Chapter 15

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Harry drove his omega home and carried him into his bedroom bridal style. He decided to stay with him all day and even spend the night because he wanted to take care of his omega just to make sure everything's alright. Louis wasn't feeling well and was even rejecting food which made the alpha worry even more.

Harry was now in bed with Louis as he was looking down at him while resting his head in his left hand to get a better view of him and the omega was laid on his back. Louis was looking up at him and said weakly with a small smile, "Thank you... for everything."

The alpha shook his head as he whispered, "Don't you ever thank me. It's my job to make sure that you're alright. I haven't been doing my job very well because you're already sick and not feeling well. I won't ever forgive myself if anything bad happened to you..." and was rubbing his thumb over the omega's hip with his right hand.

Louis gave him a small smile and said, "You're a good alpha, Harry. Don't ever think otherwise," then cuddled into Harry's arms while clinging to his shirt with his small fist and kissed his jaw softly.

Harry smiled down at him with so much love filled his eyes as he said, "I am glad you think that... so your birthday is tomorrow, you thought I'd forget, hm?" and kissed his forehead softly.

Louis looked up at him with wide eyes and said, "You remembered!" and rubbed his chest slowly as he added, "I thought you forgot..." and nuzzled into his neck cutely making him look so small in his alpha's arms.

Harry chuckled and said, "Course I didn't forget, I remember every single thing you told me that night," and smiled down at him seeing how tiny his baby is. He was glad that he got him smiling again like that even though he looks weak and tired but his happiness mattered the most to the alpha. He already planned a surprise for his omega but he chose not to tell.

Louis breathed in his alpha's scent which always made him feel safe and secure in Harry's arms. He yawned cutely as he covered his mouth with his fist making him look like a tiny cute baby which made Harry coo at him.

Harry whispered into Louis' forehead, "Go to sleep, my love, you've had a long day today," then rubbed his back slowly while holding him close into his arms, placed a small kiss on his forehead and rested his cheek on top of his head.

Louis nodded into his neck with a small smile then said quietly, "Night baby," and shut his eyes as his chest rises and falls peacefully.

Harry smiled and said, "Night my angel," and continued to rub his back for a while until he heard his omega's soft snores which made his smile widen then shut his eyes. He slowly fell asleep to the sound of his omega's snores and to the intoxicating smell that he will never get tired of.


The next morning, Harry was worried and scared that something might be wrong with his omega. He would do anything to make sure that his omega is safe and feels safe. Louis was back home resting while the alpha was at the hospital taking the results instead because he didn't want to get his omega tired like yesterday, especially not on his birthday.

The nurse went over to him and asked, "Mr. Tomlinson?" which made him stand up and nod, "Yeah, I am his mate if that's alright..."

She nodded and said, "Yeah it's okay, just go to room 32 where you will be talking to the doctor about the results," and smiled at him then left to continue her job.

Harry took a deep breath and made his way over to room 32. He knocked softly on the door until the doctor called out, "Come in!"

The alpha got inside and sat down on the chair that was facing the doctor. He asked quietly, "Is he going to be alright? His birthday is today and I really don't want him sick and -"

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