Cared For #Yoonmin by JiminAndSugaWnderlnd
Cared For #Yoonminby BunBun
MAJOR SMUT WARNING!!! Hybrid Story MPREG Yoongi wasn't expecting to find a pretty, pink hybrid in his back garden. Jimin, abandoned by his previous career, dying from st...
  • boyxboy
  • namjin
  • jimin
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The Tiger's Omega - MxM by jaeteal01
The Tiger's Omega - MxMby Jae Teal
Kaleb has recently turned nineteen still anticipating the arrival of his mate. Much to his surprise the omega happens upon a giant sleeping male tiger in the woods. Ze...
  • shortstory
  • mates
  • story
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SECRETARY (VKOOK) by GucciHolyWater
SECRETARY (VKOOK)by GucciHolyWater
"let's make a deal" "anything" "i'll give you a job.... ....but you'll have to marry me"
  • taekook
  • vkook
  • jungkook
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Pixie Dust {BoyxBoy} by _A13XA_
Pixie Dust {BoyxBoy}by Alexa
Being the new kid is extremely hard, especially when you go to a school just for the supernatural. Leon is a pixie- and the new kid. Moving from his old home for better...
  • principlexstudent
  • werewolf
  • powers
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Him. (mxb) by plutonergal
Him. (mxb)by Pluto Nergal
Sometimes when I look at you, I think about digging my heel into your skull and kicking until it cracks open. I think about consuming your brain and inhaling your though...
  • wattys2018
  • alpha
  • boyxboy
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Family Of Blue by SketchItArt
Family Of Blueby SketchItArt
The Paladins are on a mission on a Galra ship when Lance finds an abandoned Galra child. He decides to take the baby him and keep it a secret. What happens when the Lanc...
  • angst
  • voltron
  • omegalance
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The Demon Commander's Runaway Consort by chanini101
The Demon Commander's Runaway Hamster-chan
Heng Ming was just your average salary man from the 21st century who unfortunately died from falling down the stairs, yes ironic isn't it. He happens to transmigrate int...
  • chinesebl
  • manxman
  • bl
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My Protective Alpha -Completed-#wattys2017 by BxB_Nation
My Protective Alpha KaityBugs
Ashton was a rouge omega, he gets beat up at school and at home. When his 17th birthday comes along he runs away from his home. What happens when he stumbles upon anothe...
  • bxb
  • boyxboyromance
  • omega
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Thighs | Vkook by umansare
Thighs | Vkookby 🍼Bea🍭
Bunnies eat carrots. Tigers eat meat. So, what's better than Jungkook's thighs for Taehyung? Tiger hybrid Taehyung Bunny hybrid Jungkook Highest rank: #1 bottomkook (3...
  • omegaverse
  • domtaehyung
  • bts
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Baby's Babies ❁ Taekook by Cutie-Min-Yoongi
Baby's Babies ❁ Taekookby Devon
In which "Oppa" Jungkook gets his baby boy pregnant. But with how many babies? ___________________________________ -On-going -I try to update at least once a w...
  • taekooksmut
  • topkookie
  • mommytaehyung
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 Devil Incarnate • Jikook  by mochikookielove
Devil Incarnate • Jikook by hiätus
Park Jimin, a sassy employee of a convenience store catches the eye of a multimillionaire/mafia leader Jeon Jungkook. Jungkook decides to make him his. WARNINGS: • Shitt...
  • wattys2018
  • 지국
  • topjungkook
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My Beautiful Flower (manxboy, mpreg, historical fiction) by SyedaMalihaTuli
My Beautiful Flower (manxboy, Syeda Maliha Tuli
This story takes us back in the golden time of China, in Han Dynasty 漢代. In the empire of Han, there lived a beautiful young boy named Lu Han 陸漢. Lu Han was the son of L...
  • thrill
  • historical
  • boyxboy
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Bite Me  by Nightlilly_12
Bite Me by Nightlilly_12
(Completed Story) Omegaverse Klance mpreg fic, there will be smut, but there will be warnings at the begaining of chapters with smut in them. Also if ur here from my one...
  • pregnancy
  • hunk
  • alpha
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Expecting the Unexpected [Stony] by hollyrose030
Expecting the Unexpected [Stony]by Overwatch
After two years of marriage, Steve Rogers falls ill. Immediately fearing the worst, Steve and his partner Tony Stark think the serum's wearing off. What happens when it'...
  • jor
  • stony
  • tony
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Please by yoonminlland
Pleaseby yoonminlland
After Yoongi helps Jimin through his first heat, the two now mated males are in just slightly over their heads. Contains: - smut - hella fluf - m-preg Rank order: Omeg...
  • kimnamjoon
  • junghoseok
  • fanfiction
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The Billionaire's Waiter by WorldWriter_1
The Billionaire's Waiterby 🍄тнє ωяιтєя🍄
[ManxMan/Mpreg] Book 1 of 'The Billionaire's' series: Elijah Kings was the happiest kid. His life was perfect and there was nothing he wanted to change. But all things...
  • runaway
  • lgbt
  • boyxboy
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So, I Married An Anti-fan [Chanbaek] || COMPLETED || by HHCB_Aeri12
So, I Married An Anti-fan [ Rina
Pairing : Chanbaek Language : English **Yaoi** Baekhyun and Chanyeol were in a relationship before Chanyeol did debut.Chanyeol broke up with Baekhyun when he was going t...
  • dika
  • exo
  • jongin
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Exile [Farming] by Momochingu
Exile [Farming]by Xah Xiaoran
***This Is A Rough M-Translation That Will Cause Headache For Some Unimaginative Individuals*** Original Title: 流放[种田] Author: 金鞍玉勒 Jin An Yu Lei Summary: On a dark even...
  • history
  • chinesebl
  • royalty
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Deep Blue Sea  by WorldWriter_1
Deep Blue Sea by 🍄тнє ωяιтєя🍄
{COMPLETED} [MANxBOY/Mpreg] Book 1 of 'Blue' Series: Easton LeLand is a merman. He has lived in the sea all his life and never broke the rules. He knew that there were...
  • fantasy
  • captain
  • legs
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Apex (poly) by ladydragyn
Apex (poly)by ladydragyn
He was a chubby college student born of a meth head and raised by his grandmother. He easily went unnoticed and didn't make waves. He just wants a chance for a better...
  • hybrid
  • shifter
  • jaguar
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