blanket in Harry's car especially when it's this cold outside so now Louis is using it to keep himself warm as he looked out of the window.

But what did Harry actually do or say to make him this focused?

When they parked in front of Louis' university, the omega groaned and held onto his blanket tightly and said, "Five more minutes, please?" and frowned cutely at Harry.

It wasn't that he didn't like university, he has always liked it but just the idea of being separated from his alpha and just the idea of only seeing him on the weekends were just too much for him.

Harry looked over at Louis and said with a fond, "Come on, baby, get up, I've a meeting to attend to and you have a class in like twenty-five minutes so better go now and prepare your things or else you might be late to class. You don't like being late to class, do you now?" and smiled over at him knowing his answer already.

Louis sighed as he looked at him and said quietly, "Fine... bye, baby, have fun in your so-called meeting," then cracked a smile as he leaned close and pecked his cheek then got out of the car.

He closed the car door behind him as waved at him cutely then he made his way through the gates and into the dorm building where he was most probably going to be attacked by Niall with questions or just Niall stuff.

When he was out of sight, Harry drove to the other part of the building that was in the university where the dean's office was. He parked somewhere out of sight then made his way into the building and sat down in one of the chairs as he waited for his name to be called by the secretary.

"Harry Styles, the dean would love to meet you now."

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