Chapter 32

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It all started when Niall decided to go to the toilet since pregnancy is making him pee a lot which is completely normal.

So Louis was all alone now, not that he minded anyway. He was just laying down in the middle of their king sized bed with Harry's jumper on and his grey sweatpants curled up with his phone in his hand.

He was currently texting Harry and saying how much he missed him. He kept wishing him all the luck in the world and he would smile when Harry would reply the same minute.

Louis sent him a picture of his baby bump with his delicate soft hand on top of it and said:

Louis <3:

[Picture attached]

Come back to us, we miss your cuddles.

Harry's heart fluttered at the picture and immediately saved it just in case it wasn't already automatically saved.

Louis turned around when he heard something; he furrowed his eyebrows and stood up then kept his phone in his pocket. He opened the door and gasped as he was attacked by an unknown man that was fully masked from up to down.

But before the poor omega could react... he fainted from how overwhelmed he got and everything went black from there.

Harry kept trying to text him but he got a bit worried when the omega didn't answer like he usually does.

He kept looking at his phone for exactly five minutes and Louis still didn't answer. He was getting more worried by the second and the other two alphas noticed.

Zayn went up to him with both of his hands in his pockets with Liam tagging along and said quietly, "You alright there, mate?"

Harry looked up at Zayn and said, "Me and Louis were texting then out of nowhere, he stopped texting me back."

Liam suggested, "Maybe he fell asleep... I mean, he is pregnant after all so maybe he got tired and just accidentally slept. It happens."

Zayn agreed with Liam and said, "Yeah, it could be that so don't worry too much. Niall is with him, I'm going to call him now just to be sure."

The phone rang then Zayn looked at the caller ID and said with a smile, "Hey, Niall just called," then answered it and said through the phone, "Hey love –"

"Z-Zayn, I-I just went to the t-toilet for f-five minutes a-and –"

Zayn furrowed his eyebrows and said, "Hey hey, love, calm down now. Take a deep breath and tell me exactly what happened."

Harry was now extremely worried as he was trying to hear what Niall was saying but it was impossible.

Before Harry has the chance to ask about what's going on, his phone rung and he dug into his pocket until he got it out. He answered the phone even though the caller ID was blocked and said, "This is Styles."

"We have your little precious omega, Mr. Styles. All you have to do is say that the maid was guilty of charge and burn the evidence to get him back safe and sound."

Harry growled as he balled his hands into fists when he recognized the voice and said, "Bring me back my omega first."

His blood boils when he hears him laugh through the phone; he knew that the dean of the university was somehow a fucking psycho but now this just proved him right and he hated it.

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