Chapter 45

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[A/N]: Happy New Year, my favorite babies. Another year of coming to this website and writing for you guys. I hope this year will be different, we have been through the toughest times and I just wanted to say that this is going to be a fresh new start. Our fandom is one of the strongest and I am so proud of where we are now. Always remember that you are absolutely beautiful and wonderful in every single way. I love you all. xx

P.S: Don't listen to the media and wipe your precious tears. Larry is so much alive and 2016 will be a pretty sick year. All you have to do is to ignore the rumors and don't let it get to you.

It has been exactly two weeks, and Harry couldn't bring himself to tell Louis the truth. Whenever they were going to almost fuck, the alpha would only get his Omega off instead of himself.

Even though the Omega begged to please him but the alpha would just shake his head and say that he is not feeling it even though his boner was showing through his tight black skinny jeans.

Louis wasn't all that convinced, and he didn't know what made Harry act like that, but he was determined to find out.

The Omega is now ten weeks pregnant, and things couldn't get any more difficult. Ever since he knew that he was getting triplets, he began to worry late at night.

The fact that he is going to have three children, he was worried that not all of them will get enough milk that was needed.

So, Louis took it upon himself to start pumping some milk from now.

He is feeling grateful because his morning sickness lessened. He thought that he stopped getting them before, but he was wrong. Louis' fragile body was getting weak, and he knew that he needed to slow down or else his babies were on the line.

The alpha always made sure that his Omega was eating well before he went to work every day. It is so difficult to do anything without worrying about the wellbeing of his growing pups, so he's glad that his alpha is there for him.

When he was back home from university, he went upstairs to their bedroom since he expected his alpha to be back at this time.

Louis furrowed his eyebrows when he didn't see his alpha but then shrugged and thought maybe he was busy at work. He changed his clothes into some black leggings and a warm pink jumper then out of nowhere, he heard a loud moan, echoing through the halls.

The Omega got out of the room when he heard that moan, and he knew it was Harry's but he was confused for a moment. Harry could have just wanked in the bedroom, so he didn't need to go to another room to do so.

Walking through the hallways of the third floor, he was trying to find out the location of the voice. That's when he saw Zayn standing outside of a certain room talking to Liam, and they both looked worried.

Louis went over to them and said, "Hey, where's Harry –" and before he was going to continue, there was a moan coming out of the room that the two alphas guarded.

Zayn and Liam both looked at the Omega in bewilderment and Liam said, "Louis, you're back and... early."

The raven haired alpha added in, "How was your exam?"

Louis looked at the two of them for a moment in suspicion before saying, "Uh, good, can I get into that room where my alpha is apparently moaning, and I can smell him from here?" and gave them a smile.

They both shook their head and then Louis said, "No?" and then they both nodded in sync which made Louis roll his eyes before pushing through them then got into the room.

Louis gasped at the sight in front of him, and he knew at that moment what's really going on. Harry was in the middle of the bed with his sweaty naked body grinding down on the bed while he was being handcuffed to the bed.

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