Chapter 69

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[A/N]: *Giggles immaturely because it's chapter 69*

Niall got into the house and said, "Louis, are you hungry? Because I am," as he walked towards the kitchen with Liam and Zayn following behind.

Liam said while holding groceries, "Did someone call a chief? Because I'm here!" and Zayn said, "And I'm just here to watch my husband cook to exercise my eyes."

The pregnant omega stood there for a second while smiling softly then closed the door. He walked to the kitchen and said, "I love you, Niall, but I was going to be fine on my own."

Niall waved his hand around and said, "No, you weren't, now let's go sit in the living room because Liam is going to cook for us," and sat himself down on the sofa.

Louis just rolled his eyes fondly and sat down next to him slowly while supporting his back. He said while looking at him, "I miss you so much, you know?"

Niall's face softened as he looked at his best friend and said, "I miss you more and I can't wait to see how your babies would look like."

Louis looked down at his hands that were rested on his baby bump and said fondly, "I can't wait to see them. They don't let their mommy sleep but I still love them to pieces."

Niall chuckled and said, "Tell me about it," and added in a worried tone, "You're taking care of yourself though, right?"

Louis immediately answered, "Of course, I did everything that the doctor asked and I'm taking my vitamins on time."

Niall smiled at that and said softly, "Just know that I'm here whenever you want me to. Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I'm helpless."

Louis giggled at that and looked at him as he said, "You always knew the right things to say," and scooted closer to him so he can rest his head on his shoulder.

Zayn got into the living room where the omegas were staying in and said, "Liam said that the food will be ready in a minute so go sit on the dining table," then paused when he saw the omegas basically cuddling and said, "If I didn't know you two were omegas and taken, I'd think wrong," and left.

Louis face palmed while blushing, "I am so done."

Niall shrugged while looking down at the omega and said, "You will get used to it," and pecked his little fringe then added, "Shall we go?" then stood up.

Louis slowly stood up while supporting his back with his tiny hands and said, "What was he cooking?"

Niall smiled widely and said, "Panffles."

Louis watched him in amusement and said, "Isn't that supposed to be just for breakfast?"

Niall sat down on one of the chairs while the other omega sat down next to him and said, "Not really, we just eat whatever we feel like and I've been like that even in university, remember?"

Louis smiled at the memory and said softly, "Yeah, I remember, I miss living with you."

Niall looked at him for a moment in a confused manner and said, "Why do I get the feeling that your hormones are the ones talking and not you?"

Louis huffed cutely and said, "Am I not allowed to miss my best friend?"

Niall gave him a serious look and said, "Tell me the truth, what's going on?"

Louis looked around the room as he leaned back into the chair and said, "It gets lonely in here especially when Harry's gone and I just miss you so much."

Niall turned his whole body to look at him and said, "I'm just across the road and I would always visit when you want me to."

Louis pouted cutely and added in, "But I'm not sure when you're ever free to hang out because if I keep on calling you then your alphas might get mad."

Niall chuckled and said, "Don't be ridiculous, they are more than happy to visit. Can't you see them cooking – well, to be fair, it's only Liam who is cooking and Zayn just admires him."

Louis giggled and said, "You got a point there."

After a moment of silence, Niall spoke up, "How about we hang out every weekend? If you need anything during the week, just ring me and I'll be there in a heartbeat."

The omega's face lit up and said, "Please, let's do that and when our babies arrive, they will have play dates!"

Niall squealed and said with a smile, "That would be so adorable!"

Liam got into the room and kept the food on the table as he said, "What's all this squealing about?"

Zayn followed behind him and kept the rest of the food on the table as he said, "What do you guys want to drink?"

Louis said politely, "Water, please," and Niall added in, "Same for me."

When they were all settled, they started eating and Louis said, "Is there more for Harry when he comes home?"

Liam paused while he looked at Zayn then back at the omega and said, "He's not coming home until he's done working so I'm guessing that he's staying there for the night. I kept some extras in the fridge just in case he finished his work early."

Niall watched the omega's facial expression to check if he's alright but Louis just hummed while looking down at his food.

After they ate in silence, Zayn cleaned the dishes because he felt bad for not helping out that much and Liam was the one who dried them.

Louis and Niall were back in the living room but the omega was still so quiet that it worried the blonde omega.

Niall spoke up, "You alright there?"

Louis nodded as he rubbed his baby bump and said, "Yeah, it's just that I'm feeling sleepy again."

Niall didn't believe him and said, "You didn't finish your food."

Louis shrugged his shoulders and said, "Wasn't that hungry."

"I know you're lying."

"I'm not, I'm just tired."

Tired of sleeping alone.

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