Chapter 16

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Louis was cuddling back into his alpha's shirtless chest while the alpha was rubbing Louis' tummy softly. However, he had his phone in his other hand as he went through his texts and planning Louis' birthday at night, he's got a surprise for his lovely omega so he was nervous whether Louis was going to like it or not.

After he was done planning everything, he shut his phone off and kept it on the nightstand. He brought his omega close into his arms with both hands and nuzzled his nose into his feathery hair as he breathed in his intoxicating scent.

He shut his eyes off as he rubbed his large hand over Louis' tummy. He was already so protective over his omega that he would do whatever is in his power to make sure that the babies and the mother of his babies are fine.

Even though he didn't sleep but he spent the rest of his omega's nap just making sure he's alright without having to go to the toilet to vomit or something.


After two hours of the omega's nap, he stirred around in Harry's arms then turned around and nuzzled into his alpha's neck. Harry looked down at him and said with a smile, "Get up birthday boy, the day is still not over, up up up," and patted his bum with a smirk when he felt it jiggle.

Louis groaned with a pout as he fluttered his eyes open and looked up at Harry then said, "My birthday gift would be to sleep forever, why can't I get that?" then Harry cooed at him which made him peck his pout and said, "Because I've planned something for us and I think you will like it," and pecked his pointy nose.

The weather was really cold and it was one of the many reasons why Louis couldn't get out of bed even when his alpha told him to do so. Louis said, "What did you plan though? Tell me!" and straddled his waist cutely as he looked down at him.

Harry groaned when he saw him in this position which always made his mind wander elsewhere. He said quietly, "Do you want me to get hard just so that we don't go outside?"

Louis gasped with his eyes wide and his mouth open then said, "I did not! Well maybe just a little but you have to admit that it was pretty clever," and smirked while wiggling his bum around his crotch.

Harry growled as he took a hold of the omega's hips then said, "No," and Louis whined because his alpha's growl was such a turn on so he pushed Harry's hands away and moved his ass around his crotch with a hum.

The alpha rolled his head back as he felt himself harden under Louis' ass then looked at him and said, "You're going to be the death of me, you hear that?" and rubbed Louis' ass then gave it a firm squeeze making Louis whimper in pleasure.

Harry pushed his omega's panties to the side and said, "You're going to ride me since you're such a fucking whore for me, hm?" and then pulled his boxers down to reveal his big aching cock that was leaking pre-cum already.

Louis whined with his cheeks flushed and said in his most innocent voice, "I'm always your number one whore," and slowly sat down on Harry's cock making him gasp at the feeling of being filled especially with his alpha's cock.

As he was all the way in, he bit his bottom lip so innocently as he rubbed his tummy where he feels Harry's cock there and said, "I can feel you here, I can't wait to be filled with your seeds," and slowly started bouncing up and down his cock with a quiet moan.

By now, Harry was a mess in every single way possible. His cock was throbbing inside of his omega from the way he talked to him so innocently as if he doesn't know what a cock is but he knew what a slutty omega he's got. The way he bounces on his cock and loves to take it all in every single time from how greedy he is over his alpha's cock was a huge turn on.

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