Chapter 76

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Harry looked at the text for a moment before he locked his mate's phone and kept it back on the nightstand. He turned his head a bit to look at his sleeping omega that had a hand on his baby bump and it made him look fragile. It broke the alpha's heart to pieces.

The curly haired lad got under the covers and made sure that the mother of his pups was warm enough. He couldn't sleep as he stared at his pale features and realized how selfish he had been lately. He treated his mate so poorly to the point where he can't sleep and if he did, it would be a miracle.

Gently, he brought him into his arms once he noticed that Louis kept on shifting around from how uncomfortable his pregnancy was being lately. The small lad stopped shifting around and relaxed in his alpha's strong, warm arms with a soft sigh. He held onto him as he sniffed his sweet scent that always made him feel safe and secure.

The omega nosed at his neck and whispered in his sleep, "Mine," while Harry rubbed his mate's baby bump soothingly. It's hard for the alpha to accept the fact that someone wants him and no one else. He knows that it doesn't justify his actions but he's willing to try and fix things before it's too late.

Harry fell asleep with his arms wrapped around his omega and he regrets not having him in his arms this whole week. He wasn't only torturing him but he was also torturing himself.


The next day, it was 11:35 in the morning when Harry walked into the kitchen and saw his omega eating cereal while watching a video on his phone. He sat next to him and said, "What are you watching?" as a way to start a conversation with him.

Louis stopped eating and looked at his alpha for a moment before looking back at the screen as he said nervously, "Kitten videos."

Harry raised his eyebrows in amusement and said, "I didn't know you liked kittens."

The omega shrugged lightly and said, "It never came up in a conversation."

"Do you want me to buy you one?" The alpha suggested gently.

Louis blushed a bit as he paused the video and looked at his mate then said, "If I wanted to get a kitten, I would adopt one. Buying feels wrong."

Harry smiled fondly at his omega and said, "We can go later on and adopt one. We will do whatever you want, okay?"

The omega doesn't know the reason why his alpha is being so nice to him today but he doesn't want to ruin it. He really wants it to last longer before another storm hits them. He smiled as he looked down at his cereal and said quietly, "Okay, thank you."

Harry stood up, pecked his hair and said, "How are our pups doing? Still kicking or did they start to calm down?" and started making himself a sandwich.

Louis thought about it for a moment to remember if they did and said, "They always kick but they stopped a bit once they didn't hear your voice..." and stopped eating.

Harry continued making his sandwich but slower as he said, "I'm sorry, you don't deserve this," and couldn't even look at him.

The omega took a deep breath and said, "Doesn't matter anymore, I just want us to be okay before our triplets arrive," and stood up to keep his bowl in the sink so that he could clean it.

Harry noticed and said, "I will clean it up for you, go lay down," and finally looked at him in the eye to show how sorry he was. Louis knew that but he just didn't want to feel like his alpha has to do everything for him.

The omega while shaking his head, "It's just one bowl to clean, Harry," then once he was done cleaning it, he dried it and kept it aside.

When Louis was about to leave, the alpha held him smoothly and brought him into his arms with his arms wrapped around his waist while looking into his eyes intently. He said while resting his forehead against his, "Are we okay?"

The omega wanted to tell him that everything was okay, that he wasn't hurt anymore but he couldn't because that would be a lie. The entire week went by slowly and it was too hard to handle especially since he's pregnant with triplets. He couldn't meet his eyes because he knew that if he did, he would forgive him easily. He said with his hands resting against his mate's chest, "I need a bit more time. I'm fine, it's just that this week has been a bit difficult for me to cope," and slowly tried to pull away but the alpha had a firm grip on him.

Desperation filled Harry's eyes as he searched his mate's eyes to see if he meant that and said quietly, "Can I kiss you?" as their noses lightly touched.

Louis gulped at that and shut his eyes for a moment to catch his breath as he clarified, "But it won't make me forgive you," he knows that a kiss would lead to another and they would end up in bed, filled with their own cum. The problem is that his heart wants to forgive him but his mind is telling him not to.

Harry whispered against his lips hotly, "Don't forgive me then, do whatever you want with me, I can handle it. Just don't leave," and kissed him softly with a groan deep in his throat at having his mate's lips on his after a week of not talking to each other.

Louis whimpered in his arms and he hates being weak but at times like these, he just couldn't care anymore. His hormones were all over the place and he hasn't been fucked by his alpha in over a week. He kissed him back and wrapped his arms around his neck while his mate was cupping his full, rounded bum.

Harry pulled his lips away to catch his breath as he asked, "What do you want me to do?" and started kissing him all over his neck while squeezing his omega's bottom.

The omega felt like his body was on fire and he needed his alpha right now. He whined while rubbing his alpha's cock through his boxers, "Bend me over."

Question of the day: Do you think that Louis should have forgave him so easily? Or do you think that what Louis did was the right thing to do?

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