Chapter 66

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Question of the day: Baby name suggestions for the triplets? xx

"Yes, Niall, we are having two girls and one boy, stop yelling," Louis said with a smile over the phone as he was hearing his best friend freaking out.

Niall said in all seriousness, "What are you going to call them?" which made Louis sigh.

The feathery haired omega said, "I don't know yet and it scares me because imagine if I give birth without deciding any baby names."

Niall said immediately, "Oi, don't freak out on me now, just sit down and have a chat with your alpha. Drink a cuppa and chill, everything's will be fine."

Louis thought about it for a moment before he said, "You're right. Do you know your child's gender yet?"

Niall smiled and said, "I'm finding out tomorrow and I will text you the details. I will leave you now to talk to your alpha while I go and eat because I'm so hungry."

Louis chuckled at how silly his best friend was and said, "Okay, bye," and then they both hung up.

Looking around the empty kitchen, the omega decided to cut some fruits for him and his alpha. After he was done cutting them, he kept them in two separate plates and started making himself a cup of tea then made coffee for his alpha.

Later on, he went upstairs with the help of the elevator and immediately made his way towards Harry's office where he knows that he's working. He got inside by pushing the slightly open door with his foot and set the tray next to his alpha as he said, "Hey, baby, still working?" and sat down on his lap while nuzzling into his neck.

Harry rubbed his eyes tiredly and when he noticed the tray, he said in a confused manner, "Darling, you didn't have to do all of this," and started massaging his omega's lower back as he added, "It must have hurt your back or feet. If you need anything, just call me but other than that, don't overwork," while looking at him directly in the eyes.

Louis leaned into his alpha's touch and said softly, "I just wanted to take care of you for once and nothing hurts, I promise," and pecked his lips.

Harry looked down and lifted his omega's jumper up a bit to reveal his baby bump. He rubbed his large hand over it and whispered, "How are they doing? Still kicking or did they stop from last night?"

The omega bit his bottom lip and said, "They stopped after a while but they're doing alright," and took a plate from the tray along with a fork as he added, "Just take a break and eat with me," and stabbed a strawberry then held it to his alpha's lips.

Harry just smiled at how adorable his omega is being and opened his mouth to eat the strawberry off of his fork. He said once he was done swallowing it down, "You should eat too, the doctor told you to eat more fruits and to just eat more in general."

Louis smiled at how caring his alpha is then handed him his coffee and said, "There's your coffee, I will go sit on the couch until you're done," and stood up from his lap so that he would be able to drink his coffee.

The thing is that, Harry didn't want his omega to wait up for him because he doesn't want to tire him out. He said gently, "Darling, after eating your fruits and drinking your tea, you should go sleep. You will get tired and I won't be done for hours."

Louis looked down as he moved back and forth as he said quietly, "I-I need to talk to you about baby names."

Harry looked up at him as he was taking a sip from his coffee then said, "Of course, tomorrow after you have your little rest with our pups, we will sit together and discuss baby names."

The omega smiled with a blush and said, "Goodnight, my love," and leaned down to peck the tip of his nose then took his plate along with his tea.

When Louis left the room, Harry continued to work with a smile on his face while he was eating his fruits and drinking his coffee.

Meanwhile, in their bedroom, the omega was eating his fruits in bed and drinking his cup of tea every once in a while. He was looking through his phone, texting Niall and telling him to come over soon because he misses him.

Once he was done eating, his eyes felt heavy but he really wanted to wait up for his alpha. He couldn't sleep as he was rolling around the bed with his heavy baby bump. He kept looking at the door but there was no such luck so he did the only thing that helped.

He went to the library room to write down in his journal.

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