Chapter 28

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Harry pushed his now long curly hair back that reached his shoulders as he got into the bedroom and opened his closet with one hand as his other hand was occupied with holding his business bag. He then kept his business bag behind all the pile of clothes that showed a hole in the wall which was a secret place he had so that he could be able to keep his stuff and lock it afterwards to avoid anyone stealing it.

Not that anyone in the house would steal it or even break into the house in the first place but hey what's the harm in being safe?

The alpha then arranged the pile of clothes making sure that it didn't show any part of the wall whatsoever then sighed as he looked at the closet for a moment before turning around and then froze at the sight that was in front of him.

The two omegas were cuddled up in the bed with Niall being the big spoon and Harry honestly didn't know how to feel about this but it made his heart warm.

The curly haired alpha went closer to the bed as he looked down at the sleeping omegas but then the door was opened revealing the two alphas that walked in casually.

Harry looked at them then kept a finger on his lips to usher them to be quiet and then motioned for them to come closer to see at the two omegas.

Zayn and Liam were confused as to why they were supposed to be quiet but then when they saw the two omegas, they both smiled at the scene that was in front of them.

Liam nudged his fiancée lightly with a coo as he whispered, "They're so adorable," and then got closer to them so that he could keep the covers above their bodies so that they would stay warm along with the pups they're carrying.

Harry looked down at Louis watching him with his tiny delicate hands on top of his barely noticeable bump and his fringe falling on his eyes.

The curly haired alpha smiled when he remembered the first time they met at Harry's house and how at the end of the day he fixed his fringe for him. He remembered the way he blushed and the way he walked away to his limo.

He remembered that he was determined to make him his omega at that time and now he's standing like a fool next to the bed while looking down at his omega sleeping with the baby bump makes him feel like he accomplished all his life goals.

He leaned down slowly and fixed his fringe for him so that it doesn't bother him while he's sleeping. He pressed a soft kiss to his forehead and whispered, "I love you."

Louis shuffled a bit to get comfortable and Harry knew it was his cue to leave before he wakes him up.

His omega needs all the rest he could get.

He motioned the two alphas out of the room then closed the lights and slowly closed the door behind him. Zayn said out of nowhere, "We could have taken a picture, they looked so adorable."

Liam looked at him and said, "I can't wait until the pups are here, it would be even more adorable."

Harry sighed with a fond smile and said, "Oh god, don't remind me," and shook his head as he looked down with his smile still not leaving his face just at the thought of his pups wandering around the house with their eyes similar to Louis' blue ones.

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