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Pen Your Pride


Fate [bxb] ✔ by Rashika_P
Fate [bxb] ✔by tomayto
"And who in the hell are you?" "I...I'm y-your q-queen..." ... Or where, a sweet boy Louis is marked to be married off to the prince of his country f...
  • fiance
  • husband
  • king
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Deep Under  {ManxMan} by _A13XA_
Deep Under {ManxMan}by Alexa
Aquarius is a merman. He lives in the ocean, helps his tribe out, and enjoys life as much as he can. Being in his tribe is hard though, especially when he has to see all...
  • alpha
  • romance
  • manxman
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The Runaway Cure by Chocolate013001
The Runaway Cureby Chocolate013001
Book One in The Cure Series When the amount of Omega's being produce diminishes to almost nothing, the way packs look at omega's greatly change. In Zoro's pack, that mea...
  • alphaxomega
  • falling-in-love
  • mates
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The Perfect Mate by Chocolate013001
The Perfect Mateby Chocolate013001
Book One in Mate Trilogy Sorenson was adopted at a young age, into a family that was abusive. His 'parents' would adopt more and more children and dump them on Sorenson...
  • alpha
  • mpreg
  • gay
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Positive?! || Markson by authorjessy
Positive?! || Marksonby jessy
[COMPLETED] High School nerd Mark Tuan gets accidently pregnant by Badboy Jackson Wang. [includes male pregnancy] Current rank: / in Fanfiction Highest rank: #12 in Fanf...
  • markson
  • jark
  • baby
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Trust Me-Vkook MPREG  by blessyouallsinners
Trust Me-Vkook MPREG by Kim Nun Joon
" I swear, Taehyung. She is just a fake girlfriend. I don't even love her. It's just that I can't come out as gay to our fans yet." "I am so done with yo...
  • topkook
  • taekook
  • bts
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Pixie Dust {BoyxBoy} by _A13XA_
Pixie Dust {BoyxBoy}by Alexa
Being the new kid is extremely hard, especially when you go to a school just for the supernatural. Leon is a pixie- and the new kid. Moving from his old home for better...
  • mpreg
  • fantasy
  • principlexstudent
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Tangible Like a Sea Cube [#JustWriteIt] by Marilyn_Armiston
Tangible Like a Sea Cube [ Marilyn Armiston
[Completed] |This is a mpreg ManxMan and Mermaid fantasies combined.| Ever considered giving birth to a half human and half fish baby (or a mermaid)? Or that they live e...
  • gay
  • throne
  • mermen
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Broken Mate by TurtleCat5
Broken Mateby Turtle Cat
The rejection of your mate is worse a fate than death. Not only is your life almost meaningless, the pain can drive you insane. Alistair Wolfe had everything going for h...
  • rejection
  • romance
  • yaoistory
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The Beautiful & The Damned (Kellic Mpreg) by AnonymoulyBeautiful
The Beautiful & The Damned ( t(ツ)_/¯
Kellin is a vampire. Vic is a werewolf. After nearly 30 years of not seeing each other, there's a possibility that their love for one another is still present.
  • ptv
  • vicfuentes
  • mpreg
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Benefits| Yoonmin by SugaMintTeaa
Benefits| Yoonminby 💜I Purple U💜
[completed] "Baby, I can give you anything you want and need" "But hyung~ you give me enough as it is" "When it comes to you Jimin, it's never...
  • btsfanfic
  • romance
  • bts
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Love Hurts-Jikook {Completed} by jikook_jamz_
Love Hurts-Jikook {Completed}by jikook_jamz_
JiKook Vampire Au After many reports of missing people, Jimin gets paranoid at the thought of someone is stalking him. After taking the night shift his life changes and...
  • vampire
  • btsfanfic
  • kimtaehyung
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 Revealing Secrets  by turquoiseblitz
Revealing Secrets by Loki
This is Toothcup. I suck at summaries. This is all you get for now. Also eventual mpreg. THIS IS BOYXBOY DON'T LIKE IT THEN LEAVE!! Thank you that is all. Also picture n...
  • toothless
  • toothcup
  • hiccup
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He's Ours (mxmxm) by Shelsky27
He's Ours (mxmxm)by Red27
What do you do when you're a straight 17 year old boy who finds out he's mated to a male alpha werewolf and a male vampire prince. Not to mention uncovering a secret tha...
  • malexmalexmale
  • completed
  • generalfiction
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Was it a Mistake? by SabrinaGibson7
Was it a Mistake?by Kitsune
Shinya end up pregnant with Guren's child. However; he soon find out that his Alpha is cheating on him. With no purpose to stay, Shinya leaves to raise the baby by himse...
  • yukicross
  • ichirukiryu
  • kaiencross
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My Home Is With You [m×m; mpreg] by RIShan17
My Home Is With You [m×m; mpreg]by R.I. Shan
There are sacrifices we have to make. There are people we would give everything for. And still, all I want to do is pretend this isn't happening, pretend my family wasn...
  • wattys2018
  • romance
  • descrimination
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ACTING |[Jikook]|✔️ by JikukaLove
ACTING |[Jikook]|✔️by Han
Park Jimin was forced to be marry with Jeon Jungkook, another chaebol just like him. It was planned to strengthen both their empire of business. And so, Jimin thought he...
  • yoongi
  • namjoon
  • jungkook
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THE MAN I WAS IN LOVE WITHby Iyana Jason Creole
~COMPLETED~ Three years ago,i was so in love,i was married to billionaire Ryan Alvares,we were happy till the day he threw me out,pregnant with his child and false accus...
  • happyending
  • romance
  • family
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Karma || Jikook by StitchedDoll11
Karma || Jikookby Stitched Doll
"I'm not gay and if I was I would not have chosen that weird gangsta teenager to be my husband." - Jungkook. "Jungkook you have to do it or they'll kill m...
  • mature
  • forcedsex
  • kookmin
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Love Like You (Klance) by Burt11157
Love Like You (Klance)by Burt
AU where Keith is trans... what else am I supposed to say? You just see the love story unfold between the Red and Blue Paladin. Hope you like it! Other ships that will b...
  • mattxshiro
  • voltron
  • allura
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