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The Luna's Protection by responsiblyinsane
The Luna's Protectionby responsiblyinsane
When you're every thing that reminded your mate of his parent's murder, what would you do? Natalia Skye is a gifted werewolf- an elemental- the only one left in her fam...
  • wolfpack
  • werewolf
  • love
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The Alpha's Famous Mate  by Azzie01
The Alpha's Famous Mate by Azzie01
||Highest ranking-29 in werewolf|| I guess you could say I live a double life. What am I saying... I do live a double life and it's horrible. I live a life of fame while...
  • humanmate
  • wolf
  • family
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Shy by ItsWayPastMyBedtimee
Shyby •Tasha•
"She's shy," Brooke shrugged and looked at Indianna. "Well, come on, I don't bite," Greyson urged and Indianna stiffened, just like before. "Don...
  • werewolf
  • featured
  • rogue
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The Hunter Luna [Completed!] by xaritena
The Hunter Luna [Completed!]by Angelique
"You were fun at the beginning, I give you that. It was a challenge to tame you really" a cocky smirk appeared on his face before he continue. "But after...
  • luna
  • human
  • queen
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The Queen's Restraint by MajielovesJ
The Queen's Restraintby MajielovesJ
Rank #2 9/4/17 An abomination, that was Lilly. A girl who was born in a good family from the most powerful pack. Who could have thought that this girl would be wolf-le...
  • possesive
  • queen
  • alphaking
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Sun Child  |✔| by world_joy_
Sun Child |✔|by World Joy
Lexie is not a warrior. In fact, Lexie is a painter. Her hands are always covered in paint. Never coming off. Always there. For Lexie, painting is an escape. An escape f...
  • healing
  • romance
  • wolf
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WinterMoor by Shaunajade16
WinterMoorby Shaunaaa
~In a world full of mythical creatures and other terrifying beasts~ **MATURE CONTENT** Alpha Layton Bailey, the alpha of WinterMoor. He's ruthless and nothing gets in h...
  • mates
  • woods
  • matebond
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The Kings Luna - COMPLETED  by alphashewolf90
The Kings Luna - COMPLETED by alphashewolf90
SOON TO BE PROFESSIONALLY PUBLISHED. A/N - This is not the final edit. ---- Ranking at 5th 2018 "And you're playing with fire!" Charlie stated in disbelief an...
  • luna
  • mates
  • king
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The Boss Is An Alpha (#Wattys2016) ✔ by Ms-LoveWithNoName
The Boss Is An Alpha (#Wattys2016) Jeuel Sumalpong
Claire Evans' father is a hard-working office worker at Silvers Company. What Claire doesn't know is that her father's boss is actually a wolf or an alpha who claims to...
  • wolf
  • tragic
  • boss
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My sisters boyfriend. My mate. by lovergirl00530
My sisters boyfriend. My Mia Mya whatever .
Zaria and her sister Vanessa have been close since Zaria was first born. Vanessa is a golden child even after their parents die and she is left to take care of Zaria alo...
  • wolfpack
  • mate
  • antisocial
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Werewolf Committee by CourageousReader
Werewolf Committeeby E
Every year a student is chosen to get a scholarship to graduate at the official Werewolf Committee. No one gets to meet or even see the high society wolves unless they a...
  • luna
  • dead
  • pack
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Silent Deception by mistandfuryy
Silent Deceptionby Rida
Previously titled Alpha's Bargain ⚡️ "It's in the bargain that you are required to stay in the Alpha's house." I scoffed. My heartbeat suddenly increased, both...
  • mature
  • hot
  • wa2017
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The Last Black Wolf by IceCrazed
The Last Black Wolfby Ayanami
What if the one you mistreated turns out to be the most powerful Black wolf? "They all thought that I was just a normal human, a powerless human That's unable to s...
  • rejected
  • hidden
  • badass
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Alpha Alcander by friesbeforeguys101
Alpha Alcanderby friesbeforeguys101
[#1 in wearwolf 6/8/17] "Come on Jenna. Just one word." He taunt. He gripped my wrist in one hand and trailed his hand down my side to my hips. His hand went u...
  • mates
  • power
  • dominance
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Blood Alpha (Chosen Mate Series 1) [Complete] by Mimic-My-Howl
Blood Alpha (Chosen Mate Series 1) Dionne Michaela
Every year, each Male Werewolf can choose a mate - and the She Wolf they chooses has no say in the matter. So when the innocent, seemingly young, Gemini Burn turns eight...
  • luna
  • choosing
  • werewolf
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The Young Mate by acussed
The Young Mateby ally&ana
*editing* In which the moon goddess plays a trick on the most cynical alpha. He doesn't believe in mates. He doesn't believe in fate. He believes in death and war. She...
  • revenge
  • werewolves
  • loving
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My Protective Alphas by Sushar10
My Protective Alphasby Sushar10
Aaron Silverstone, alpha of sliver moon pack who is undeniably strong and the best leader of his pack. Everyone respects him and no one dares to fight with him. What hap...
  • hybrid
  • wattys2018
  • protective
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Pride and Ashes: A werewolf Story by world_joy_
Pride and Ashes: A werewolf Storyby World Joy
Prince of Werewolf's, Alto August Nolan has been searching for his life mate for years, traveling all around the world. The 'Dark' prince soon gives up though when his s...
  • omega
  • youngadult
  • romance
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My Mute Mate  by ZzzDreamZzz
My Mute Mate by Dreaming
[WARNING:Needs Major Editing & has harsh materials that some readers may find disturbing, so read at your own risk.] [A werewolf story] It all begins when Lily's mother...
  • alpha
  • mute
  • mate
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Alpha's Little Luna by reddenedroses
Alpha's Little Lunaby reddenedroses
"Tell me girl, why did you and your worthless self waltz into my territory?" An unfamiliar voice booms just before me. I keep my head down as my eyes begin to...
  • moon
  • alpha
  • love
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