Chapter 35

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[A/N]: Hi, today is my birthday and I turned 19 but I just wanted to update because I love you all so much. xx

Harry glared at Niall with a smile before looking back at his omega to place a small kiss on his lips and whispered, "Come on, let's go, yeah?" and wrapped one arm around his waist before they all walked in.

Then when the trial began... they all glared at the dean once he took the stand and everything has changed from that moment onwards.

The dean laughed as he looked at the judge and said, "I never took the omega hostage; it's my job to protect them so why would I even think of kidnapping a pregnant omega?" He turned his attention back to Harry as he added, "Is this how you see me?"

Harry rolled his eyes and said, "Then explain these," and clicked the button to play the audio.

"Well, you're here because if your husband doesn't back down from the case then I might have to kill you and your pups."

Everyone in the room gasped.

"Stop saying those things to him, fucking keep me on speaker."

"I don't have time for this, Styles. You either drop the charge or your omega and pups are gone for good. The choice is yours."

Harry turned to the judge and said, "I think this is enough evidence to keep him in jail for life since not only did he want to attempt murder to an omega but to a pregnant one," he then turned to the dean and added, "If this is your definition of safe then I want my omega out of your University."

The dean's lawyer stood up and said, "Objection your honor, we don't even know if the person speaking is the dean himself. How do we know that this isn't a trap?"

The judge looked at the dean's lawyer and said, "Objection denied, sit down."

The dean's lawyer gulped as he sat back down. The judge looked at the dean and said, "Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

The dean looked stunned since he did not expect any of that and said, "Well, do you have any proof that it was me speaking?"

Harry clenched his jaw and said, "It was your voice, it was you, just accept the fact that it was you and let's move on with our lives. I don't want anything like that to happen to anyone else so it's my job to keep people like you locked up in jail."

The dean stuttered and said, "N-No, you can't take me to jail –"

Harry got closer to him and said, "Why not? You were going to murder my pups and my mate and you don't want me to take you jail? Not to mention, you hired my maid to steal the documents that I found about you," and crossed his arms against his chest.

The dean looked like he was going to cry any minute and said, "I wanted all the omegas to stay in the University, all of them! No one was allowed to leave me! I needed more money and with them paying for the dorms it was such a great bonus!"

Harry rolled his eyes for the millionth time today and said, "I'm not even done telling the truth about you and you're already crying," then added, "Why don't you tell the judge why you needed the extra bonus money? Come on now, tell her."

The alpha went back to his seat to take the papers that he needed that were considered as proof and gave the guard the papers so that he could give the judge.

Harry kept his hands in his pockets as he said, "And those papers are a list that shows that no omega has ever left the dorms, they were all forced to stay in the dorms even when their parents or mates wanted them back. Your honor, no one has the right to separate you from the people that you love most in the world so why did he do all of that? For money which shows just how greedy and inconsiderate he really is."

The dean's lawyer said, "How do you even know that these are real documents?"

Harry turned around and said, "You can check for yourself, now if you will excuse me, I have to put someone in jail," and turned around to the judge as he continued, "The extra money he needed wasn't only caused by greed, he gambles too so he owes a lot of people money and it's all written in the documents of his bank account, you could see that he's slowly going bankrupt and –"

The dean's lawyer looked at the dean and said, "Bankrupt? You weren't going to pay me?"

The dean said with tears in his eyes, "I can explain, please –"

The judge said, "Guards, take him away."

The dean shook his head fast and said, "No no no, please, I will do anything! Don't take me to jail –"

Harry smirked as he watched the dean being taken away by the guards and he knew that he won the case which in his opinion is one of the best feelings in the world.

That's how he everything has truly changed not only to the two omegas but the thousands of omegas who were dying to go back home to their loved ones.

And also, of course, they kind of need a new dean, too.

The two omegas were hugging each other while Louis was close to tears since he has never been so happy in his entire life. He will get to be with Harry now and he doesn't have to cry himself to sleep anymore, the pain is all gone now.

Niall will be able to have his two alphas back and he will be able to live a normal life instead of feeling like he's in prison all the time. He doesn't have to see his best friend cry again for another week. The two alphas cheered when they won the case and hugged each other then made their way to hug both omegas out of happiness making them both giggle adorably.

Harry didn't even need the two alphas to testify to win the case; he didn't need to bring the omegas into it and he feels oddly proud of himself.

It was such a wonderful day for everyone... well except for the dean and his lawyer.

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