Chapter 95

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Harry walked out of the surgery room with his eyes a bit wide from what he had just seen. He walked over to the guest room where both of their families were sitting. They all stood up once they saw him walk into the room.

Anne stepped forward and asked, "Son," and touched his arm lightly as she continued, "Was the surgery successful?" and the rest were looking at the alpha with worry filled their faces.

Harry let out a breath and said, "Three, yeah, there's three of them," and smiled widely before they all sighed in relief with a smile on their faces.

Mark asked, "When can we see Louis and the triplets?"

The alpha replied, "I'm not sure but I just wanted to let you know that my... my babies are healthy," and his face lit up at the thought of being a father.

They were all smiling warmly at the sight. Des said, "Well go on then."

Harry chuckled and said, "Right, okay," and walked out of the guest room.

The nurses were just done cleaning the babies and they got them in some comfy and warm blankets. A lilac-haired nurse was holding one of the triplets and asked Louis with a soft smile on her face, "Do you want to hold him?"

Louis blinked his tired eyes open and looked at the baby in the nurse's arms. His features softened as he whispered, "My baby," and reached out both of his hands to hold him. When the baby was placed in his arms, he looked down at his delicate features. He rubbed his thumb over his child's soft cheek and felt his eyes tear up.

One of the nurses said politely, "Do you have names for them yet?"

Louis shook his head without removing his gaze from his baby's beautiful features and said, "Not yet. I feel like they deserve beautiful names that would mirror them perfectly."

Harry walked into the room and saw his omega with one of his children. His eyes were a bit wide with shock at the sight in front of him as he slowly made his way over to them. A blonde nurse handed Harry his daughter to carry in his arms. He cooed as he held her carefully in his arms and whispered, "Hey, hi there," and softly kissed the top of her tiny head.

A nurse with brunette hair and blue highlights brought the last of the triplets. She smiled as she slowly handed him over to his omega mother before walking away.

Harry looked at his tired omega with his two pups in his arms and asked with his brows furrowed in worry, "Are you feeling well?"

Louis brought his babies a bit closer to him and said, "Yeah, maybe I'm just a little bit sleepy," and gave him a reassuring smile before looking back down at his beautiful pups that had their eyes closed.

Dr. Jefferson walked into the room and asked, "Louis, how are you feeling?"

The omega said while looking at his babies, "Couldn't be better."

Harry asked, "Can I bring our families into the room to see the triplets?"

Dr. Jefferson replied, "Yeah, I will call them to the room. Bear in mind that it's midnight so we will keep the visit short with the family and with the triplets so that you would all get some rest," and walked out of the room.

Louis tensed a bit at the thought of leaving his children to rest but he decided not to say anything at the moment. He kissed one of his triplet's forehead and watched as their family walked into the room.

The mothers gasped at the babies and cooed at them. The fathers were proud to be grandfathers to three at the same time and Gemma was just being Gemma.

Gemma asked, "Can I borrow one of your babies whenever I'm having a bad day?"

Everyone laughed and continued on talking with one another until the topic was brought up again.

Anne asked, "So did you guys come up with any names yet?"

Louis bit his bottom lip and said, "Not really but we're working on it."

Harry smiled down at his baby girl that laid sleeping in his arms and said, "I think I might have figured out a name for this little one," and looked into his omega's deep blue eyes as he said, "Reina, perhaps?"

The omega's eyes lit up at his alpha and asked, "Did you get it out of a character in a book?"

Harry chuckled and said, "No, I found it in the baby names book and it means Queen and I think my baby girl is a queen just like her mommy," while their mothers awed.

Louis looked at his girl in his alpha's arms and whispered, "Reina, yeah... I love it," and smiled up at his alpha who returned the smile back.

After half an hour, all the family members left with the promise to come back tomorrow to check up on them and their triplets. The three nurses walked into their room, ready to take the triplets away that were all resting in the omega's arms.

The omega didn't know why he wasn't able to let go of his babies that were in his arms. He has been through a lot this year with evil people trying to kill his babies for their own benefit. He looked at his alpha with an upset yet worried expression on his face. He said, "Harry, can't they stay here?"

Harry walked closer to the bed with the baby in his arms and said softly, "They're going to be okay, love."

The omega looked at his babies sleeping peacefully and said, "We will ask Dr. Jefferson if it's possible and maybe –"

The alpha cut him off by saying, "You're tired, love. You just gave me three babies and you need to sleep," and rubbed his omega's hair.

The nurse with lilac hair promised, "The second you wake up, I will personally bring them to you with breakfast, of course," and smiled kindly.

The nurse with brunette hair and blue highlights asked, "Is it alright if we take them?"

Louis thought about it for a while and he couldn't resist longer because of how heavy his eyes felt. He nodded and watched as every nurse took his babies away.

Harry kissed the top of his head and whispered, "We are safe here, I made sure of it. There are guards around and no one can take our pups away."

Louis shut his eyes for a moment as he felt his alpha's smell and presence. He repeated, "No one."

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